Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats

A great hunting hat is easily one of the most fundamental items you can purchase when looking for hunting gear. Not only does it help to keep you warm or the sun off your face, but it adds to keeping you well concealed. There’s a combination of styles, patterns and uses a hat can be used for. So having a few is always a good idea when conditions change. I want to share with you my Top 5 Duck Hunter Hat models that I’ve used during the season so far to help with your next hunting gear purchase.

duck hunter hat

Instead of just taking a look at baseball caps or winter hats. I’m sharing with you my top 5 that I use for certain conditions and hunting reasons.

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Sitka Gear Waterfowl Ball Cap – Duck Hunter Hat

Style: Baseball Cap
Versatility: Early Season to Late Season
Patterns: Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber

duck hunter hat

The Sitka Gear Baseball Cap is one of my favorite hats. First off Sitka is one of the top rated brands right now in any hunting gear. They spend an enormous amount of time on quality and product versatility. Therefore when you buy this cap you will find out like I did, that it can be used and abused. All you have to do is throw it in the washer and it will come out looking like new.

The hat has a breathable material which makes it great for warm conditions allowing it to wick sweat. It’s not like a cotton hat that will lose its form and fit after being wet. The hat can be used in conditions of 90° to 30° because of the material used. It comes in two Optifade patterns a marsh and timber color. Giving you the option to match the conditions you are hunting.

The one drawback I have with this hat is it sits flat on your head, it doesn’t have a stiff form, but this does give you the ability to store it in your blind or blind bag without ruining the fit. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with the $30 price tag with free shipping for Prime members on Amazon.

Sitka Gear Waterfowl Beanie – Duck Hunter Hat

Style: Beanie
Versatility: Midseason to Late Season
Patterns: Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber

duck hunter hat

The Sitka Gear Beanie is the baseball caps warmer cousin. Obviously, Sitka still uses their premium materials in this beanie hat. Therefore this gives the hat similar abilities to keep you warm while you are sitting still in the blind. However, if you are carrying decoys or wading through a marsh and start to sweat. This hat will dry out as it doesn’t absorb water like cotton does.

This hat isn’t very thick it is more of a skull hat. So it does make it easy to pack or switch from a baseball cap if you have it in your blind bag. Again this hat is offered in the Waterfowl Marsh and Timber Optifade. I will say this hat does have a pretty snug fit so may not be the best for “larger brain” hunters. However, it won’t break the bank with it’s $30 price tag to give it a try.

Drake Waterfowl Waterproof Cap – Duck Hunter Hat

Style: Baseball Cap
Versatility: Early to Midseason
Patterns: Drake Old School Camo

Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats

The Drake Waterfowl cap is an awesome wet rainy day cap. Drake has been around longer than Sitka and they really kickstarted the need for quality duck hunting gear. They tend to have more favorable prices than Sitka as well. However, they lack some of the newer technology in patterns and fit. However, with this hat, Drake did an awesome job.

This hat is made of waterproof material, which when I first saw this. I doubted it would even work, but to my surprise, it’s really nice for the days that it’s a steady rain. Keeps the rain off your face and keeps you a little warmer than a conventional hat.

Plus it prevents you from having to always have your raincoat hood up. Giving you more range of motion when you’re looking for ducks. The price point is right on par with hats which makes this an easy purchase.

Banded Fleece Skull Cap – Duck Hunter Hat

Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats

Style: Baseball Cap
Versatility: Midseason to Late Season
Patterns: Realtree Max 5, Blades

The Banded Hat is a great all season hat. Banded has a great line of gear from hats and gloves to waders. The Banded duck hunting hat is built with a durable material. Helping it cut down on frigid snowy temperatures. I use this one in the layout blind a lot. I like using a ball cap in the layout blind this way my hat brim helps shade out any glare from the sunlight, plus it covers my face a little as well.

Another great thing about the banded brand is that it comes in a variety of patterns to match your current hunting gear or conditions. Since banded has been around for some time now their prices are some of the lowest. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on this one.

Alpha Dog Nutrition Lab Hat – Duck Hunter Hat

Style: Casual Baseball Cap
Cost: $19.97 ( If you use HDP15 promo code you can get 15% off entire order)
Versatility: Causal Early to Mid Season
Patterns: Forest Green, Slate Grey

Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats

Everyone loves a casual hat. Well, this one is mine. I found it while looking for some nutrition for my dog Drake. The fit of the hat is perfect. It doesn’t sag or lose its form with wear. It has a mesh backing for a comfy cooler fit. I love the lab on it because of my retriever. They have a couple awesome colors to choose from.  I’ve actually hunted in the forest green color, blends in nice early season. Honestly, it’s a great casual baseball hat. Can’t go wrong with it.

