Is a Decoy Trailer Necessary?

Decoy Trailer is it Necessary?

As with any hobby or obsession the more you dive into it you begin to start collecting more gear. Well if that hobby is Waterfowl hunting it doesn’t take more than a few years before you have taken advantage of every decoy sale. And you now have started to outgrow your truck bed when heading out to the field. This is all too easy when you start investing in full body field goose decoys. I know for me personally, I can get about three dozen decoys in my truck bed before we have to start stacking. Hence the question I have started to ask myself, “is a decoy trailer needed pretty soon?”

I want to share my thought process I’ve been going to lately to help you make the best decision possible when considering a decoy trailer. Because there are many options to consider as a decoy trailer can be an expensive investment.

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What to Consider with Buying a Decoy Trailer:

  • Space Needed
  • Storage
  • Versatility
  • Cost

Space Needed:

For a few years when I first started waterfowl hunting and more specifically duck hunting. The space to haul and store decoys was not really a large concern of mine. A couple of quality decoys bags could easily store 3-4 dozen decoys. Leaving plenty of room in my truck for waders and my blind bag. However, as soon as I started to pursue getting into field hunting geese. I soon realized I was running out of space in my truck bed. Considering when I hunt we tend to enjoy taking one vehicle out to the field. Therefore putting 3-4 dozen full body decoys 3-4 layout blinds and all of our shooting gear in one truck was easily outgrowing my truck bed.

Making me consider looking at a decoy trailer. However to warrant the purchase of a decoy trailer I needed to make sure I actually was running out of space when traveling to the field.


The next consideration to think of is storage. Storing duck and geese decoys is no easy task unless you have a big garage. I’ve found very few people considering just storing decoys outside. Considering the weather and elements will decrease the life of your decoys almost immediately. So having a decoy trailer would be a fantastic enclosed storage for during and after the season. Plus with a little wood working and proper organization, one can create the ultimate trailer to keep all of your waterfowl gear in one location and safely out of the elements or out of the way during off season.


Next to consider is versatility. An enclosed decoy trailer doesn’t just have to be for decoys and duck hunting. Yes hard to believe. They can also dual purpose for moving just about anything: ATV, UTV, lawn mower, or furniture. So having a trailer may actually come in handy year round.


Last but not least is the cost. Most waterfowl hunters consider buying a single axle 6’x10′ or 6’x12′ trailer as it gives them the easiest turn radius when driving in grain fields. It also makes it lighter when moving the trailer around the house. However, this comes at a cost the average new trailer in these specs will run you $1,800-$2,500 depending on the additions you add. A simple look on a used trailer site may turn up a less expensive option closer to $1,000. However be sure to consider looking over the tires, axles, and electrical when looking for a used trailer. This can help save you some issues down the road. So as you can see a trailer is no cheap addition to your waterfowl addiction. Which leads me into considering some cost-effective alternatives for carrying your decoys to the field.

Best Cost Alternative to a Decoy Trailer:

So as I consider buying a trailer to haul my decoys around, I looked into a more cost-effective alternative for the time being. Or at least for this season. I purchased a Cargo Hitch Carrier that gives me the ability to strap 2 more bags of decoys to my truck or layout blinds. I’ve found this Hitch Carrier to be the best quality. It’s a heavy-duty steel frame that has seemed to withstand the

Decoy Trailer

elements of driving through corn fields and hauling decoys. It also can be ordered right from Amazon and delivers in 2 days for a Prime member which is ideal. If you take a look at this article, the writer does a great comparison on cargo hitch carriers. This helped me make the decision to purchase one. Plus this has saved me quite a bit of money versus buying a decoy trailer for this season.

I’m sure as I add more full body decoys the consideration for a trailer will become more apparent, but for now this alternative and worked fantastic. Plus the cargo hitch carrier has become quite versatile as my family has used it when traveling with the family to haul some of our luggage. Plus I’m pretty sure this would be much easier to hoist a dead deer into versus my truck bed.


Hopefully, this helps when it comes to investing in an enclosed decoy trailer. A cargo hitch carrier may even give you a better alternative and one that requires far less maintenance and work. For one thing backing up and driving into fields is still quite easy with just a cargo hitch carrier.

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