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At the bottom of the Mississippi Flyway, you’ll find Louisiana, home to some of the best duck hunting in the nation. Most people assume Duck Commander put the state on the map. However, the reality is that the state has been one of the top places to shoot ducks for years. With one of the highest harvest rates in the Flyway it’s a top destination for visiting hunters. Therefore, Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides have been striving to put out of state hunters on some of the best duck hunting they can dream of.

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Why Louisiana?

From the Mississippi River to the Gulf Of Mexico, Louisiana offers some of the best low swamp lands and coastal marshlands. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries along with other conservation groups manage and own almost a million acres. Therefore, it produces some of the best duck hunting in the Mississippi Flyway.

I’ve talked to Louisiana duck hunters who grew up hunting the backwaters and have yet to agree that there’s a better place to hunt in North America. The yearly estimates of ducks harvested reach a staggering 900,000 harvested ducks. With a lower number of duck hunters at only about 50,000 a year that equates to about 18 ducks per hunter. If you look at any other state. That number is very high and Louisiana is a very productive duck hunting state.

Duck Paradise-

Out of all the states in the Nation, it seems like Louisiana is made for ducks. With nearly 8,000 square miles of water in the state and numerous wildlife management areas adding another 1,300,000 million acres. Ducks seem to flourish by the thousands. Louisiana has flooded timber, flooded grain fields, and plenty of water perfect for any duck hunter. Louisiana is home to some of the largest Wildlife Refuges. Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge is nearly 35,000 acres home to one of the largest wintering areas of Pintails. Another top National Wildlife Refuge is Sabine at nearly 124,000 acres. Which is one of the largest coastal marshes across the Gulf Coast.

Louisiana has some of the most robust public wetlands if you’d like to read more about public hunting opportunities scroll to the end of the article. However, with such abundant duck hunting, many tourist hunters travel every year to hunt the flooded timber and farm fields with the help of Louisiana Duck hunting Guides. Check out the best outfitters and guides.


Mega Bucks Duck Guides – Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Jones, LA
Prices – $100-350 Daily Rate

Arkansas Duck Hunting guides

If you’re looking for a duck hunting trip that is built on a legacy of experience and history. Then Mega Bucks Duck Guides is going to be your premier Louisiana duck hunting guides service. Since 1979, Johnny has put hunters on countless hunts that ensure to cater every duck hunters experience level. Located in beautiful Northeastern Louisiana in the Mississippi Flyway you’ll have a hunting experience like none other. At Mega Bucks Duck Guides you’ll have the opportunity to hunt from their state of the art pit blinds. Where the guides will be sure to put you on all types of waterfowl from Pintails to Specks. With over 6,000 private acres to hunt from. You’ll get to hunt from flooded rice, beans, corn.

Most people assume they have to rough it when they duck hunt. Well not at Mega Bucks, their lodge is one of the premier lodges around. With full kitchens and now two full-service lodges that can sleep 12 and 8 people, the camps are a perfect retreat. When you’re done with your hunt you have the option to clean your own birds in their state of the art facility and cook your own meal. You also can have their resident cleaner prepare your birds for you for a small fee. Either way when it comes to Mega Bucks you get one of the finest Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides.

Delta Ridge Duck Guides – Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides

Location – West Monroe, LA
Prices – $250 Daily Rate

Louisiana Duck Hunting guides

Located in northeastern Louisiana Delta Ridge Duck Guides has over 40 years of duck and goose hunting. They strive to be the best Louisiana duck hunting guides in the state. When you plan your hunt you’ll have the ability to hunt from their pit blinds that are in flooded rice, corn, and bean fields. They have two 20′ pit blinds and a 30′ pit blind for larger groups to get the whole crew on a once in a lifetime hunt.

At Delta Ridge Duck Guides they have two lodges. The main cabin is spacious and has all of the comforts of home, and yet it can still sleep, 12 guests. The second smaller lodge has enough room to accommodate another 8 guests. All lodges are equipped with full kitchens, satellite TV and a fully covered 14′ x 40′ covered porch. Therefore, if you want to enjoy an early season BBQ and cookout it can accommodate the whole group. Delta Ridge Duck Guides even offers linens, towels, and cooking utensils. All you have to do is provide your own food and get cooking when your hungry.

