Top Rated Custom Goose Calls

Goose Hunters have been looking for the crispy perfect Canada goose sound for years. Thanks to goose calling championships, callers have sought to make their calls sound as natural and unique as possible. Therefore, the desire for custom goose calls became a necessity for stage callers. However, it didn’t take long before hunters started lining up for the custom goose calls. With numerous championship callers, the market has become flooded with great goose calls. However, before you buy check out the history and unique differences to each custom goose call maker.

History Of Custom Goose Calls –

Before we get into the details of some of the best custom goose call makers, we first have to take a look at the history behind them. Now, who knows exactly the first person to create a goose call, considering the numerous inventors, craftsmen, and outdoorsmen. However, David Fuller from Chicago, Ilinois,  was the first to be granted a panted for the goose call in 1885. The call was designed to not only fool geese but lure in the elusive crane to a shooting range as well. Fuller’s first calls were made from brass and nickel plated, with a mouthpiece made of boxwood. Some of these first calls were sold through mail-order catalogs across the nation.

It’s hard to believe that goose calls have been around for 100+ years, but then again leave anything to a goose hunter and we’ll figure out a way of inventing something that makes hunting easier. The one thing you will notice with all of the custom goose calls below is that none date back to the time of David Fuller. However, what they lack in history they make up for in innovation and that perfect goose sound.

Custom Goose Calls

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Zink Goose Calls – Easy to Use Goose Call

custom goose callsFred Zink created Zink calls in 2000, with the help of launching his very own Avian-X decoy brand. He started working with Avery and help create layout blinds to decoys. While at the same time he was working on growing a small goose calls company. Thanks to his ability and skill of contest calling. He launched Zink calls alongside figuring out that there was a need in the outdoor industry for quality turkey decoys. No one else was making them and he quickly started selling decoys in 2010. They ended up selling exclusively with Cabelas in the coming years and help launch Zink Calls and Avian-X.

Fast forward to today and Fred makes numerous lines of decoys, hunting videos, calls for every species and then some. However, one of their most notable custom goose calls is the Call Of Death or COD. Every Zink call is handmade 100% in house from turning to polishing to testing. Zink calls truly has been able to hold quality even though they produce large quantities. Which is hard to do in any industry, but in the outdoor world, it’s even harder. The COD is one of the most versatile and original custom goose calls. The call offers a fantastic low end perfect for those soft clucks and moans needed to finish geese. However, it still has the volume required to pull in big Canada geese when running traffic.

Zink Calls is one the largest goose call makers today. However, don’t let their size scare you. Fred Zink and his team run one of the most organized businesses in the industry. With quality and customer service at the forefront, you’ll be sure to find Zink calls as one of the best custom goose calls on the market.

Tim Grounds Goose Calls – Best Goose Calls

Best Custom Goose Calls

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Tim Grounds is hands down living out what he loves to do. Tim Grounds Goose Calls may be one of the earliest established makers on this list. As Tim Grounds got started back in the mid-1970’s. It was then that he was influenced by Abe Lewis who taught him techniques to call geese with a modified OLT A 50 goose call. This was also back in a time when all hunting land was public. Therefore, to fool geese you had to be unique and different from the spread just down the river. It wasn’t until the late 80’s though when Tim Grounds was introduced to short reed goose calls. Which help kick-start the desire and need for short reed goose calls that we see today.

Tim Grounds goose calls have won more calling contests and competitions than any other call out there it seems. As Tim was a World winner multiple times before he passed the torch to his 16-year-old son Hunter. Who ended up being one of the youngest WORLD winners back in the early 2000’s. Tim easily will say that his son is a better call than he was. Thanks to Tim’s influence on Hunter, they both currently run the business together. They run one of the best customer services around for goose call makers. No matter how busy you call Tim’s number 618-983-5649. I guarantee both Hunter and Tim will be glad to talk with you. Yes, that’s right you get to talk with them no doubt about it. These guys are passionate about the calls they produce. Therefore, no matter what type of call style or sound you want, they will create it for you themselves.

Top Tim Grounds Goose Call –

One of the most famous calls is the Triple Crown. You’ll find that the guts are designed and broken in by Kelly Powers and Tim Grounds. This type of system creates one of the fullest, most powerful top ends all the way down to the deepest lows. The call has a little larger bore than the Super Mag, however, it’s still the same length. The call is one of the most natural sounding geese calls on the market. Don’t believe me check out the sound profile here.

