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Before starting any training for a gun dog you are looking to waterfowl hunt with. It’s always a great idea to either start talking with a retriever training as a mentor or start grabbing a few dog training books. However, it can be quite difficult to sift through finding the gun dog training books for waterfowl hunting dogs. Simply, because there are quite a few of them. Of course, each dog training book has its advantages. However, it’s best to know what books are designed for what you are looking to do with your new retriever.

For myself, owning a Labrador was going to be a new breed for me. However, I knew I wanted him to be a duck dog. The only issue was I didn’t know much about training or what to read. Therefore, I reached out to a few trainers and friends who I knew would give great recommendations on the best dog training books for my gun dog. The following list is some of the books that were recommended to me, and hopefully, they can help you in training your new waterfowl dog.

Best Dog Training Books

What To Look For in Gun Dog Training Books –

Before you begin looking to deep into dog training books. It’s best to consider what you are looking to achieve with your new dog. First look at our article on Gun Dog Training this will begin to paint a picture of what is capable with a gun dog. Now every dog is different they have limits. However, I’m someone that wants to read into all what goes into training and prepare myself with the materials needed to train a dog.

Which is why it’s important to know exactly what type of dog you want to have. For example, a simple obedient house dog may be all that you are looking to have. Maybe you want a dog that can retrieve ducks, geese, or both. Maybe you want a dog that can compete in field or hunt tests. It’s quite possible you may want all of these to be options for your dog.

Therefore, knowing training capabilities is extremely important before you start looking at finding gun dog training books. Mainly because each book that I’ve read hasn’t really fit all these categories. Rather they have been able to go into detail on one of the categories at a time. This is why we have broken down the books for each category of training.

Gun Dog Training Books For Puppies & Obedience –

10-Minute Obedience by –

Best Dog Training BooksNow this book isn’t specific for gun dog breeds, but rather Amy Dahl does a fantastic job of breaking down training puppies with 10-minute sessions. The book is an easy read and is suited for beginner dog owners. However, it breaks every step in puppy training up into simple chapters. Providing a step by step way to puppy train. The main emphasis that this book will teach you is that dogs respond to small training sessions daily. Which is where the “10-minute” title comes from.

The book is filled with real accounts from Amy’s dog training experience. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly associate your puppies habits with the situations outlined in the book. For example, the first chapter of the book is titled “Navigating Puppyhood.” Amy goes into great detail on how to house train, socialize your dog, common behavior, etc. What you will notice is this book is a great book for the puppy stage leading to obedience stage of your dogs like. Now, of course, this book doesn’t talk much about the socialization for hunting dogs. However, what it lacks in that it makes up for in the detail of how to train a puppy.

AuthorAmy Dahl
Effective TrainingPuppy Training
FormatPaperback / Kindle

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The Art Of Raising a Puppy –

Best dog training booksLocated in Cambridge, New York, founded in 1996 you’ll find an Eastern Orthodox monastery. Probably not the first place you would consider for training a puppy or dog for that matter. However, for that last 30+ years, the monks of New Skete, have been raising and training dogs. They offer a training methodology that is consistent, tired and true. They even over AKC (American Kennel Club) type of obedience course. Therefore, they have been able to achieve many years of how to properly train puppies. Again this book isn’t designed for gun dogs, however, the content can be associated with any breed.

The Art of Raising a Puppy is the perfect book to pick up before you take that new dog home. This will give you insights as to what a puppy is going to be like, and how they are to be trained to create a well-trained puppy. As a result, I would recommend this to any potential puppy owners looking to see what it would be like to own a new puppy. The book is a simple read that effectively provides information on every phase of puppyhood. This book is perfect even for a refresher on the arrival of a new puppy after the unfortunate loss of an old dog.

The book is one of the essential reads for anyone new to puppies or who need a crash course on having a puppy. This book won’t go into too much after puppyhood, however, this will give you all the information you need to raise an obedient puppy, and position you for proper gun dog training.

AuthorMonks of New Skete
Effective TrainingPuppy Training
FormatHardcover / Kindle / Paperback / Audio

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The Best Dog Training Books For Retrievers & Gun Dogs –

Water Dog | Revolutionary Rapid Training Method – Gun Dog Training Books

Best dog training booksWater Dog by Richard Wolters is a must have for any waterfowl hunter looking to train their dog. Richard goes into explaining the scientific foundation on a dogs mental development in this step by step training book. Water Dog covers everything from a puppy to a finished gun dog. However, Richard’s methods for gun dog training are what make this book such a great read for dog owners. He explains the expectations and what you can expect while training your dog.

