Guided Snow Goose Hunts

For some waterfowl hunters, the Snow Goose is native to their flyway or state. However, for others, they are elusive and non-existent or quite rare. The snow goose or also referred to as light geese (white and blue phase) is one species of waterfowl that has the longest migration path. Most snow geese breed and nest in the Arctic tundra of Alaska, Greenland, and Canada. They tend to winter in southern North America flying as far south as Texas. However, as the population grew in numbers the realization was found that they were causing significant damage to the Arctic tundra. Hence, the damage was causing significant harm to other waterfowl species as well. Therefore, in the late 1990’s a federal mandate and conservation order was made to help combat and control the population and prevent further damage. Hence, this brought waves of interest for guided snow goose hunts.

Over the years the interest for waterfowl hunters has increased as guided snow goose hunts have been able to provide hunters with once in a lifetime experiences. With the increased low restrictions and ability to use electronic callers, no plugs, longer shooting hours, and no limits. It’s no surprise the Conservation order snow goose hunts have become an interest for waterfowl hunters. There are many reasons hunters pay for guided snow goose hunts so let’s dive in.

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Top Reasons For Guided Snow Goose Hunts –

Whenever you decided to pursue a guided waterfowl hunt there can be many reasons to go. For some hunters, they don’t want to go on a guided hunt since they live in such a productive area. However, for others, great waterfowl hunting is harder to come by and it makes more sense to pay for a fantastic hunt. The other side of the coin is that any type of waterfowl hunting is labor intensive and Snow goose hunting is like no other. Therefore, every year, especially during early goose season people, travel to enjoy once in a lifetime guided snow goose hunts.

Cost –

First and foremost snow goose hunting is expensive! When it comes to duck hunting and in many ways goose hunting you can get away with very little spreads and great hunting tactics. However, over the years Snow Geese have become elusive and quite smart. Flying in large migratory numbers they don’t tend to be fooled by a few decoys. Rather decoys spreads have for snow geese can get over the 1000 mark.

Therefore, the cost is one of the largest factors to consider when choosing guided snow goose hunts. For example, I myself don’t live in an area where snow geese migrate through in large numbers. It wouldn’t be a smart investment to spend thousands of dollars on decoys I’ll maybe use for one hunt. Instead, I can choose to go on guided snow goose hunts and instead not invest my time or money in decoys.

Set Up –

When you begin to think about setting out a set of 30 to 100 full body decoys, that’s very manageable for one to two hunters to set up. However, when it comes to snow goose hunting and throwing out a 1000 or even 3000 decoys and silhouettes. It takes hours and multiple people to set that up. Therefore, this is another reason why hunters choose guided snow goose hunts. Between setting up e callers, silo socks, blinds, and full body decoys. Snow goose hunting is labor intensive and when done through an outfitter it can save you ample amounts of time and heavy lifting.

Scouting –

Since snow geese tend to migrate all the way from Canada across North America. The thousands of miles they travel are vast and hard to scout. If you don’t live in a state that snow geese migrate you have an even harder time when it comes to scouting. Imagine trying to find a flock of snow geese that can move hundreds of miles each day. Instead with guided snow goose hunts, they have guides and crews who scout sun up to sun down following snow geese through the migration. Therefore, an outfitter can save you the time and patterning required to produce a productive hunt.

Experience –

Last and certainly not least is the experience, guided snow goose hunts provide lodging, hunting, and even food sometimes. Therefore, when hunting with an outfitter they can take a lot of the work and stress from producing a successful hunt. As a result, hunting with a guide provides a lot of value and at times when you have multiple family and friends, it can be more accommodating. Instead of having to coordinate the gear, the location, and the birds for a large group of hunters. Guides do the hard work for you and put you on the best fields to possibly shoot snow geese.

Best Guided Snow Goose Hunts & Outfitters –

Premier Flight – Guided Snow Goose Hunts

Hunting Locations – Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota
Price – $140-575

For Premier Flight Guided Snow Goose Hunts they begin in Arkansas, they are usually the most consistent hunts as the pressure is low. Fewer hunters tend to pursue snow geese in Arkansas. Therefore, this is a top destination if you are seeking an early snow goose hunt. Typically Premier Flight hunts from Newport, Arkansas between the White River and Cache River. Don’t hesitate to check out Arkansas’ top duck hunting guides.

The second stop to Premier Flights guided snow goose hunts is Missouri. Located in Northwest Missouri in corn fields along the Squak Creek NWR guided hunts tend to take place. This is a large staging area on the migration north for snow geese as they head north for breeding grounds. It’s not unheard of to see as many as one million snow geese.

The next stop is South Dakota snow goose hunting. When in full swing and migration hits it’s peak there is no better place than South Dakota. Tens of millions of waterfowl migrate back through this area between the Missouri and Mississippi river. Within those groups are millions of snow geese. Hunting pressure can be a little less in South Dakota as the water tends to spread out the birds and hunters.