Sitka Gear Waterfowl Dakota Hunting Beanie – Duck Hunter Hat

Style: Beanie
Versatility: Midseason to Late Season
Patterns: Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber

Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats

Similar to the Sitka Gear Beanie this Dakota Windstopper fits very similar in style. However, the biggest difference is the warmth this hat provides. I use this hat for the late season weather or windy days. It’s designed with Windstopper material, and it really does cut down on the amount of heat lost from your head on those cold days.

Sitka gear designs their gear for every season and conditions. Therefore the Dakota series is one of my favorites as it offers enough warmth. However, it’s not too much where if the sun comes out you’ll need to shed every layer. In addition, the design of the hat makes it slick to your head without being bulky. The nice thing with a brimless hat is that it doesn’t get caught up in a layout blind when you go to hide.

What Duck Hunter Hat Is Best –

When it comes to hats for duck hunting there are a number of things to consider. For example, what pattern to select, what season you’re hunting, or what size duck hunter hat to purchase. Therefore, we have broken down some tips and things to consider when purchasing a duck hunting hat for waterfowl hunting.

Which Camo Pattern To Select –

Waterfowl hunting is one of the sports that requires fantastic concealment, which means that the pattern you select needs to blend into your environment. Thankfully, most manufacturers have multiple patterns to select from when it comes to buying a duck hunter hat. There are some things to consider when selecting a pattern, however. For many years a traditional camo was the go-to pattern, simple greens, and browns and you were all set to go hunting.However, over the years camo has really evolved and a lot of money has been put into researching the best patterns.

Top Patterns –

Some of the first patterns to take actual imagery from marshes, fields, and hunting locations was Mossy Oak. They have numerous patterns from dark timber colors, to golden patterns that blend into cut corn fields and thick marshes. Nonetheless, they helped create patterns that could conceal hunters even more and ensure that the ducks or geese they were hunting couldn’t see them.

Fast forward and the latest camo pattern to hit the shelves is Optifade or the science of noting as the marketing campaign describes it. Instead of using a pattern that hunters see to blend them into their environment. Gore instead used the science to understand how ducks and geese see and used that to create patterns to confuse waterfowl’s vision.

As a result, they created a pattern that looked as though you didn’t even exist in the field you are hunting when looked at by a bird. With micro-detail to their pattern and the contrast between light and dark shades the pattern looks like nothing else on the market, however, it has the science to conceal you in marsh or timber environments.

What Season Is It?

When you’re looking at finding a duck hunter hat, consider the conditions and season you’ll be hunting. I, for example, have three different hats that I typically use throughout the season. Break them down into an early, middle, and late season hat. I wouldn’t say I have the luxury of having the same for all of my outerwear gear, however, hats are very inexpensive and I prefer to stay comfortable and warm.

Early Season Duck Hunter Hat –

My early season attire for a duck hunter hat is a simple baseball cap. I try and pick a camo pattern that is fitting to the field or marshes I hunt. For me I don’t live in an area that we hunt a lot of timber or dark settings. Therefore, most of my patterns have the golden and brown colors of marsh or fields. The baseball cap style hat is perfect for this time of the year as the temperatures never really drop below 50 degrees and I like to have a brim on my head to block the sun and shade my face a bit.

Mid-Season Duck Hunter Hat –

Once mid-season starts, I actually carry a small beanie in my blind bag because the temperatures tend to vary from mornings to afternoon. A small hat is easy to stash in your coat or blind bag. Plus when you’re setting up decoys you may not need a winter style hat. A simple baseball cap will be plenty warm enough. However, as soon as you sit in the blind, I tend to cool down and that beanie hat I packed is a great option to have.

Late Season Duck Hunter Hat –

Finally is late season waterfowl hunting. I typically always reach for a warm windblocking winter hat. It’s really easy to get cold if you don’t have the proper head wear while hunting. I typically have spent the most money on the late season attire, because as soon as you get cold it gets hard to continue hunting. Therefore, look for products with windstopper or thicker insulation to keep you warm from a 4-6 hour hunt. You never know how long you’ll be out in the marsh or cut field trying to get your limit, and you don’t want to leave early.

Thanks for checking out the Top 5 Duck Hunter Hat Models if you are looking at buying some gloves check out these shooting gloves to help pair with a hat. Hopefully buying a couple hats like these will give you the versatility in the duck blind. Having a hat isn’t the only gear you need, but I’ve found it does really help with concealment. You can also blow your concealment with a hat that doesn’t blend into your hunting area. So be sure to pick the camo pattern that best suits your hunting field or marsh.

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