Duck Hunting Wisconsin

Duck Hunting Wisconsin:

Starting out duck hunting in Wisconsin, of course, I’m biased that Wisconsin is a great state to waterfowl hunt. However with almost 70,000 waterfowl licenses sold annually. I’m not the only one who takes advantage of Wisconsin’s various hunting opportunities. Duck hunting Wisconsin has some amazing opportunities, from the public hunting land, numerous species that migrate through and the Lakes and Rivers.

Public Duck Hunting Land:

Unlike other states, that use a draw or reservation system to hunt public waters and marshes. Wisconsin has many state wildlife refuges open to public duck hunting. On top of the thousands of State-owned wetlands. Wisconsin has 9 Federal wildlife refuges as well, with many offering hunting as well. Check them out here to view which ones offer public hunting. Now with no draw system, there can be some overfilled parking lots on opening morning. However, after a few days, it settles down and the hunters tend to spread out.

Species of Ducks:

Mallards are the most common duck in the Mississippi flyway. However, Wisconsin offers some amazing opportunities if you trying to bag a bucket list duck. The Mississippi River offers the best chances to harvesting a bull Canvasback. If you looking for a fantastic diver duck experience shooting bluebills, buffleheads, or Goldeneyes. Head over to Green Bay you won’t be disappointed. You may even just get the opportunity to spot some wood ducks on the Wisconsin River.

If you are looking for a State to shoot a mixed bag of ducks. Wisconsin does provide hunters with an incredible opportunity. Not only does it offer multiple species of ducks, but you can shoot them from various types of habitat.

Duck Hunting Wisconsin

Duck Hunting Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers:

Wisconsin is filled with duck hunting locations. The real question though is where to begin hunting. Wisconsin offers numerous wildlife marshes that are huntable, however, they can be tough to access by foot. Therefore a lot of duck hunters venture out into Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes. A large number of them being in Northern Wisconsin. Some of the larger more known are Lake Winnebago which offers a lot of mixed bags. The drawback being it’s a big body of water with some added competition. Therefore venturing to the Northern Lakes can provide a more enjoyable hunt.

If you don’t have a boat but are still looking to hunt over water. Wisconsin has a pretty intense network of rivers that swing through the state. The Wisconsin River sees thousands of birds every year. With a lot of areas accessible by foot.

Duck Hunting Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a lot of duck hunting opportunities. It may not have the iconic theme such as the Timber duck hunts down in the Delta or the untouched landscape of North Dakota. But it does provide a great Midwest destination for duck hunters who can hunt divers in the morning and mallards and teal in the afternoon.

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