North Dakota Duck Hunting

North Dakota is among of the one best duck hunting destinations in the Central Flyway. From prairies to potholes, to rivers, and plenty of croplands, North Dakota Duck Hunting is some of the most productive compared to any other northern state. About 90% of North Dakota’s land area is used for farming totally an estimated 27.5 million acres of cropland. It has become the third largest in the nation for farmland. You’ll find corn, barley, wheat, oats, and beans throughout North Dakota that make this a duck’s feeding paradise.

Bismark and Fargo remain the largest cities in North Dakota, but once you get off the main highways and hit the back roads this is where the real duck hunting thrives in the small communities. Every year waterfowl hunters come to North Dakota to experience mixed bags, liberal limits, excellent public and non-resident access, and of course, making great memories. There are plenty of options when it comes to North Dakota Duck Hunting from hunting with a guide or outfitter to hunting public lands. Either way, North Dakota is a top destination for hunters looking to try a new state.


North Dakota Duck Hunting –

North Dakota Duck HuntingNorth Dakota is known for being one of the best goose and duck hunting states in the lower 48! If you’re interested in shooting some mixed bags this fall, North Dakota has to be on your to-do list. shooting Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Widgeon, Canvasbacks, Redheads, Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Specks, you name it you may have the opportunity to hunt them in North Dakota. It’s one of the best places to hunt as a non-resident or resident for that matter. Usually, the first week of October is off limits to non-residents, keeping the opener for residents. With a rule like that you know North Dakota is a go-to place for waterfowl hunters from all over.

The reason North Dakota remains to be such a productive waterfowl state is that it has an abundance of habitat. Grass, water, crops is what waterfowl need and North Dakota has a lot of it! The eastern side of the state is filled with potholes. While the Missouri River and numerous lakes and rivers give way for ducks to migrate through in large numbers each fall.

From early season to late season ducks are moving through the state. North Dakota has an impressive number of resident ducks which help provide great hunting early to mid-season. However, it really picks up when the Northern ducks from Canada start to show up is when the fields, lakes, and rivers have abundant numbers.

North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides

Top Gun Guide Service – North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Devil’s Lake, ND
Price – $400 – $1,800 North Dakota Duck hunting guides

If you’ve ever looked for a guide or outfitter that is the most experienced and knowledgeable across every species of bird. Then you have to check out Top Gun Guide Service. For 9 months out of the year the team is chasing birds and guiding clients throughout U.S. and Canada. However, one of the best stops is when it comes to North Dakota Duck Hunting. Here is where the numbers and species create without a doubt the best duck hunting in the Central Flyway. Since millions of birds migrate through North Dakota on their route to the Mississippi and Central Flyway each fall, it creates some of the best-mixed bags. If you want to shoot Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Widgeon, Divers and Geese, Top Gun will provide you with those opportunities.

Included in your purchase with Top Gun is guides, lodging, scouting, equipment, blinds, and whatever else is needed to get the hunt done. The lodge can be found near Devil’s Lake which has four main cabins that sleep, 4-6 hunters. Plus each cabin has a washer, dryers, linens, TVs, internet, kitchens, and couches. It’s hard not to hunt with Top Gun Guide service when they offer such amazing amenities and lodging. They typically hunt and guide through October to early December, but they book up fairly quickly so be sure to reach out and grab some dates for your hunting group.

Northern Flight Guide Service – North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Northeastern, ND
Price – $495 per day includes lodging and lunchnorth dakota duck hunting

Specializing in field hunting over harvested fields, Northern Flight Guide Service is by far one of the best North Dakota Duck Hunting guides. If you’re looking for tornados of Mallards and Pintails over corn or wheat fields, then Northern Flight is your go to. Even though the major field duck harvest is Mallards and Pintails, there are the occasional widgeon, teal and other species as well. Nonetheless, since 1988 they have worked diligently to provide the best duck hunting experiences for their clients. They have three hand selected leases that they utilize for their duck hunts.

Every hunt is only possible with the thousands of hours of scouting and miles traveled by the guides. Therefore, the day before guides are scouting for the next days hunts to ensure that the field hunts are as successful as possible. The morning of your hunt the guides will pick you up and take you to the location, where everyone will help to set up the decoys and spread for your duck hunt. Each days hunt usually last from sun up to the afternoon. However, if you are hunting geese in the morning there are some options to hunt some potholes in the afternoon for ducks. Plus Devils Lake is a top 10 walleye destination if you’re looking to drop a line or two.

