Kansas Duck Hunting

When most waterfowl hunters think of duck hunting the Central Flyway, most think of the Dakota’s or Texas. However, Kansas duck hunting is an often overlooked place to go waterfowl hunting. Kansas is a top mallard winter hunting destination and surprisingly it’s a migration path for numerous Canada Geese, Light Geese, and Lessers. What makes Kansas so desirable to travel to is that they have over a million acres enrolled in “Walk-In-Hunting-Access”. This means that landowners have volunteered their land to hunters, while many are used for quail and pheasant. The ample amount of grain fields lead way to plenty of Kansas duck hunting opportunities.

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Kansas Duck Hunting –

One of the often overlooked destinations of the Central Flyway is Kansas. Most people assume that the mostly flat dry land of Kansas doesn’t produce waterfowl numbers. Go on and keep thinking that, we will keep it our little secret and crush limits this fall. That’s right, Kansas is one of the best places to travel this fall for a multi-species waterfowl hunting experience. If you want to shoot, puddle ducks, divers, Canada Geese, Lessers, Specks, and even Snow Geese. Then you are going to have to check out Kansas Duck Hunting this fall.

The Numbers –

kansas duck huntingMaybe I like numbers, but for me, it always paints a picture for me. Kansas has over 27 recorded duck species that have been harvest in the great state. A large number of those ducks actually nest in Kansas, about 14 to be exact. However, the majority are wood ducks, blue-winged teal, and mallards.

Kansas has some very high numbers of ducks from 1984 – 2003 when duck reporting was surveyed. Duck numbers were as high as nearly 4 million and as low as 1.1 million ducks. On average about 2 million ducks were observed. The largest numbers came in the 1970’s, but since then numbers have settled closer to 1-2 million due to the loss of habitat in Canada and northern states above Kansas.

Top Waterfowl Ducks in Kansas –

The most common species found in Kansas are Mallards, Pintails, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, and gadwall. Blue-winged teal are usually the first to arrive in September, common in many other parts of North America. Then comes Pintail which usually migrates through in October through November. Next of the major influx of birds are green-winged teal and gadwalls, which tend to appear in November. The final push of birds is the Mallards which tend to peak in December. Which is one of the many reasons so many waterfowl hunters seek Kansas Duck hunting. Because as the season closes in the northern states, it’s just getting good in Kansas.


Top Kansas Duck Hunting Guides –

Big Kansas Outdoors – Kansas Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Hutchinson, KS
Rates – $1,050 – $1,625

kansas duck huntingBig Kansas Outdoors is one of the leading Kansas Duck Hunting Guides, which offers hunting trips in both central and southeastern Kansas. They offer Duck hunting, Canada Goose, and Light goose 3-day hunting packages. If you’re looking for the opportunity to hunt flooded farm fields and prairie hunts, Big Kansas has the resources and gear necessary to have a once in a lifetime hunt.

When you book with Big Kansas Outdoors their packages include both lodging and meals. So no need to pack coolers of food and travel, instead pack some drinks and bring your gun and shells and be ready for a great Kansas Duck Hunting experience.

Tornado Alley Waterfowl – Kansas Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Reading, KS
Rates – $350 per day per hunter

kansas duck huntingIf you’re looking for a Kansas Duck Hunting experience like no other then you have to check out Tornado Alley Waterfowl. Brandon Mendoza is a full-time firefighter/EMT, but when waterfowl season hits in Kansas. He is a full guide along with four other top-notch guides Tornado Alley Waterfowl has. The guides are non-stop scouting the back roads and farmlands of Kansas. Working tirelessly to provide top-notch duck and goose fields. With 1000’s of acres of private land and access. Tornado Alley Waterfowl has a reputation for providing some of the best waterfowl hunts.

When it comes to lodging Tornado Alley has one of the best lodges and rates. For $350 you get guided hunting and lodging per day. It’s hard to beat that price, and if you take a look at their lodging it’s a great place to kick back and relax after each hunt. With a full-service guide service that even has two fantastic black labs to chase down cripples. Tornado Alley Waterfowl will be your next duck hunting destination.