The Experience –

Snow geese tend to feed in large flocks and are constantly on the move. As a result, the Premier flight team works around the clock to stay on top of the birds and put their hunters on the “x” every day there is a hunt. The Premier Flight guide service offers as little as half day hunts to 3-day hunts and more. They actually recommend spending at least 2-3 days hunting to ensure you have a once in a lifetime hunt. Premier Flight guides is a true “grinder” group they try and work as hard as possible to put you on successful hunts. Read more to book your next trip.

Top Gun Guide Service – Guided Snow Goose Hunts

Hunting Locations – Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan
Price – $250-1600

guided snow goose hunts

Located out of Orono, MN, Top Gun Guide service is a premier hunting guide service for ducks, Canada geese, and snow geese. For over 15 years the guide service has put clients on top hunting spots throughout the Mississippi Flyway. They pride themselves on ensuring that they put together successful hunts for clients and an enjoyable experience. With an extensive supply of decoys, guides, land, and knowledge. Top Gun provides some of the best guided snow goose hunts every year.

For over 8 months the guide crews scout and hunt the Mississippi Flyway. As a result, you can have the confidence in knowing they understand the lay of the land. The guides scout every day and ensure they have the proper permission for the fields snow geese are using. With the help of guides, they can move or relocate a hunt in just a few hours making sure they put you on the best possible chance for a great hunt.

Hunting Areas –

Top Gun Guide service moves along with the snow goose migration hunting in over 5 states and two countries. They have plenty of rates and pricing options to fit everyone’s budget. They even offer lodging and bird cleaning services. Top Gun offers one of the best full service guided snow goose hunts available.

Habitat Flats – Guided Snow Goose Hunts

Hunting Locations – Arkansas, Missouri, Saskatchewan
Price – $2100

guided snow goose hunts

When it comes to looking for a 3 day guided snow goose hunt there is no better place better than Habitat Flats. All Habitat Flats packages offer fully guided hunts, lodging, fully home cooked meals, bar, and snacks. If you’ve ever experienced an all-inclusive resort vacation, well this is the all-inclusive hunting vacation like no other.

The Habitat Flats team works around the clock from Arkansas, through Missouri, to Saskatchewan to put clients on fields of snow geese. Habitat Flats has thousands of private and leased land that is prime perfect for guided snow goose hunts. Clients have the opportunity to hunt out of the best field concealment blinds and experience once in a lifetime hunt. Since early snow goose hunting is no limits and no plugs the work involved can be quite extreme. However, with the crew from Habitat Flats, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to snow goose hunting.

Northern Skies Outfitters – Guided Snow Goose Hunts

Hunting Locations – Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska
Price – $195-235

guided snow goose hunts

If you’re looking for guided snow goose hunts that are all day and filled with large bag limits. Then Northern Skies Outfitters is going to be the ticket. When you book with Northern Skies, you’ll be hunting over large decoy spreads sometimes in the 1,500-2,500 range. As a result, you’ll be giving the best possible opportunity to have a fantastic hunting experience.

Northern Skies uses only the best gear and decoys to ensure that wary birds have no reason other than to commit. When hunting with Northern Skies they allow you to sit in the field all day if you choose to do so. Usually, the guides take a long lunch break to rest up for the evening hunt and scout. However, you have the option to hunt all day with Northern Skies. If you’re looking for inexpensive guided snow goose hunts that are offered throughout the Mississippi Flyway than you have to read more and book with Northern Skies.

Maxxed Out Guides – Guided Snow Goose Hunts

Hunting Locations – South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas
Price – $275-800

guided snow goose hunts

Maxed Out Guides is an all season guide service, from ducks to geese Maxxed Out Guides can service you. Starting in February to the end of April Maxxed Out offers guided snow goose hunts. Since the hunts are offered during the conservation order season there is no limits, no plugs, electronic callers. Therefore, everyone needs to experience a guided snow goose hunt each spring.

Maxxed Out Guides offers multiple packages for any budget, from daily rates to full lodging and hunting. Hunts can range from a single day to a five-day hunt. All hunts will take place in dry fields and the conditions can be very unpredictable. Therefore, it can be hot and sunny one day and the next cold and freezing conditions. Maxxed Out Guides hunts thousands of acres and scouts to ensure that your party of family or friends has a fantastic hunt. Read more to book your next hunt.

What to Expect For Guided Snow Goose Hunts –

Snow geese tend to fly in very large flocks, sometimes up to the millions during their migration back to the breeding grounds of Canada. Therefore, they can be very smart and wary birds with that many eyes scanning for hunters down below. Therefore, over the years gear, decoys, callers, blinds, and anything snow goose related has become more sophisticated to lure birds in close enough for a shot. As a result, you can expect with many guided snow goose hunts to be using the best gear available, and lots of it. Some hunts can take hours to set up and take down. Therefore, many guide services may ask for your assistance when you hunt with them. This way they can set up large spreads and sometimes more than once a day.

Conditions play a large role in success like any waterfowl hunt. It’s no surprise that mother nature has the trump card at the end of the day. Which is why planning a 2-3 day hunt will ensure you get the best conditions possible for a once in a lifetime hunt. However, snow goose hunting is a little different than the conditions required for duck hunting. Blue skies and south wind is what will provide the best possible conditions for a snow goose hunt.

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