Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides

The State of Mississippi is one of the top destinations for duck hunters every year. The state sees millions of migratory birds every year thanks to the Mississippi River and the Gulf coast. However, one of the most famous regions for duck hunters is the Mississippi Delta. Nestled between the Yazoo and Mississippi River, The Delta is home to millions of ducks thanks to the rivers, bayous, swamps, and flooded forests. From Divers to Puddlers, Mississippi has a lot to offer especially since they have a lower resident hunting population. These are just a few of the reasons why many people travel for Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides and services every year.

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Top Rated Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides –

Muddy Mallards – Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Tunica, MS
Price – $300 per person

mississippi duck hunting guidesAt Muddy Mallards, they specialize in waterfowl hunting at the top of the Delta. They offer family-friendly fun so you can enjoy hunting with your kids or close friends. Located along the basin of the Coldwater and Mississippi River they see robust numbers of waterfowl. If you’re looking to shoot teal, mallards, pintails, gadwalls, shovelers, geese and many other species. Muddy Mallards hunts over the best decoys in the business and pit blinds making for one of the best hunting experiences in your life.

Mike Loyd is the owner and one of the guides of Muddy Mallards, with experience dating back to when he was 10 years old. Mike brings excellent waterfowl hunting experience from all over such as Tennesse, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Muddy Mallards is one of the best Mississippi duck hunting guides only 30 minutes from Memphis, TN. Muddy Mallards doesn’t have any onsite lodging, however, upon your booking, you’ll be directed to the many hotels in the area. At Muddy Mallards the season starts near the end of November to the end of January so read more and reserve your date for a fantastic Mississippi hunt.

Delta Duck Hunts – Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Tunica, MS
Price – $300 per person

mississippi duck hunting guidesAt Delta Duck Hunts, it has become a top destination when hunting in the Mississippi Delta. Located in Tunica, MS where the Mississippi Flyway is at it’s best. Delta Duck Hunts offers both guided hunts and unguided pit leases. All hunting is conducted on exclusive private duck hunting leases located along the Mississippi and Coldwater Rivers. The best part about hunting with Delta Duck Hunts and the location they are in is that the waterfowl conditions are robust. At any time you could be hunting flooded beans, corn, or rice. It just depends on where the ducks want to work. You may even have the opportunity to hunt flooded timber, sloughs, and rivers.

When it comes to finding the best Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides you have to look at Delta Duck hunts. They offer one of the best when it comes to hunting logistics. Duck hunting with them is all done with easy access pit blinds, sled blinds, and standing timber. Therefore, with the help of their experienced guides, Delta Duck Hunts is a great place for family and friends. As far as the hunting goes, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot just about every species in the Mississippi Flyway. Home to mallards, pintails, widgeon, teal, gadwall, wood ducks, shovelers, Canada geese, snow geese and even speckled belly geese. As you can see the Delta has a lot to offer for waterfowl hunters and going with a guide service like Delta Duck Hunts will ensure you’ll have a successful and safe time.

White Oak Hunting Services – Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Dundee, MS
Price – $250 per person

mississippi duck hunting guidesLocated in Northwestern Mississippi in Tunica County, White Oak Hunting Services is in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. White Oak is closely located to the Coldwater and Mississippi River, and Arkabulta Reservoir. This area provides staging and migratory paths for thousands of waterfowl every year. The grounds are prime for multiple species of ducks and geese. White Oak Hunting is one of the premier Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides which offers duck hunting in pits and blinds located on bean, milo, and rice fields, as well as flooded timber holes.

White Oak strives to offer high-quality hunts that are safe and fun for your whole group. They have over 9 seasons under their belt and they provide a true southern hospitality experience from the moment you meet their staff. White Oak provides, guides, decoys, transportation, and blinds, all you have to bring is your hunting gear. They even welcome bringing your kids and hunting dogs to experience the hunts as well. As a result, White Oak is a premier destination for the Mississippi Flyway don’t hesitate to read more and give their staff a call.

Tallahatchie Hunts – Mississippi Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Webb, MS
Price – $350-500 per person

mississippi duck hunting guidesLocated in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway, Tallahatchie Hunts is comprised of over 8000 privately owned acres of prime waterfowl hunting. Abundant with multiple species of ducks and geese at Tallahatchie you truly get the Mississippi Flyway Experience. If you’re looking for a place where you can hunt farm fields and timber, look no further. About 7,000 acres of Tallahatchie Hunt’s land is corn, soybeans, and wheat fields. The remaining 1000 acres are cypress and hardwoods. Over 4,000 acres are flooded thanks to the Tallahatchie River. As a result, it creates an oasis for waterfowl and hunters. Therefore, all you have to do is grab your gun and take aim at wood ducks, mallards, gadwalls, pintails, and shovelers.

At Tallahatchie Hunts, they offer some very unique opportunities for hunters. With lodging offered in the price and reservation, it really takes the stress and hassle of finding a hotel off your plate. However, what’s most unique is that they offer combo hunts for ducks and quail. Therefore, you can have a fantastic waterfowl hunt in the morning take some time to grab lunch and head out for some afternoon quail hunting. They team up with Trout Valley Quail to offer this amazing opportunity. Where they offer some of the finest upland hunting in Mississippi.