Lynch Mob Goose Calls – Best Short Reed Goose Call

custom goose callsAt an early age George Lynch started hunting everything, but waterfowl. However, that was due to at that time there weren’t local populations. Although, that changed when he was about 19 when he shot his first Canada goose. It didn’t take long after that for George to dive into goose hunting head first. As that passion grew and his guiding expanded. At this time there wasn’t many custom goose calls on the market. Therefore, George set out to make the best short reed goose call available.

After years of improving on the goose calls and designing them for outdoorsmen everywhere. George was shaped by a lot of great call makers over the years and thankfully today Lynch Mob Goose Calls is apart of The Outdoor Group. A family of outdoor companies with a passion to provide only the best products for hunters and outdoorsmen.

One of the best calls from Lynch Mob is The Closer goose call. It’s super easy to blow and has an outstanding range for a short reed goose call. If you are newer or are looking for a call that will be used to learn on. The Closer is one of Lynch Mob’s best custom goose calls for beginners to start learning the more advanced calling techniques on. When looking at the design of the call you’ll notice a barrel that is a slightly tapered bore. The insert is fixed with a slight opening flare, and the reed has been shaved down. As a result, even if you are an advanced caller looking for a custom goose call with a realistic lower end this call is going to be the ticket.

Field Proven Goose Calls -Award Winning Goose Calls

custom goose callsField Hudnall is one of the more well-known names in the goose hunting industry. Although he didn’t start that way. He first started out as a Dick’s Sporting Goods associate and eventually decided to attend college for video production. With that decision, it launched him into producing multiple full-length hunting films, and instructional videos. He’s even been able to film for companies like Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop. and Ducks Unlimited TV. However, it didn’t stop there not only his he a notable outdoor videographer, but he was ranked as the number one goose caller in 2012. He’s completed in numerous calling contests for both geese and ducks. Thanks to his dedication and passion for goose hunting, he’s been able to build one of the largest goose and duck call companies.

As of today Field Proven calls has numerous options for both duck and goose calls. However, one of their most notable is the Adrenaline goose call. It was designed for the advanced goose combinations and notes. By none other than Field Hudnall himself. It has a really deep low end, but its fitted with a sharp “honk” as the call breaks over. This tends to be the go-to for competition callers. However, due to the range of the call, it gives hunters a great realistic “goosie” sound. Therefore, the best type of hunting with this call is heavy wind, a large water, or migratory Canada geese. This call offers the volume needed to entice geese from high above to heavy pressure.

GK Goose Calls – Easy To Blow Goose Calls

custom goose callsIn 1999 Todd Svoboda designed the original Giant Killer. He set out with a unique vision and design for a short reed goose call that would deliver a realistic and top quality Canada goose sound. The calls became successful amongst guides and contest callers. In 2003, the company was sold to Bob Alfieri and it was restructured. As a result, they launched 12 different models of both duck and goose calls. Today GK calls is home to numerous championship callers. Winning just about every major title that comes along with contest calling. Based in Michigan the company has a very midwest vibe to it. Just call their customer service and you’ll be greeted with some of the best services. Plus with a no-hassle warranty, GK calls is one of the best custom goose calls on the market.

GK’s most sought after and the highly used call is their “Giant Killer.” If you prefer a deep full sound the Giant Killer incorporates the “Edge” guts with an E3 reed. As a result, it’s one of the most versatile and easiest calls to blow from GK goose calls. You’ll find that the call comes in a soft black or Ivory finish. Although if you are looking for some newly added innovation their “solution” goose call is one of their shortest calls in the lineup. Therefore, giving you accelerated speed and zero air loss.

C&S Custom Calls – Easy To Blow Goose Calls

Custom Goose CallsIt started back in the late 1990’s for Mike Stelzner, he started crafting turkey pot calls, and wing bone calls, which led him straight to goose and duck calls. Becoming an instant passion Mike started making calls and the word spread, before long he had more requests for calls then he could make in his free time. Therefore, in 2004 C&S Custom Calls was established to keep up with the demand. Located in Zumbrota, MN, Mike made his passion into a full-time custom goose calls shop.

Mike and his team strive to make some of the finest calls from just about any material possible. You’ll find that all of the wood they select is hand-picked and stabilized to ensure that the calls will absolutely stand up to the test of goose hunting. Each call is designed to be field ready and if you are looking for a specific material, sound, or style, don’t hesitate to ask Mike. As he welcomes anyone to stop by and check out the shop.

