Diver Duck Decoys

diver duck decoys

Diver duck hunting requires many different tactics and even gear when it comes to hunting them. Therefore, looking for the best diver duck decoys is going to be the first place to start when it comes to gear. Usually, with puddle ducks, you can get away with a good set of mallard decoys and you can still shoot wood ducks, pintails, widgeon, and gadwalls. This is possible because Mallards are the most common puddle duck in North America. However, with divers, the species can vary from Red Heads, Canvasbacks, Blue Bills, Buffleheads and the list goes on. Therefore, targeting particular species is required, however, where do you start when looking for diver duck decoys?

We’ve put together the top diver duck decoys you should consider owning this season to better increase your diver decoy chances.

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Tanglefree History & Background –

diver duck decoysTanglefree has been around since 1972, well the name has been around since then. Jack and Dan Kiernan created the Tanglefree Decoy lines that were knot-less and would forever change the waterfowl industry. However, that was the only product they offered. Fast forward to the late 2000’s and Cory Fosket, Staci Castagnetto and their parents wanted to start a family business together. At the time they all were working separate career paths. The parents owned a construction company, however, they wanted to start a company as one family.

At the time a plastics company that made furniture, garden tools, and small plastic decoys were using the same CPA as Cory’s parent’s construction company. They set up a meeting and as soon as the found out that they wanted to start a family business, wheels started turning. The plastic company sold the decoy division to the family. Two months after that Jack and Dan Kiernan had wanted to sell their Tanglefree Company and the brand was started by Cory, Staci and the rest of the family.

The interesting part about the business was that Cory didn’t have years of hunting experience like so many other guys have started with. Instead, Cory worked with a sense of family ownership and pride. He wanted to create a brand the family business could be proud of.

Tanglefree Brand –

At the inception of Tanglefree as a decoy and waterfowl brand, the race was one to create the least cost option for a dozen decoys. Therefore, quality fell off to the wayside. Cory and his team fell to this as was all decoy companies until consumers wanted something that would last more than a season. Thankfully, Tanglefree listened and had to end relationships with old suppliers in order to steer the company and brand on track to producing higher quality products. Thanks to digital marketing as well Tanglefree has made a great name for itself in the waterfowl industry. Even being showcased on RNT-TV as a sponsor.

Sales Channels –

As of today Tanglefree Decoys and products can be found at Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, and many small independent retailers as well. They have close relationships with their wholesalers and strive to ensure that their products can be found at a sporting goods store near you. However, they also sell directly to consumers online. They offer numerous deals and sales so be sure to sign up for their email list here.

Quality Products –

Tanglefree strives to create the very best products and decoys when it comes to quality. They want to ensure that their products can withstand the abuse and rugged places waterfowl hunters endure. However, things break and stuff fails, and this is where Tanglefree stands out. They offer some of the best customer services in the industry when it comes to taking care of the customer. They not only address the situation, but they take the feedback so that way they can improve the product moving forward. It’s hard to find companies that listen to their customers, but Tanglefree is one of them.

Look Into The Future –

When it comes the waterfowl industry the demand and customer preferences change quickly. Standing still is the last thing a waterfowl company can do. Therefore, when it comes to Tanglefree they are consistantly looking into the next 3-5 years and trying to improve their products and create new ones to solve waterfowl hunters needs. Tanglefree is a passionate company that truly is a leading waterfowl brand.

Bluebill Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Flight Series Bluebills

Pack Size – 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)
Size – 11.7″ – 12.3″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yes
CarverMichael Braundiver duck decoys

When it comes to hunting Bluebill also known as Scaup it ranges from small waters to large bodies of water. Bluebills are a mid-sized diving duck that weighs about 2 pounds, they tend to breed in the Arctic Circle and migrate through areas like the Great Lakes. Therefore, due to these birds being in some of the toughest conditions when the weather changes. You need to have decoys that are extremely tough and durable.

Tanglefree’s Flight Series Bluebill diver duck decoys are one of the best choices for hunting Scaup ducks. The decoys are designed and carved by Michael Braun. The attention to detail and profile of the duck makes them highly visible, which is extremely important when it comes to rolling waves while diver duck hunting. Plus the ultra-realistic paint schemes and detail to the feathers give them a fantastic look in the water.