This book is a classic read, but don’t let the history turn you off from reading it. Rather know that Richard’s steps and methods have been taught and used by trainers across the nation. Richard has founded his training methods off of scientific discoveries and animal behaviors. This book emphasizes the importance of listening and learning from your dog. Rather than forcing the dog to do this that aren’t natural to their normal behavior. Water Dog will give you the necessary means to create a gun dog that is suitable for the duck blind.

AuthorRichard Wolters
Effective TrainingRetriever Training

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Tom Dokken’s | Retriever Training – Gun Dog Training Books

Best Gun Dog Training BooksIf you’ve ever gone into your sporting goods store looking for training bumper you’ll notice the lifelike bird bumpers. By none other than Tom Dokken. Tom has created one of the leading trainer guides for retriever training in the past 20 years. This book is a great read that goes cover to cover on how to raise a proper hunting partner. It’s one of our favorite gun dog training books because it’s a reliable method to achieve a good dog. A dog that will obey your commands, retrieve birds, remains steady and finds downed birds.

Tom’s book is built off of his 30 plus years of experience working with field trial competition and hunt test competition dogs. You’ll also find in this book some upland hunting advise as well for flushing upland game. Some of the other content you’ll find in this book is a detailed layout or flow of when and how to train your lab at every age of their development. He even breaks it down in an elementary, high school, College format. Which makes it really easy to understand the difficulty level of achieving these drills with your dog.

If you are looking for a more current version of Retriever training. Than Tom Dokken’s book is a must-read. Also if you are looking for training dummies Dokken Deadfowl Trainers are the best in the business.

AuthorTom Dokken
Effective TrainingRetriever Training
FormatPaperback / Kindle

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Tom Dokken’s | Advanced Retriever Training – Gun Dog Training Books

Best Gun Dog Training BooksWe had to add in Tom Dokken’s Advanced Retriever Training book for any of the hunters that what to go the extra mile in their retriever training. Many people become relaxed in believing they have a well educated and top notch gun dog. However, dogs require never-ending training. Which is why Tom’s advanced book explains the necessary drills and situations to keep a polished dog year round. The book is easy to follow and it piggy back’s off of his first Retriever Training book. As a result, it’s best to read the first one before this advanced book. Nonetheless, sometimes it’s helpful in the event you do have a well-trained dog to compare and pull drills from this book to work on.

The book allows you to work at your own pace and level. However, it’s designed to get your dog to learn how to honor other dogs, sight multiple marks, and blind retrieves. Think of this book as a Masters Education for your hunting partner. Tom’s book also drills into the numerous equipment used to train and breaks down even the elementary drills in an advanced way. With the intent of training your dog to never forget the basics when it comes to obedience and fetching.

I would recommend reading this book in the event you’re considering field or hunt tests. It gives a clear idea of the skills required to pass the tests. It also explains the advanced capabilities of a well-trained retriever.

AuthorTom Dokken
Effective TrainingAdvanced Retriever Training
FormatPaperback / Kindle

Gun Dog Training Books For Trouble Shooting Retrievers & Gun Dogs –

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Retriever Troubleshooting: Strategies & Solutions – Gun Dog Training Books

Gun Dog Training BooksIf you’ve ever had that gun dog get to their teenage or even adult years and begin to have training issues? It’s quite common to spend less time training over the summer and still expect a well-trained retriever come hunting season. However, dogs can pick up bad habits and if not corrected can become a problem come hunt tests or waterfowl season.

Amy and John Dahl have trained hunting dogs for competitions for nearly 50 years and having seen numerous changes in training methods, habits, and fads. They know how to overcome some of the common mistakes of hunting dogs. I will have to mention that this is geared a little more towards hunt and field test mistakes. However, the mistakes and drills are still relatable for any waterfowl hunter that is looking to correct some hunting blunders.

The book guides the reader along on how to achieve proper handling, marking, e-collar work, and much more. The main goal of the book is to polish a dog that has picked up some bad habits. Simply returning them so that they pick up and retrieve a bird in a clean and proper way. This book is a little more advanced, but it does help in correcting some difficult unwanted habits retrievers pick up.

AuthorAmy & John Dahl
Effective TrainingTrouble Shooting Retriever Training
FormatPaperback / Kindle

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