Early Goose Hunting

Successful Early Goose Hunting:

Early Goose season can be anywhere from two weeks to four depending on where you may be. However, no matter where you are, every waterfowl hunter needs to experience early goose season. There are some great benefits to taking advantage of the early season.┬áSo let’s dive in and see how early goose hunting will be your next dream season.

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Early Goose Hunting


If you waterfowl hunt in any of the northern states. You know it doesn’t take long for the weather to be freezing as early as October. However early goose season offers mild weather and at times warm weather. So if you are looking at taking a new waterfowl hunter or young kids in the blind. Early Goose Hunting is the perfect time. Eliminating the cold weather variable can be a nice factor when hunting with young kids.


Waterfowl hunting can be quite expensive. Decoys alone can put you back a few hundred dollars. So having a waterfowl season that requires fewer decoys is always nice to find. That’s exactly what early goose hunting can provide. I’ve shot limits over 12 geese decoys. You don’t need much early season as the birds haven’t started to group together for migration. This also makes it easy to start acquiring more goose decoys as you can plan on buying 12-18 decoys every early season. Not that you need many decoys for early season, but come late season as the birds are migrating larger spreads will help you harvest more birds.


Scouting for early geese can be a little harder as there usually aren’t as many birds around. For the most part, they are local birds. However, these birds haven’t experienced any pressure for months. So if you find geese, they tend to commit to your spread without much hesitation. If you are looking for some scouting tips check out my post on scouting geese.

Added Early Goose Hunting Benefits:

  • Larger Harvest Limits
    • Some states have as many as 5 geese per day limit. Which can make for some hefty carrying when you line up a solid hunt.
  • Fewer Hunters:
    • Not too many waterfowl hunters have the gear to hunt both ducks and geese. So investing in some early goose hunting gear as a duck hunter may give you the chance to get into hunting geese.
  • Longer Season:
    • Most hunters feel the end of season blues and wish the season was longer. However, they don’t take part in the early seasons offered for waterfowl hunting such as early goose and early teal. Both seasons provide early training for your dog and help you get ready for open waterfowl season.

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Don’t underestimate geese early in the season make sure you remember to stay concealed and keep it simple with calling and decoys. Also remember to use early season to get primed on shooting, calling and laying out a decoy spread. So that you are ready for waterfowl season.

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