Prairie Thunder- Kansas Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Hoisington, KS
Rates – $500 / per day with Lodging

kansas duck huntingOver 15 years ago owners Zach White and Bryan Boxberger turned their passion into building a guide service. Starting in 2010 Zach built Prairie Thunder Outfitters as a premier Kansas Duck Hunting guide service. Zach and Bryan understand the challenges it takes to hunt every day and provide productive fields. Hence, why they have worked so hard to put in the time to not only grow a successful business but a guide service at that. From September through May the team never stops working, scouting, and hunting. Zach and Bryan truly take care of their clients and ultimately want to show them what Kansas has to offer for duck hunting in the Central Flyway.

Come early October the season kicks off with plenty of ducks for Prairie Thunder. They chase ducks from layout boats and A-frame style boats, putting clients on multiple species of ducks. For example, teal, gadwall, pintails, shovelers, mallards, redheads, and canvasbacks are just a few of the birds you’ll experience early season Kansas duck hunting.

As the season continues, Prairie Thunder hunts Little Geese, Late season Ducks and Geese, and even Snow Geese. The late season is when the majority of the mallard migration takes way. Therefore, if you’re looking for a solid mallard beatdown plan your trip between December and February. Zach and Bryan offer multiple hunting packages from day hunts to group hunts. So be sure to reach out and chat with them for your next Kansas duck hunting trip.

 Maxxed Out Guides – Kansas Duck Hunting Guides

Location – Northern, KS
Rates – $1,175 – $1,950

kansas duck huntingFor Maxxed Out Guides when their season ends in Minnesota and South Dakota, they pack up and head to Kansas for the December and January months. Here is where they begin to chase those late season mallards and Canada Geese, Specks, and Snow Geese. Kansas is one of the few places where multiple waterfowl species collide together to offer some mixed bag opportunities. For Maxxed Out Guides on any given day, they could be shooting Mallards, Canada Geese, Specks and Snow Geese.

Maxxed Out Guides offers a mixture of dry field hunts and hunts over the rivers. However, waders are not required but do come in handy for those late season river hunts. The majority of the hunts range between 6-8 hunters if you do have a party of 6 hunters you can hunt as one private party. When it comes to lodging Maxxed Out will help set you up with the best possible lodging available for your next Kansas duck hunting trip.

Public Kansas Duck Hunting –

kansas duck huntingKansas is one of the few amazing states that offers plenty of public hunting opportunities. To re-establish Kansas’ long history, Kansas kicked off the WIHA or walk-in hunting access program in 1995. In less than 10 years the program became one of the most successful in the country. By 2004, over a million acres were volunteered by landowners allowing hunters access to hunting land without any additional cost. The majority of the program was set up for upland hunting, however, there are plenty of opportunities for waterfowl and deer hunting.

The program gives both parties added benefits, for the landowner they are giving small monetary refunds for the use of their land. As for the hunters they are provided access to over a million hunting acres. Thanks to the Kansas Department of Wildlife for their efforts to provide so much access.

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Refuge –

A top public Kansas Duck Hunting destination is Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Refuge. Located near Great Bend, in central Kansas. As one of the largest inland marshes of over 20,000 acres, Cheyenne Bottoms is a top spot for migratory waterfowl in the Central Flyway. Each season millions of ducks and geese utilize the refuge on their path to warmer weather. Similar to other managed refuges, certain areas are off limits to hunting. Nonetheless, the refuge is well managed and is highly huntable for waterfowl hunters.

Jamestown Wildlife Area –

The second stop when looking for a public hunting ground in Kansas is Jamestown Wildlife Area. Over 5,000 acres are managed here with almost 2,000 being wetlands. The water is very shallow in this refuge and consists of a lot of silt. Therefore, Kansas Department of Wildlife has dedicated a lot of time and money into managing the water and soil of the refuge. Multiple renovations have taken place to create better control of the wetlands and habitat that live on the Wildlife Area.

In order to hunt at this refuge, there are some rules and regulations. There are also some permits to fill out daily. Therefore, to learn more click the following link to read and learn more.

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