Goose Jerky Recipe

Goose Jerky Recipe –

Goose Jerky recipeAs early goose season has come and gone with its liberal limits and the regular goose season persists. Freezer space is starting to run out with the number of goose breast stacking up. The real question my wife is asking me is “what are you going to do with all of these?” Simple “Goose Jerky Recipe.” Making goose can have its challenges it’s a tougher meat to work with. Unlike making teal which has an excellent flavor and texture, that can be made into my favorite jalapeno poppers. As a result, making Goose Jerky is the best option. It’s fairly easy to make and it tastes great.

There are a million ways to prepare for and season goose jerky. I’ve tried many of them and had some success but more often than not I forget what I did and the next batch doesn’t turn out well. To keep things simple I use the following recipe, and it always has a good flavor and texture.

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Goose Jerky Recipe Ingredients:

I would love to say I have a crazy seasoning mix that I use, but like I said I keep it simple. I use Cabela’s Open Season Spice Blend for Goose Jerky. It makes 15 lbs of Jerky and cost less than ten dollars. I’ve tried a lot of flavors, but this season and cure works great.

Cabelas Smokehouse Jerky Seasoning – 15 lbs.

best goose jerky recipe

Another great blend of seasonings is Hi Mountain Jerky. They have a few more flavors that are best suited for making goose jerky. Since 1991, Hi Mountain has been making seasonings and meat processing kits for jerky, sausage, and many others. Therefore, if you’re a hunter or game processor their products are top notch.

Hi Mountain Jerky & Cure Seasoning – 15 lbs.

best goose jerky recipe

Hi Mountain Jerky & Cure Seasoning – 15 lbs.

best goose jerky recipe

Goose Jerky Recipe Directions:

  1. Cut 5 lbs of Goose Breasts into 1/8″ – 1/4″ Thickness slices
  2. Mix Cure and Seasoning Packet with 1/2 cup of Water
  3. Pour Cure/Seasoning into a 1-gallon Ziploc bag with the Sliced Meat.
  4. Let the Meat Brine for 24-48 hours in a fridge. (Move the bag around a couple times to ensure the brine cures the meat evenly.)
  5. Placed the cured stripes of goose meat onto a cooking sheet and bake in the oven for 20 minutes @ 275.
  6. Remove Jerky after 20 mins and dab meat with a paper towel to remove excess water. (They will look like cooked meat)
  7. Place in dehydrator for 2 hours @ 145.
  8. Remove and let cool before storing.


  • Set a timer when the Jerky is in the dehydrator if yours doesn’t have one. It’s easy to forget and over dry the jerky. Hence making it tough and brittle.
  • If you prefer to have thicker Jerky slice by 1/4″ or greater slices.
  • Cooking the meat in the oven first helps speed up the process and remove excess water before putting it into the dehydrator.
  • Can use food saver bags to store and give to friends and family. Jerky should stay good for 1-2 months.

Hunter’s Tip:

  • If you’re giving away your goose jerky to friends and family, be sure to vacuum seal them so they preserve longer. You can read about The Upland Hunter’s favorite vacuum sealers here.

What Part of The Goose To Use For Goose Jerky Recipe –

goose jerky recipeWhen it comes to using this goose jerky recipe there are a few things you need first. First, you’ve got to shoot some geese, sometimes this is easier said than done. However, if you take a look at Goose Hunting Tips and Tactics you may find a way or two to fool big honkers into your spread. Once you’ve got some birds on the ground, you’re going to want to cut out the breast meat as soon as possible. Don’t leave the bird to sit all day or in direct sunlight. Being game meat they can spoil very quickly.

Instead, as soon as you get back from your hunt begin by cutting out the breast meat. If you’re unsure on how to do this follow the simple steps below.

How To Clean A Goose –

  1. Begin by placing the goose on a table with its back (or wing side) tableside down. This way you will have the belly of the goose facing you.
  2. Next, pinch the skin of the goose or pull up on the belly feathers. You don’t have to pluck the goose, just create enough room so you can cut into the skin to separate the skin from the breast meat.
  3. With a small fillet knife, if you’re not sure what type of knife to use click here to read more. Take the knife and make a small incision or slice so you can get your fingers behind the skin to begin pulling the skin from the breast.
  4. Next, pull all of the skin away from the breast meat.
  5. By now you should have the goose with both breast meat exposed.
  6. Now you can fillet the breasts from the goose. If you’ve ever filleted a fish the technique is very similar. Start at the breastbone and work your way down to the lowest part of the breast meat.

How To Prepare For Making Your Goose Jerky Recipe –

Now that you have your breast meat cut from the goose to use for your goose jerky recipe you can clean the breast thoroughly with cold clean water. You want to remove any fat, BB shot, or poor quality meat, as well as feathers. If you are intending to make the goose meat into jerky right away. A simple tip is to place the meat in a freezer for 45 – 60 mins to let it firm up. When the meat is slightly frozen it’s easier to make consistent thin cuts for the goose jerky recipe.

If you are planning on doing a larger batch of goose jerky I recommend vacuum sealing the meat into bags so you can place them in the freezer. I typically do the later, this way I can make a larger batch of jerky once I have 5-10 pounds. Additionally, sometimes it may take me a week or two to get around to making a batch of jerky. Freezing the meat ensures that it won’t spoil and go bad.

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