Hosts Kyle and Mike not only provide some spectacular field hunting, but they also supply lodging at the Woodland Resort. The resort is located on the shores of Creel Bay, Devils Lake. It’s a friendly sportsman’s lodge that offers tons of amenities. If you’re looking for a great place and location to do some North Dakota duck hunting, then plan your next trip with North Flight Guide Services.

Rolling Plains Adventures – North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Sterling, ND
Price – $1,195 – $1,999North Dakota Duck Hunting

Located in the Central Flyway near Sterling, ND is Rolling Plains Adventures. As the birds are heading south from Canada the Rolling Plains Ranch begins to fill with migratory birds. Which is why the ranch has offered numerous hunting opportunities over the year. Waterfowl hunting being one of the top reasons so many visitors come to stay and experience the great waterfowl hunting.

At Rolling Plains Adventures there are numerous packages that range from 2 – 4-day hunts. Included are hunting, lodging, all meals, bird cleaning, beverages. These packages are the full all-inclusive deal when it comes to waterfowl hunting. Plus if you want to experience hunting North Dakota Pheasants well that can be included in the package as well. Rolling Plains truly offers a luxury hunting experience where all you need to bring is yourself, some gear, and your gun.

Honker Down – North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Prairie Pothole Region, ND
Price – $1,250north dakota duck hunting

Don’t let the name fool you, Honker Down may be known for their incredible goose hunting, but they know ducks as well. Located in the prairie pothole region of North Dakota, Brad Finneman has owned and guided Honker Down outfitters since 2002. Before that he guided in Texas and Minnesota. Therefore Brad has an extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to waterfowl hunting. There are two packages that Brad offers, an early season goose hunt, and a three-day waterfowl hunt. They include lodging, lunches, guided services, and game processing. Brad has a passion for hospitality and waterfowl hunting, he strives to make your stay the most enjoyable.

This is why Honker Down offers a lodge that sleeps up to six people with a full bathroom and lounge to kick back and relax after a long days hunt. As for dining lunches are provided during your stay thanks to the local cafe. As for breakfast and dinner, there are some great bars and local places to grab a bite. Overall, Honker Down is a great place to go if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and hunt in some remote locations.

North Dakota Duck Hunting Stats –

When it comes to hunting land, North Dakota is abundant! North Dakota has numerous options such as refugees, production areas, State wildlife management areas and even private land. The question is where do you begin with you start thinking about North Dakota Duck Hunting? To make it easier we broke down the top locations and places to search and plan your trip.

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State Wildlife Management Areas –

Throughout North Dakota, there are State Wildlife Management Areas that open to waterfowl hunting. It’s hard to believe but there are nearly 200,000 acres of Wildlife Management Areas that the State maintains throughout North Dakota. Some range from just a few hundred acres to some that exceed 10,000 acres.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services –

Over 250,000 acres of land in North Dakota is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Nearly all of the WPA’s or Wildlife Production Areas are found North and East of the Missouri River. Most of them are under a 1,000 acres, however, they are open to hunting throughout the season. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services also manages the National Refuges through the state of North Dakota. With a total of 11 different districts, there are hundreds of locations to waterfowl hunt. Read more in the following link for a map view of the locations and number of refuges.

kansas duck hunting

State School Land –

More than 750,000 acres are managed by the State Land Department that is apart of State School Land. A large majority is leased for agriculture and cattle grazing. However, much of the land is open to public hunting.  for more rules and regulations click below.

U.S. Forest Services –

The U.S. Forest Services manages three national grasslands in North Dakota those total 1.1 million acres. The largest is Little Missouri National Grasslands, which is about 1 million acres. Much of this land is leased for agriculture purposes, but it’s open to public access.

Private Land Access In North Dakota –

One of the features that allows North Dakota to really stand out is their private land access program. The goal of the program was to all sportsman the opportunity to have walk-in access. The program allows hunters to access by foot during legal hunting seasons with a legal firearm. The landowners and Department of Wildlife have created these relationships for hunters. However, the landowner still has access to farm or even hunt their own land.

The majority of the land is walk-in access only, which are marked with signs provided by the Department of Wildlife. However, there are some exceptions that have green signs. These are specifically enrolled for waterfowl hunting. These lands provide access to vehicles on harvested cropland for the use of setting up decoys. There are also some signs that are marked in orange if a landowner prefers hunters to not hunt their unharvested crops, so be on the lookout for reading these signs.

For more information and guidelines follow the link below.

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