Tallahatchie Hunts is a very accommodating hunting service with kennels offered on premises. You can take your best hunting buddies with you. At Tallahatchie, they are a full-service lodge as well, offering experiences guides, retrievers, and the best hunts. However, you can expect a three-hour morning hunt from one of their pit blinds, flooded timber holes, or natural cover areas. All you have to do is call to make your reservations and check the best available dates.

Mississippi Public Hunting Areas –

Mississippi is one of the better states when it comes to public duck hunting. The state has over 50 wildlife management areas covering almost 700,000 acres. With a large percentage of those wildlife areas designed for waterfowl conservation. Mississippi fish and wildlife do a great job of flood control to ensure that the areas remain abundant with water and food sources. They even manage flooded grains, such as corn, beans, and rice. There’s even some more natural food sources such as smart glass and millet. Mississippi is one of the few states that really strive to provide a sustainable food source and refuge for waterfowl every year.

Top Wildlife Management Areas In Mississippi –

Howard Miller Wildlife Management Area –

mississippi duck hunting guidesLocated in Rolling Fork, Mississippi Howard Miller WMA is about 2,400 acres. It was a former rice and soybean farm that was acquired by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife back in 2007. With 48 fields separated by ditches and levees creating a waterfowl oasis. The fields are broken down into 24 80 acres hunting units. Plus there is an additional 420 acres of permanent wildlife sanctuary.

Howard Miller WMA is managed as a quality waterfowl hunting zone. 480 acres are managed as vegetation consisting of smartweed, wild millet, and sedges. The remaining area is planted with beans, corn, and rice. The WMA is a unique place as its a draw hunt only. Every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday random drawings are held at 5am during waterfowl season. Therefore, it preserves the hunting and allows waterfowl to rest during the week from the pressure of hunting. If you plan your visit here you can reserve a day to hunt, which ensures you hunt. However, you still will draw for your field.


Mahannah WMA –

mississippi duck hunting guidesLocated near Redwood, Mississippi, Mahannah Wildlife Management Area is a large management area spreading almost 13,000 acres. Consisting of bottomland hardwoods, agriculture fields, and waterfowl impoundments. Some describe it as one of the most diverse bottomland hardwood ecosystems in the Mississippi Delta. Therefore, you’ll find flooded timber, cypress swamps, and controlled flooded agriculture fields. As a result, you have some of the largest numbers of wintering waterfowl in the Mississippi Delta.

Mahannah is planted each year with millet, milo, corn, and beans. The fields are then flooded in the fall with controlled pumps. This was only possible with the help of levee systems that allow for natural rainfall flooding as well. As a result, Mahannah is a top public destination for resident duck hunters and non-residents.


Malmaison WMA –

mississippi duck hunting guidesLocated in Grenada, Leflore, and Carroll Counties near Greenwood sits the Malmaison WMA. The Wildlife Management Area is nestled between two distinct geomorphological landscapes. Making this near 10,000 acre WMA one of a kind. It provides the opportunity to change ecosystems within a matter of minutes. About 800 acres of the WMA is fertile hills and the rest is fertile Mississippi/Yalobusha river floodplain.

You’ll find mature red and white oaks, beech, and loblolly throughout the WMA. You’ll also find numerous rivers, oxbow lakes, cypress swamps, sloughs, and seasonal wetlands. As a result, it makes for duck hunting heaven. However, the Malmaison is also home to deer, turkey, and other animals as well. The duck hunting is a top destination for locals and non-locals since the late 1970’s.


Top National Wildlife Refuges in Mississippi –

Mississippi not only has an abundant of state-run wildlife management Areas but also 15 National Wildlife Refuges that are home to migratory birds. Most of them offer duck hunting with a draw system that helps to protect and maintain sustainable waterfowl numbers.

Dahomey NWA –

mississippi duck hunting guidesOne of the largest remaining tracts of bottomland hardwood forested wetlands in the Mississippi is Dahomey NWA. Located in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, the refuge is just under 10,000 acres. It was established in the early 1990’s to help protect and provide habitat for migratory birds and protecting wetlands.

Beginning in the late 1990’s the Dahomey National Wildlife Area was opened up to waterfowl hunting. Currently, a $15 permit is required to hunt on the refuge. During the waterfowl season, the refuge is open to hunting Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays. The refuge is also open to Light Geese Conservation Order. However, there are special waterfowl regulations and closed areas so read more for added information in the following link.


Panther Swamp NWR –

mississippi duck hunting guidesApart of the Theodore Roosevelt NWR complex, Panther Swamp NWR is a large swamp that was established in the late 1970s. It’s noted for its large population of waterfowl every year. The refuge is an expansive bottomland hardwood forest, cypress sloughs, and bayous. As a result, Panther Swamp is one of the largest refuges at nearly 40,000 acres located in Yazoo and Humphreys County. There is plenty of waterfowl species in the refuge, however, Wood Ducks are quite popular in the refuge. You can also find Alligators in large numbers and white-tailed deer.

Waterfowl hunting is allowed every day except Thursdays. Therefore, Unit 1 allows hunting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Whereas, Unit 2 allows hunting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is no early teal season however in this refuge, among many other regulations and rules. Therefore, you should read more in the link below before you plan your visit.


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