Goose Hunting

Goose Hunting:

The morning air is crisp. You’ve just spent the last hour brushing blinds, laying decoys out, and the sky is starting to go from pitch black to dawn. You get in your layout blind grab a swig of coffee and start talking to your hunting buddies. Before you know it a flock of birds is honking in the distance lined up perfectly to come into your spread. Close the layout blinds and wait motionless for the geese to start landing in the decoys.

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Goose Hunting

Goose Hunting is such a thrill, it may take a lot of work. However when you have a successful hunt and you’re able to share it with your friends or family. There is no other hunting like it.

Why I like Goose Hunting:

For some hunters spending time out in the woods planting food plots and create the ideal buck habitat. Gives them the challenge they are looking for, with the ultimate reward of harvesting a monster buck. For others, it’s training a dog as a pup to sift out prairie grass to find fall roosters. For me it’s the hard work of scouting, setting decoys and brushing blinds for goose hunting, that gives me that ultimate success high when I harvest a limit.

My dad always taught me to work hard and when you’re done with that work harder, and then success will follow. No matter what type of hunter you are it takes hard work and a lot of it to harvest a trophy deer or take a limit of geese.

Call me crazy but I love the work associated with goose hunting. If it came easy it wouldn’t be as rewarding for me. When the August hits, I’m in the truck with my binoculars combing fields scouting for geese. Every spare minute I get I’m out there asking for permission to hunt fields. Scouting has to be one of the most difficult parts of goose hunting but it’s necessary to be successful. However, once you have a field to goose hunt, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out Field Hunting Geese to get more info on what it takes to goose hunt.

Goose Hunting… A Time to Share with Friends:

Hunting for geese offers a really unique opportunity to hunt with your friends and family. I’ve had many hunts where we didn’t always shoot geese, but we did have a great time to share stories. Sometimes things go wrong and you messed up and the geese won’t decoy. So what do you do? You start to talk with your hunting buddies. Some of my favorite hunts actually don’t have any birds shot, but rather funny stories shared amongst friends.

Bonus Birds:

You may be set up for a successful goose hunt. However, another great thing about goose hunting is that you may just decoy some mallards. I’ve even had a pair of wood ducks come into our early goose season spread. It was fun to watch these two ducks run around the decoys, lucky for them they were out of season. However, when goose hunting more often than not, you will have ducks come in and it adds a great bonus to your goose limit.

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