Waterfowl Specialist Duck Hunting – Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides

Location – St. Bernard, LA
Prices – $150-500 Daily Rate

Louisiana Duck Hunting guides

Located near Shell Beach, Waterfowl Specialist Duck Hunting Outfitter is only 35 minutes from downtown New Orleans. The guide service is proud to offer top quality duck hunting ensuring to provide a memorable experience. All hunts are from Gator Trax with pop up blinds, while using the best decoys on the market. The hunted land is privately leased marshes with a variety of waterfowl species including divers and puddlers. If you’re looking for a hunting experience that will provide a mixed bag of ducks. There are few places like Louisiana and the Mississippi Flyway.

When you plan your visit no need to look for lodging as Waterfowl Specialists has a lodge that sleeps 6. It has all the amenities of home from direct TV, screened in patio, BBQ pits, cookware, and all the necessary items to make your stay comfortable. Lodging is an additional $200 per night, but it does house 6 people making it quite inexpensive. When you plan your visit with one of the best Louisiana duck hunting guides you’ll be sure to have a great time.

Waterfowl Specialist Duck Hunting – Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Venice, LA
Prices – $200-250 Daily Rate

Louisiana Duck Hunting guides

The key to Waterfowl Specialists Duck Hunting is that the land they hunt is family owned and maintained. All of the gear used is top notch and is ensured to allow everyone to have fun and keep them safe. Located in the Southern Point of the Mississippi flyway, Venice is a paradise for Ducks and hunters. The area is known for it’s mixed bags and multiple species, due to the mix of salt and freshwater marshes. This is a place, unlike any place you’ve ever hunted before. If you’re scratch a few duck species off your list this is the group to hunt with. You’ll have opportunities to shot teal, canvasbacks, black ducks, wigeon, shovelers, mallards, buffleheads, ruddy ducks, and snow geese.

Waterfowl Specialist Duck hunting doesn’t offer hotel or lodging. However, with the help of the amazing Louisiana duck hunting guides, they will be able to help you book your visit. Pointing you in the correct direction to have an enjoyable visit.

Quack Heads Outfitters – Louisiana Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Belle Chasse, LA
Prices – $200-250 Daily Rate

Louisiana Duck Hunting guides

One of the top Southern Louisiana duck hunting guides is Quack Heads Outfitters. Quack Heads strives to impress and tailor to every one of their guests. Making it the perfect hunting destination for friends and family. Their guides are hand-picked based on their extensive knowledge of the surrounding marshes and backwaters of Louisiana. With waterfowl leases in Venice, White Ditch, Point A, La Hache, Port Sulpher, Lafitte, Delacroix, and many more. You’ll be sure to be on the birds from the minute you arrive at their lodge.

When you book your stay you can stay at their updated hunting lodge. With plenty of room to fit your entire group while you enjoy your hunt. Plus it even has plenty of amenities to make your stay more like home. Quack Heads is one of the best Louisiana Duck hunting guides, don’t hesitate to book your next hunt.

Top Public Hunting Areas –

If you’re more interested in understanding Louisiana’s public hunting scene, the following areas are the best places to start. Lousiana has vast wetlands so it can be hard to learn which is why so many choose to hunt with Louisiana duck hunting guides and outfitters. They tend to know the backwaters, coastal lands, and wetlands. However, if you plan to make multiple hunting trips hunting with your own equipment and time frame can be a great and rewarding challenge.

Pass A Loutre Wildlife Management Area –

Louisiana Duck Hunting guidesLocated at the end of the Mississippi and the beginning of the Gulf of Mexico, the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Management Area is only navigable by boat. However, what that does mean is the ducks are plentiful. The canals, bayous, and backwaters offer plenty of feeding and loafing grounds for ducks every winter. The most common species are widgeon, pintails, mallards, and gadwalls. The water can be a very dangerous adventure so be sure to know your way around and ensure your boat is large enough.


Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area –

Louisiana Duck Hunting guidesNearly 140,000 acres the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area is home to some of the best duck hunting if you’re pursuing mixed limits. The Management Area is mostly open water and accessible to only boats. Therefore, it can be a little bit of a challenge if you don’t know the waters or have the proper gear. However, the area provides one of the most reliable duck hunting spots in Louisiana. The waters are coastal, therefore, tides do occur, so be sure to plan accordingly.


Catahoula Lake –

Louisiana Duck Hunting guidesKnown for some of the best duck hunting in Louisiana, Catahoula Lake is nearly 26,000 acres of prime hunting grounds. The lake is a shallow lake that produces fruitful wetlands and most known for shallow water feeding Canvasbacks. The lake is supported by the Little River and several flowing creeks that help ensure that the lake remains a wetland for plenty of waterfowl every year. The waters can be vast for a wetland, however, if you are opting out of going with Lousiana Duck hunting guides then this lake may be more manageable than the coastal waters.


Area Attractions & Destinations –

If you’re looking for attractions and things to visit outside of your duck hunting trip. Louisiana has a lot to offer being that the State is surrounded with great food, great cities, and lots of water.

National Park Service –

Louisana Duck Hunting guidesThere are eight different recognized parks that the National Park Service manages throughout Louisana.

  • Atchafalaya National Heritage Area

    Filled with running bayous and rivers and one of Americas largest river swamps. The area is known for fields of sugar cane and cotton, live oaks and cypress trees. You’ll also find numerous wildlife such as Alligators, Raccoons, and bears with nearly 300 species of birds. Lastly, the wildlife area is home to catfish, shrimp, oysters, and crawfish.

  • Cane River National Heritage Area

    Which is home to nearly 300 years of history from plantations, churches, cemeteries, and homes that comprise the Cane River National Heritage Area. Located near Natchez, LA it’s the crossroads of the French and Spanish Realms in the New World. Therefore, the area and architecture is unique to its area.

  • Cane River Creole National Historical Park 

    Comprised of generations of families of owners workers, enslaved and tenant, that lived on these lands for nearly 200 years. The Historical Park tells the tale and story of the landscape. Two of the most intact cotton plantations still exist, Oakland and Magnolia Plantations.

  • El Camino Real de los Tejas 

    Historic Trail leads you through Louisiana’s 300-year olf frontier settlements developed on a Spanish colonial road.

  • Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve 

    Once filled with pirate’s treasure and gems. However, today it’s now filled with people, memories, and places. The New Orleans’ rich culture mixes here where you’ll learn about the Cajun traditions.

  • New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

    One of the only places there every would be a National Park for Jazz. The visitor center is located at 400 Esplanade Ave where you can learn about Jazz events around town. Unique in its own way, it has become a top destination.

  • Poverty Point National Monument 

    Nearly 3000 years ago was a famous and large trading network that was vast. Explore the engineering marvels and the culture of sophisticated people left behind at North America’s most important archeological sites.

  • Vicksburg National Military Park

    The Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Vicksburg was what help the south together. Abraham Lincoln also agreed that it was the key to victory. Today sits a Fortress City that is home to a rich war history and battle.

Read more and get information for the National Park Services in Louisana here.  

Avery Island –

Louisiana Duck Hunting guidesHome to the famous birthplace of Tabasco Sauce, Avery Island is a top destination in Louisana. The island was originally a salt dome covered by fauna, today sits a visitor center and a pepper sauce factory. Avery island has a rich history and is a great place to visit. The island even has a private wildlife refuge, today Snow egrets return to Bird City Refuge to next until migration in the fall.

More Information & Tours Here

New Orleans –

Louisiana Duck Hunting guidesIt’s hard not to stop in New Orleans for some of Louisiana’s best music, food, and entertainment. Considered one of the most populous cities and a major port. New Orleans is a commercial hub for the Gulf Coast. However, that isn’t what most people remember about their visit. Rather they tend to visit the French Quarters and Bourbon Street to relax and enjoy some of the finest foods and entertainment. New Orleans is home to some of the most beautiful French and Spanish architecture that helps to give the city it’s character and traditions.

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