Each duck has a weighted keel that allows for it to not only sit upright in rough waters but create plenty of natural movement. The final piece that Tanglefree has incorporated in their decoys is that they are foam filled. Therefore, when your hunting buddy shoots a passing duck and hits a decoy they won’t sink. It’s just one of the great qualities Tanglefree Bluebill decoys.

Canvasback Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Flight Series Canvasbacks

Pack Size – 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)
Size – 12.3″ – 14.7″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yes
CarverMichael Braundiver duck decoys

The Canvasback duck is a popular sought after diver duck many waterfowl hunters desire to have each season. They are referred to by many as the bull-can, they have a unique profile to their head, almost a wedge-shape. Canvasback numbers are doing well today in terms of conservation status. However, at times they were of concern in many areas of the country. This adds to the lure of why so many seek to shot one of the largest diver ducks in North America.

Canvasbacks migrate through the Mississippi, Pacific, and Atlantic Flyways each season. Since they tend to use large bodies of water, they can be quite difficult to take down. Which is why the requirement for rugged and tough decoys is necessary. Thanks to Tanglefree’s Canvasback foam filled diver duck decoys. You’ll have the right gear to take down that bull-can this fall.

When it comes to diver decoys and carvings leave it up to Michael Braun. For this Canvasback he created multiple bird positions for Tanglefree. Hence, when you open a box of Canvasback decoys from Tanglefree you’ll receive five different decoy appearances, from resters to uprights and even a sleeper. Each pack has four drakes and two hens. Giving your spread a very realistic and contrasting color appearance.

Each decoy has a quality layer of paint that gives the feathers and profile an ultra-realistic look when on the water. Yet, due to the quality that Tanglefree has in their decoys, these can be put through the ringer and still float after numerous seasons.

Bufflehead Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Migration Edition Buffleheads

Pack Size – 6 (6Drakes)
Size – 12.25″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yesdiver duck decoys

The Bufflehead is one of the smallest diver ducks in North America. With their distinctive white and iridescent green that shines in the sun, they can be a very colorful duck for seeming just black and white. Buffleheads are close in size to Green-Winged Teal, however, they are polar opposites between teal. As Buffleheads are the one of the last waterfowl to leave their breeding grounds each year.

Bufflehead numbers remain very steady compared to other diver ducks. One reason may be that they tend to avoid being in large flocks as they migrate. Instead, you’ll see them in much smaller numbers. Therefore, it’s best to find highly visible Bufflehead diver duck decoys to entice them into your spread. Tanglefree has just that, these Migration Edition Buffleheads are highly visible with their bright white and contrasting black finish. Therefore, they add a lot to any diver decoy spread.

When it comes to Buffleheads many decoy companies don’t even make them. They can be hard to find, most make Red Heads, and Bluebills, however, Buffleheads are harder to come by. Not with Tanglefree though, their 6 pack of all Drakes are foam filled and ready for any rugged duck hunt you put them through. The weighted keel has a keyhole to attach long lines to when diver duck hunting. Overall, if you have the option to add some Buffleheads to your spread these will give a lot of bright white color and attract many diver duck species.

Red Head Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Flight Series Red Heads

Pack Size – 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)
Size – 11.1″ – 12.4″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yes
CarverMichael Braun

diver duck decoys

The very distinguishable copper red head and grey body is the Redhead. A medium sized diver duck that descends from the Canvasback. Redheads migrate to the Pacific Coast, Texas Coast, and Atlantic Coast. However most winter along the Gulf of Mexico of Louisiana, Florida, and Mexico. Each season Redheads tend to group together and can fly in large flocks. Therefore, having great realistic decoys is a necessity to hunt these diver ducks.

Tanglefree’s Flight Series Redheads are some of the finest decoys for the job. The Redhead mold was hand carved by Michael Braun, and upon opening a box you’ll notice there are 5 unique decoy appearances in each box of 6. As a result, you’ll get two upright drakes, one drake rester, one drake sleeper, one upright hen, and one rester hen. I know for myself when I rigged these up on long lines and with the combination of different appearances, it gives a lifelike decoy spread.

Every decoy is foam filled because Tanglefree knows that with divers as they are moving close to the water at mach speeds you have the occasional #2 shot hit your decoys. With the foam fill, these decoys won’t sink unlike some of the others on the market. Overall, these are a great set of diver duck decoys to add to your spread this season.

