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When it comes to the Central Flyway, Duck Hunting Texas has to be one of the best places to experience. The vast state is home to millions of birds from the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, Texas is home to numerous wintering species. The hardest part about Texas is the lack of public land, which is why finding an Outfitter or Guide when duck hunting Texas has become so popular.

While many other states offer plenty of public hunting, Texas is one of the best for a Guided hunting trip. Duck season is open extremely late and when other states have simply run out of birds, Texas will be full of wintering ducks. If you’re in the mood to shoot full color, Mallards, Pintails, Teal, and Redheads, then you need to plan your trip to Texas with one of the great outfitters listed.

Blackland Outfitters | Duck Hunting Texas Guides –

Location – McKinney, TX
Hunts – Duck, Dove, Snow Goose, Hog Hunts
Rates – $250.00 per person / per day

duck hunting texasWhen it comes to finding a premier duck hunting outfitter that does it all, Blackland Outfitters is a leading choice. If you’re interested in duck hunting Texas, there’s no better place to start then the areas Blackland offers. Across North & South Texas, Blackland Outfitters hunts, cattle ponds, lakes, flooded fields, sloughs, flooded rivers, and stock tanks. Whether you’re hunting from a permanent blind or a layout, Blackland Outfitters supplies everything for the hunt including decoys, and even dogs. The guides scout every day ensuring the best possible shooting opportunities possible for their clients. Plus once you’ve limited out on ducks, the guide service will even clean your birds for you. They truly are a full-service duck hunting outfitter.

Blackland Outfitters calls their home location just 10 miles southeast of the Red River in Fannin County. Their focus has always been waterfowl, however, they do offer Dove and Hog hunts as well if you’re interested. Blackland Outfitters hunts numerous properties allowing them to hunt low-pressure areas and optimize on their waterfowl success. For Owner Joshua Stafford, he has a passion for putting his clients on birds and ultimately wants the hunters to enjoy the hunt and make lasting memories. If you’re looking to Duck Hunt Texas give Blackland Outfitters a call today.

First Shot Outfitters | Duck Hunting Texas Guides –

Location – Coleman, TX
Hunts – Duck, Dove, Snow Goose, Hog Hunts, Deer, Turkey
Rates – $850.00 per person / per 2 day 2 Night Stay

duck hunting texasIf you’re looking to enjoy duck hunting Texas amongst one of the numerous ranches, then First Shot Outfitters is a great choice. Owned and operated by Mike and Monica Wyatt, they personally take care of you when you plan a hunt and stay with them. This isn’t just a weekend hobby for the two, but rather a Passion for hunting and hospitality that welcomes you on your hunt. Since 1999, the duo has been producing first-class duck hunting experiences for their guests.

First Shot Outfitters has access to a large 600,000-acre ranch that has over 70 freshwater lakes that produce an abundant resource of ducks every season. With this much land, it holds a tremendous amount of birds because of the food and water source it can provide. The only thing they can’t control is the weather, but with this much land to hunt, you’ll be sure to connect on the birds.

When you book your hunt you’ll be welcomed with more than just hunting. Meals are included, and this isn’t just a dinner meal, these are home cooked made from scratch meals that provide a warm ranch feel. In addition to the food is professional guides who are equipped with ATV’s that are equipped to carry their dogs, and 3 hunters. Cleaning bird services are even included and you’ll find yourself going home with a new First Shot Outfitter cooler bag as well. Lastly, and most importantly lodging is included in the price at one of their four lodges. The only thing you need to bring is some drinks and shells and you’ll be having a great duck hunting experience.

Seadrift Duck Hunting | Duck Hunting Texas Guides –

Location – Seadrift, TX
Hunts – Duck & Goose
Rates – $340.00 per person / per day with lodging

duck hunting texasIn the event you want to go duck hunting Texas for Red Heads, then you’ve come to the right place. Seadrift Duck Hunting was established in 1993 to create the best trips of a lifetime. Their location is key to their success, located along the winter grounds of 90% of the world’s population of Redheads. As a result, you’re in the right place to shoot some full-color Redheads, but that’s not only it. You’ll also find yourself shooting Bull Pintails, Wigeon, Shovelers, Mottled Ducks, Buffleheads, and Scaup to name a few. Overall, there are some 14 different species in full plumage found on the Texas Gulf Coast and Seadrift Duck Hunting Outfitters has the experience to find them.

