Silhouette Goose Decoys

There’s a number of decoys on the market to fool geese, however, there are few that offer the benefits that silhouette goose decoys can. If this season you’re looking to add to your goose spread. Take a look into the added benefits of owning a set of silhouette decoys. Therefore, we have started by going over the numerous benefits of silhouette goose decoys followed by our top picks for the best silhouette goose decoys.

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Top Benefits of Silhouette Goose Decoys –

Cost –

With rising costs of full body decoys reaching as much as $300 or more dollars for 6 decoys. It’s hard to think about building a decent size decoy spread of 24-36 full body decoys knowing it will cost you over a $1,000 dollars just to get decoys. Considering you haven’t even bought a layout blind, shells, or even a gun. It’s hard to fathom getting started goose hunting.

However, thanks to silhouette goose decoys the cost to build a goose decoy spread is significantly cheaper. Silhouettes can be 50-75% cheaper than the cost of buying full body goose decoys. Therefore, not only can you build a spread cheaper, but you can purchase more decoys for the same cost as full bodies.

Of course, there are some that run full goose spreads with just silhouettes and have a lot of success. I find that silhouettes can also be the best option to help increase the number of decoys in your spread without breaking the bank. As the season progresses and you need to pull in migrating Canada geese or Snow geese increasing number of decoys and your presentation may be just the trick.

Motion –

It’s hard to comprehend how a 2D image could add motion to your decoys. Although, it’s quite simple when you set up a silhouette decoy spread you need to position the decoys in various angles throughout your spread. As a result, as birds begin to fly into your decoys from any angle the silhouette decoys will appear and disappear as they circle, or fly towards your landing zone. Therefore, even though the decoys themselves aren’t moving as birds eyes are scanning your decoys the silhouettes will appear as they are moving.

Mobility –

The last added benefit for owning a set of silhouette goose decoys is mobility. When you think about carrying in 6 dozen full body decoys to a cut corn field. You will be taking multiple trips with heavy bags and more than likely dropping something along the way. However, due to the fact that silhouette decoys are much smaller and easier to carry. Silhouette goose decoys are the number one easiest decoys to carry into fields when you just can’t drive.

In addition to the ease of carrying silhouette decoys, they can also be very easy to move around if your spread needs adjustments. For example, when the birds just won’t see to finish correctly, silhouettes are extremely easy to move around.  Additionally, if you seem to be just off the “X” silhouettes can easily be picked up and shifted within in your field in just minutes.

How To Set Silhouette Goose Decoys –

Since silhouette decoys are two dimensional they have to be set up correctly or geese won’t see them. If you think of the concept of a for sale sign in your front yard you can view it from two directions. However, as soon as you face the sign from the side you can’t see the sign. This is why you see realtors position signs that face traffic from the road to optimize visibility.

The concept applies the same way to silhouette goose decoys. You want to position them at varying angles to ensure approaching geese can see them.  If you know the direction geese are approaching your field, you may want to face the decoys so they can be seen from this direction. However, the best rule of thumb to setting silhouette goose decoys is to position them in triangles. What I mean by that is if you have three silhouette decoys place on in the ground and then space them apart and place the second one in the ground at a 45-degree angle from the first one. Hence, the third one completes the 45-degree triangle. If you remember this general rule when setting silhouettes than no matter what direction birds come from they will see your silhouettes.

Taking Care Of Silhouette Goose Decoys –

Silhouette goose decoys are typically made of corrugated plastic that is printed on both sides with high-quality images. Therefore, one of the best things about silhouettes is that they can be stacked on each other. This makes it extremely easy to store them in a trailer due to the fact that they can be stashed in a small bag or corner of your trailer.

To ensure that you aren’t damaging your silhouette goose decoys. I recommend making a small box or crate to keep them from sliding around and scratching their print. Another alternative is to purchase a decoy bag that will not only protect them in your trailer but also in the field. Plus a decoy bag gives you the ability to carry them much easier.

White Rock Decoys Canada Silhouette Goose Decoys –

goose silhouette decoysWhen Mobility is a must, there is no better option than a silhouette decoy. Silhouettes have been a staple for goose hunters, however, White Rock Decoys has taken them to another level. The Canada Silhouette Goose decoys are designed to withstand the tough fall and winter waterfowl conditions that so many hunters endure. However, before we get into the decoys we must first take a look at White Rock Decoys.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized midwestern company that cares for their products and customers more than the numbers. Then White Rock Decoys is going to be your number one stop for Canada Silhouette Goose Decoys. Between three great hunting friends, White Rock Decoys was formed to create some of the best gear that could last during hunting. They strive to be on the leading edge of design and high-quality. However, at the end of the day, they are three waterfowl addicts like the rest of us that couldn’t find the best hunting equipment so they created it themselves.

Construction –

For Canada silhouette goose decoys to be successful there are a few key construction items to keep an eye on. First is the quality of the printed 2D goose image. Many years ago a simple black silhouette was all you needed to kill birds. However, fast forward to today and the need for high-resolution images is required. Thankfully, White Rock Decoys uses a specialized dark printing that is unbelievably realistic. The image is also combined with ultra-matte photo-realistic printing, offering nearly no shine or glare. The finally and reason why these Canada silhouette goose decoys are so popular is that they are equipped with flocked heads on either side of the decoy. Therefore you won’t have to worry about shine from sun glare.

