Dive Bomb Decoy Review

So you’re looking to beef up your spread of decoys, and you’ve started to look into adding silhouette decoys to your trailer. Better yet maybe you are looking forward to some spring snow geese hunting, and you need to entice 2,000 snow geese with decoys. Buying 1,000 full body decoys may not be feasible. However, silhouettes can fill in a late season decoy spread or even make snow goose hunting possible. Decoys are not always cheap, but Dive Bomb Decoys is making it possible with their unique waterfowl silhouette decoys.

Dive Bomb Decoys Review

Dive Bomb Industries Overview –

Dive Bomb Industries is a midwest sporting goods company based out of St. Louis Missouri with a plan to disrupt the silhouette decoy industry. They strive to supply only high-quality products that are priced far below the industry standard. Don’t let their low prices dilute your thoughts on quality, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back all of their products. So not only can you afford to purchase their products, but they also have to perform to your expectations. Therefore, at The Waterfowl Hunter, we had to check them out first hand and put them to the test to see how great Dive Bomb Decoys are.

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Dive Bomb Decoys –

Dive Bomb Industries offers a full line of 14 different silhouette products. Offering silhouettes for Canada, Blue, Snow, Mallards, and Sand Cranes. However, the coolest feature they offer is flocked heads on their decoys if you prefer a more life-like presentation. So to sum it up, you can get silhouettes with or without flocked heads and silhouette socks with our without flocked heads. It just depends on what you want to spend.

S3 Snow Geese Silhouettes – 1 Dozen Per Set – Dive Bomb Decoys

Dive bomb DecoysThe Dive Bomb’s S3 Snow goose decoys are the best we’ve found on the market. If you’ve ever received a set of silhouettes, typically there is some time required to assemble them out of the box. Therefore, if you are getting 500-1000 silhouettes this can require an extensive amount of labor. With Dive Bomb the snow geese come 100% fully assembled out of the box and ready to use. They have a realistic image printed on both sides of the corrugated plastic heads. The bodies are made of Tyvek with painted snow goose feathers.

Dive Bomb Decoys Stake Construction –

Each silhouette has a spring steel stake that is designed to be installed in any field surface. Additionally, each Snow goose stake is 22 inches from the top to bottom. The stake diameter is thinner than others making it easier to penetrate hard surfaces. Plus, each stake has a handle design that makes them easy to remove when picking up. The body of the decoy fixes to the stake with a painted stainless screw allowing it to naturally bob and swivel in the wind.

Dive Bomb Decoys Body Construction –

Each body is made of hand-sewn pure white Tyvek material. Also, each body is 20 inches long and comes with reinforced grommets that are fastened to the body post ensure no tears in tough conditions. The body is painted with realistic feathers, using UV resistant and matte finish to eliminate any possible glare. Dive Bomb Industries

Notes From the Field –

These silhouettes are designed with no e-clips or o-rings to have to mess with or worse yet lose. They have zero-memory and have a spring opening sock design. We can’t say enough awesome things about these decoys. They work perfectly and are so much cheaper than the other alternative decoys we’ve used in the past. For $5 dollars a piece you really can’t go wrong!

Drawbacks –

Like with any silhouette decoys they can be damaged if not properly stored. Dive Bomb doesn’t include a carrying bag with the dozen. However, you can easily build a rack system or find decoy bags that will protect and prevent any storage damage.

V2 Canada Goose Silhouette – 1 Dozen Per Set – Dive Bomb Decoys –

Dive Bomb DecoysIf you ever needed to fill in your goose spread mid to late season. A set of silhouettes are easily the least expensive and most convenient decoy to put in your decoy spread. Not only are they affordable compared to full body decoys, but they are way easier to pack into a truck, trailer or decoy bag. Five dozen silhouette decoys stack so well that they can fit in the corner of a decoy trailer or even on top of a truck seat they take up such little space.

Goose silhouette’s not only are easy on the wallet, but they add a lot of action to your decoy spread. Since silhouettes added a lot of movement to a spread, so if you are using stationary full body decoys similar to Big Foots.¬†Silhouettes have the ability to flex and move in the wind creating almost a flashing motion. Also, if you think of looking at Dive Bomb Decoys from the perspective of goose, the decoys will appear and disappear as they circle into a spread creating a motion illusion.