Goldeneye Diver

Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Migration Series Golden Eyes

Pack Size – 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)
Size – 15.75″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yes

diver duck decoys

The Goldeneye is a medium sized diver duck that’s name is derived from the Bufflehead, which they do have a similar look and shape. However, they are separate species. Goldeneye’s are primarily found breeding in the taiga and lakes in the boreal forest. Most then migrate in coastal shores or open inland lakes that are in warmer temperatures during winter. Goldeneye’s tend to be a more rare diver duck to encounter, which is why many decoy manufactures don’t make the decoys.

Nonetheless, leave it to Tanglefree to have the Migration Edition of the Goldeneye. Not only do these work to target Goldeneyes, but they have a bright white and black contrast that is highly visible to any diver duck. Even though these aren’t a common decoy to purchase. Tanglefree still develops their Goldeneye decoys with the same quality as their other diver duck decoys. Therefore, you get a foam filled diver decoy that can float regardless of the weather or conditions. Plus you get four drakes and two hens providing you with plenty of versatility when it comes to setting a spread.

Surf Scoter Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Migration Series Surf Scoter

Pack Size – 6 (6 Drakes)

Size  – 15.25″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yes

diver duck decoys

The Surf Scoter is a large sea duck that breeds in Northern Canada and Alaska. They tend to migrate along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America. These are some very tough and hardy sea ducks, as they travel along and through some tough coastal water conditions. There aren’t commonly seen habituating inland waters very often. However, they have an estimated population that is between 250,000 to over a million birds.

The Surf Scoter is one fantastic seas duck to hunt, however, it takes some heavy gear to be able to hunt this birds. Therefore, the decoys have to be able to withstand, pounding waves, icy waters, and even the all so common gunshots. Thankfully, with Tanglefree’s Surf Scoter design these are foam filled and able to withstand multiple shots and still float in tough conditions.

The Tanglefree Migration Edition pack consists of a pack of 6 drakes. Each one has a weighted keel that keeps its body up at all times and allows you to attach long lines too. The Surf Scoters from Tanglefree are a great addition to anyone looking to improve their sea duck spread this year.

Ringneck Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Migration Edition Ringneck

Pack Size – 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)
Size  – 14.75″ Tail To Bill
Foam Filled – Yes

diver duck decoys

The Ring-neck diving duck is a beautiful duck that can be found in many freshwater lakes and ponds. They tend to be considered a small to medium diving duck, and they primarily breed in the boreal forest regions of Canada. Ringnecks tend to fed by both diving and dabbling for small animal matter and plant-based foods. Being that they are a diver duck they can require some special coaxing to get them to fly near your spread. Therefore, a set of Ringneck decoys is a great start.

Tanglefree offers their Migration Edition Ringnecks as the perfect boater decoys. They have a full body design that has an ultra-realistic paint scheme to appeal to live birds. The decoys also have a heavy keel to help keep them upright in any type of water conditions or weather. Plus Tanglefree has foam filled the decoys giving them the added security needed if they ever get shot while hunted over.

If you’re hunting heavy winds and tough conditions adding a set of Ringnecks will be sure to grab the attention of live birds. With four drakes and two hens, the six pack of decoys is a great deal when it comes to diver duck decoys. Plus not that many manufacturers make Ringnecks, and I’m always someone that wants a spread that looks different than my neighbors.

Eider Diver Duck Decoys – Tanglefree Migration Series Eider

Pack Size – 4
Size – 18.5″ Tail to Bill
Foam Filled – Yes

diver duck decoys

Common Eiders have are one of the most beautiful sea ducks that call North America home. They primarily breed in the Arctic regions and winter along the coastal waters down South. They are a large duck in terms of divers and have been known to hit speeds over 60 miles an hour. The male Common Eiders have very bright colors and can weight up to 5 pounds on average. Many waterfowl hunters travel to coastal waters to have the opportunity to hunt Eiders every year.

It’s no surprise that Tanglefree has Eider decoys, whereas most other companies don’t. Tanglefree strives to offer nearly every species of decoys possible that live in North America. Plus they don’t take any shortcuts even though this isn’t a common item compared to their mallards and Canada Goose Decoys. The Eider decoys have a foam filled body that provides it added buoyancy for rough sea waters and the occasional #2 shot bb. The decoys even have a detailed paint scheme that provides great visibility to live overhead ducks. Overall, the Eider from Tanglefree is a great sea duck if you’re planning your next diver hunt.

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