When you book your hunt with Seadrift Hunting, you’ll have the option to stay at their roomy Castaway Lodge that sits on 700′ of bayou frontage. With over 15,000 square feet, you’ll be able to enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing after a long hunt. You’ll find that the lodge is a 5-star accommodation with outdoor kitchens, Roadhouse Cuisine, and evening activities to enjoy while on your stay. When thinking about duck hunting Texas, especially the Gulf Coast, Seadrift Duck Hunting & Castaway Lodge has to be your number one choice.

Dry Creek Outfitters | Duck Hunting Texas Guides –

duck hunting texas

Location – Wichita Falls, TX
Hunts – Ducks, Geese, Dove, Hogs
– $175.00 per person / per day

What started as a passion soon lead to a leading Texas outfitter for Rustin Morgan. Beginning operations in 2012, Dry Creek Outfitters has become one of the premier reasons for duck hunting Texas. Although Dry Creek Outfitters has become more than just a waterfowl hunting outfitter, known for its amazing Hog hunts and abundant Dove hunts. Dry Creek Outfitters would’ve never started if it wasn’t for Rustin’s passion for mallard action!

Dry Creek Outfitters either owns or leases thousands of acres of prime waterfowl hunting habitat. Therefore, you’ll be sure to have a low-pressure hunt when you book with them. Dry Creek Outfitters is located in North Texas in Wichita Falls. A robust town just south of Oklahoma City, OK. Even though there is plenty of places to stay on your hunt, Dry Creek offers lodging for only $75/day. It’s hard to find anywhere for that cheap that allows you to hunt as soon as your feet hit the ground each morning. Dry Creek Outfitters is a leading destination for duck hunting, and you’ll be welcomed with some memorable duck hunts if you make your reservations today.

Crooked Wing Outfitters | Duck Hunting Texas Guides –

duck hunting texas

Location – Lubbock, TX
Hunts – Ducks, Geese, Dove, Hogs, Crane, Deer
– $200.00 per person / per day

In the event, you’re bound for duck hunting Texas, but you don’t know if you want to shoot puddle ducks or divers. Then you need to take a look at Crooked Wing Outfitters. They have opportunities to shoot mallards, wigeon, teal, and on deeper water sources, redheads, canvasbacks, and scaup. Crooked Wing leases over 40 different water sources to help rest spots between hunts. At Crooked Wing Outfitters, they are constantly scouting to provide the best possible hunting experiences for their guests. With water in 7 different counties, they’ll be sure to find ducks even if the weather doesn’t permit.

What started as a means to make money in college has since launched into a full-service outfitter with numerous hunting opportunities. Crooked Wing also offers lodging that consists of 4 bedrooms that is located just south of Post Texas. Here you’ll find privacy and enough space to sleep your entire hunting party. Located next to incredible fishing, and hunting this is a great lodge to stay at on your visit to Texas.

What Do I Need For Duck Hunting Texas?

If you’re considering duck hunting Texas there are a few things to consider when it comes to your hunting license. Therefore, we have some helpful tips and need to know before you grab your license and begin hunting.

Texas Rules & Regulations 

Duck Zones –

duck hunting texas

Texas is divided into three zones High Plains Mallard Mangement, North Duck Zone, and South Duck Zone. The three zones have different hunting season dates which vary by about a week each. High Plains Mallard Management Zone typically starts the earliest followed by the other two zones. To check the exact dates click here.






2018 Duck Limits –

Texas duck limit is 6 ducks which can include no more than the following:

  • 5 mallards (only two may be hens)
  • 3 wood ducks
  • 2 redheads
  • 3 scaup
  • 2 pintail
  • 2 canvasback
  • 1 “dusky” duck (including mottled duck, mexican like duck,
    black duck and their hybrids)

Buying License –

Purchase License Here

Be sure to purchase your license before duck hunting Texas as there are ways to save on licenses as a non-resident depending on the duration of your hunting trip.

Top Reason For Duck Hunting Texas –

When it comes to the Central Flyway it’s s composed of the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. There are three committees that make up the flyway; the first is the one that deals with waterfowl, the second is migratory shore and upland game birds, and the last is migratory nongame birds. Together they create actions required for superior migratory bird management with the help of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

As the Central Flyway is comprised of ten states and boarding Canadian provinces, Texas is the last stop for wintering ducks. Which is why it has become such a sought-after destination. Each year over 10 million wintering Mallards make their way to Texas. If that isn’t enough birds for you to become interested in duck hunting Texas, just think of the millions more Ducks & Geese that winter in Texas each fall.

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