Dive Bomb Decoys Body Construction –

Once you unbox the V2 Canada Goose silhouettes from Dive Bomb Decoys, you’ll notice how realistic they appear. The image of the goose is printed on both sides in a non-glare textured ink, giving it an ultrarealistic appearance. Especially as sunlight shines on them they won’t reflect light and cause geese to flare off from the glare. Every dozen pack of Canada Goose silhouettes has images of feeders, resters, lookers and away positions.

Dive Bomb Decoys Stake Construction –

Canada Geese Dive bomb Decoys

Every silhouette has a 20-inch long stake that has two prongs, allowing it to penetrate into any surface all season long. We’ve used ours in freezing conditions and had no issues putting them into the frozen ground without bending. Mostly this is due to the stakes being made of tempered steel that is powder coated black, eliminating chances of them rusting and breaking down. The stakes are made of the ideal diameter steel required to insert them into any surface and yet not too thick where they end up being heavy.

Notes From The Field –

It seems that full body decoys are still being used the most with Canada geese, however, as prices keep rising and the required time to set up and take down a decoy spread increase with every additional set of full body decoys. It starts to become overwhelming, and expensive, which is why owning Canada goose silhouettes can keep you on budget and help speed up set up and take down. While hunting we’ve been lucky enough to have five dozen Dive bomb decoy silhouettes and one person can easily pick up all 60 in one trip because of the convenience of stacking them up while taking down.

Features –

  • Feeders – 6
  • Lookers – 2
  • Resters – 2
  • Quartering Away – 2

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M1 Mallard Silhouette – 1 Dozen Per Set – Dive Bomb Decoys

Mallard Dive Bomb DecoysHunting mallards over water has to be one of the best types of waterfowl hunting. Being able to watch them cup up and decoy is so satisfying to watch while hunting. Honestly, I thought that was the only way mallards could be shot until I was introduced to field hunting mallards. Being able to lock down a scouted field of mallards is a golden ticket to a fun hunt. If you have the ability to find a mallard feed you more than likely are going to find a dual hunt of Canada geese as well. Therefore, you’ll be in for a sight to see as mallards bomb in from the sky looking to get in your spread.

The only caveat is if you typically goose hunt, decoys are never a shortage, but adding mallard decoys can be a tough decision. You may not use them on every hunt and a dozen or two field mallard decoys is probably going to cost a pretty penny. Therefore, this is where Dive Bomb Decoys come in and give you the ability to create a mallard spread amongst your goose decoys without breaking the bank.

Dive Bomb Decoys Body Construction –

Dive Bomb mallard silhouettes give you the ability to set out a quick realistic mallard spread. Additionally, each mallard silhouette is made of a 4mm rugged corrugated material that can withstand any condition thrown at them. Also, each silhouette has mallard images printed on both sides that contain the same non-glare ink used on the V2 Canada Geese silhouettes. Therefore, making realistic dual sided images of both mallard hens and drakes in a feeder and upright positions. Each silhouette is an oversized mallard making them highly visible to oncoming birds trying to decoy. Not only do they look fantastic, but they are made to withstand the abuse waterfowl hunters encounter. Hence, the paint is treated with paint that prevents chips, scratches, peeling, and fading.

Dive Bomb Decoys Stake Construction –

Similar to the V2 Canada Dive Bomb Decoys, the stakes are 20 inches long and feature the same powder coated steel two-prong design. Also, the two-prong design goes through the body of the silhouette allowing you to push from the top of the stake and making it easy to insert into any ground surface hard or soft. As a result, the “U” prong design allows you to remove the silhouettes by grabbing any part of the decoy, for a quick set up and take down process.

Notes From The Field –

Hunting mallards over any crop field is going to become an obsession for any waterfowl hunter. Especially once you complete a dual limit of geese and ducks. Putting the Dive Bomb Mallard silhouettes in your decoy arsenal is going to give you a lot more confidence on decoying mallards. It also won’t cost you a fortune like full body mallards do. However, if you already have a dozen full body decoys, adding the silhouettes is going to give your spread a more realistic look. In conclusion, providing mallards with the confidence to commit to a solid set of mallard decoys.

Features –

  • Drake Feeder – 3
  • Drake Uprights – 3
  • Hen Feeder – 3
  • Hen Upright – 3

Hunting Tip –

If you are looking for a well-rounded shooting glove that dual purposes as a field glove. Check out the best waterfowl gloves here. Therefore, you’ll be all set when it comes to early snow geese season.

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