Aside from the superior image quality, the next construction item to pay attention to is the quality of the materials. For example, White Rock Decoys uses thick 2D fluted body material that can withstand any temps, wind, or conditions. It’s also designed to be handled for many seasons without breaking down or being cracked or damaged. Lastly, the quality of the stakes needs to be of high strength. White Rock uses powder-coated tempered steel stakes. Therefore, if the temps are in freezing and the ground is hard, the decoy stakes will still penetrate the ground without bending.

Conclusion –

If you’re looking for goose silhouette decoys that have been the leading and number one in the industry. White Rock Decoys will be your number one choice. From leading quality to superior customer support, White Rock Decoys is the number one Canada Silhouette Goose Decoys.

Real Geese Canada Silhouette Goose Decoys –

goose silhouette decoysSimilar to White Rock Decoys, Real Geese Decoys has a long legacy of creating gear for hunters by hunters. However, it didn’t start as simple as that. The founding owner Darrel grew up in Washington and took a great interest in the numerous goose hunters in his local area. Growing up shooting ducks, the idea of goose hunting far outweigh the drive to duck hunt. Darrel began soaking up as much information as possible from the local sporting goods store. Before long a local goose hunter invited him along with. To his suprise, the man’s entire spread was made of goose silhouette decoys.

Fast forward a bit and Darrel worked for a manufacturing plant that help create his very own silhouette decoys that could be sold to other hunters. His first ad ran in the wildfowl magazine in 1991 and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Real Geese Decoys soon moved into a more modern and state of the art facility in the late 1990’s and since 2000 the products and designs have been leading the industry in realism.

Construction –

For many decoy companies, it’s expensive whether you are making full body goose decoys or silhouettes to have multiple positions. As each position may require a new mold or a new design image. However, there’s a reason it’s called “Real” Geese Decoys. Real Geese Decoys decided to spend the time and money to create an almost “custom” silhouette line. They have added a total of 12 entirely unique poses and goose positions to bring your spread alive. Plus if you included there numerous lines of silhouette decoys such as the Magnum Lites and Pro Series, you could have a total of 30 unique poses.

Nonetheless, the positions alone don’t differentiate Real Geese, but rather their patented paint. Each decoy is painted with patented textured, non-reflective surface to both sides. This gives the goose silhouette decoys a unique ultra-realistic and non-glare image. Additionally, each image is hand selected to meet the standards of Real Geese Decoys. This way you will have the most realistic spread in the field. Lastly, the stakes are made of color matched wood and the body is made of high-quality production materials.

Conclusion –

If you’re looking for goose silhouette decoys that are just different from the rest. Real Geese Decoys has to be your number one choice, there is nothing on the market like them. Additionally, they are made 15% larger than a 12-pound goose. As a result, you’ll have an oversized spread that can be seen when trafficking migrators.

Dive Bomb Decoys Canada Silhouette Goose Decoys –

goose silhouette decoysDive Bomb Industries is a midwest sporting goods company based out of St. Louis Missouri with a plan to disrupt the silhouette decoy industry. They strive to supply only high-quality products that are priced far below the industry standard. Don’t let their low prices dilute your thoughts on quality, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back all of their products. So not only can you afford to purchase their products, but they also have to perform to your expectations. Therefore, at The Waterfowl Hunter, we had to check them out first hand and put them to the test to see how great Dive Bomb Decoys are.

Dive Bomb Industries offers a full line of 14 different silhouette products. Offering silhouettes for Canada, Blue, Snow, Mallards, and Sand Cranes. However, the coolest feature they offer is flocked heads on their decoys if you prefer a more life-like presentation. So to sum it up, you can get silhouettes with or without flocked heads and silhouette socks with our without flocked heads. It just depends on what you want to spend.

Features & Benefits –

Goose silhouette’s not only are easy on the wallet, but they add a lot of action to your decoy spread. Since silhouettes added a lot of movement to a spread, so if you are using stationary full body decoys similar to Big Foots. Silhouettes have the ability to flex and move in the wind creating almost a flashing motion. Also, if you think of looking at Dive Bomb Decoys from the perspective of goose, the decoys will appear and disappear as they circle into a spread creating a motion illusion.

Once you unbox the V2 Canada silhouettes Goose decoys from Dive Bomb Decoys, you’ll notice how realistic they appear. The image of the goose is printed on both sides in a non-glare textured ink, giving it an ultrarealistic appearance. Especially as sunlight shines on them they won’t reflect light and cause geese to flare off from the glare. Every dozen pack of Canada silhouette goose deocys have images of feeders, resters, lookers and away positions.

Paint & Base –

Every silhouette has a 20-inch long stake that has two prongs, allowing it to penetrate into any surface all season long. We’ve used ours in freezing conditions and had no issues putting them into the frozen ground without bending. Mostly this is due to the stakes being made of tempered steel that is powder coated black, eliminating chances of them rusting and breaking down. The stakes are made of the ideal diameter steel required to insert them into any surface and yet not too thick where they end up being heavy.

Conclusion –

If you ever needed to fill in your goose spread mid to late season. A set of silhouettes are easily the least expensive and most convenient decoy to put in your decoy spread. Not only are they affordable compared to full body decoys, but they are way easier to pack into a truck, trailer or decoy bag. Five dozen silhouette decoys stack so well that they can fit in the corner of a decoy trailer or even on top of a truck seat they take up such little space.

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