C&S’s standard goose call is their “Disciple,” a smooth easy to blow goose calls. It gives the caller plenty of control and speed while providing a really goosey tone. It’s one of the best universal goose calls on the market from C&S Custom Calls. If your a beginner to an experienced goose hunter this call is going to provide you with the necessary sounds to call geese.

Big Sean Championship Calls – Best Rated Goose Calls

custom goose callsSean Hammock is one of the most dedicated goose hunters alive. (Yes, that’s a bold statement, but if you want to take it up with Sean. By all means Sean is about 6’5″. Hence, “Big Sean” Championship calls). However, it wasn’t Sean’s stature that made him dedicated, but rather his drive to make goose hunting his life. He grew up in a small southwest Michigan town, where calling in “sick” meant only one thing. Sean was out hunting geese. Sean spent every waking moment from the age of 12 to pursue duck and goose hunting as a full-time obsession.

When Sean was 16, he met up with World Champion caller Shawn Stahl from Michigan. The two of them started traveling together to goose calling competitions. After competing for a while, Sean was introduced to Fred Zink from Ohio. As a result, Sean’s calling began to change. Thanks to the help of Zink, Sean started to win competitions with the Zink Calls crew. At the same time, Sean was guiding with various outfitters. With a few different moves throughout the Midwest, Sean eventually settled in Minnesota where he started Big Sean Championship Calls and Big Sean’s Guided Hunts in 2010.

Sean has been able to build and design some of the finest custom goose calls. With the collaboration of Fred Zink, Sean has a passion for making calls with innovation at the forefront. To set himself apart from the rest, Sean has started his own Youtube channel hunting across the nation, and on every video, you’ll find some hunting tips. You’ll find every call is hand-tuned by Sean himself and every call is sold with a 100% 30-Day guarantee.

DRC Goose Calls – Best Goose Call For The Money

custom goose callsBack in 2007, Cory Loeffler had decided that he needed to manufacture more user-friendly goose calls. With his experience of being the NA Goose Calling Champion. He was able to fine-tune and create custom goose calls that went on to win over 75 different calling contests. DRC has been able to provide quality goose calls that are combined with a lifetime guarantee, and superior customer service. Let alone if you need a call tuned up, just send it in for $5.00 and Cory will get you taken care of as soon as possible.

One of the newer and most popular custom goose calls from DRC is the Cyco. It’s a step in a new direction for DRC. Cory and his team set out to find exactly what waterfowl hunters, guides, outfitters, and contest callers seek in a goose call, versatility. It’s a very aggressive spin on a short reed goose call. It features an open bore which helps create high volume, and yet soft enough for when the geese are in real close. If you want this to be your go-to call for field hunting geese or your best stage call to use. It has the versatility to become anything. DRC Cyco has numerous options when it comes to colors don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see something you like.

Cory and his team at DRC make some of the best custom goose calls you can find. It’s no surprise that DRC has some of the best customer service and repairs as they are a great midwestern company based right in Red Lake Falls, MN, well known for Canada geese.

How To Use A Goose Call For Beginners –

Goose calling is one of the more challenging aspects of goose hunting. However, most of the time its because of poor techniques and lack of practice. However, if you start by learning the basics of how to make a honk and moan. You’ll be more willing and ready to start goose calling. Goose calling defiantly has more notes and various cadences needed to sound like a flock fo geese and entice birds. However, everything stems from the simple cluck and moan.

As a result, the first step to blowing a goose call correctly is to blow the call correctly. A little different than a duck call you’ll blow with cold air without any inflection in your voice. This will construct your moan sound. Next similar to a duck call you rest your tongue against the back of your lower teeth and to cut the air off, or to break the call over is to slap your tongue to the roof of your mouth. As a result, this creates the cluck or honk sound. It’s best to learn to do this without the back pressure of your hands. Many people start calling on a goose call and use their hands to force the call to break over. However, that’s the incorrect way.

For a demonstration on how to use a goose call check out the following video from Midwest Flyways. Joey gives the basic instructions on how to make a honk and moan with your goose call.

Making A Goose Call –

Making calls started out as only for the innovative and stage callers. People started thinking how can a manufactured call be redesigned or manipulated for a unique sound. Well, that easily started the idea for custom goose calls. Everyone started making adjustments and changes to their goose calls. Some callers were even able to become popular amongst goose hunters such as the ones listed above. They were fortunate enough to start companies and make a living doing what they love.

Now thanks to the internet and the social aspects of goose hunting. Hunters started to realize that if they had a limited knowledge of how to turn wood or acrylic they could start creating their own custom goose calls. That’s exactly what a lot of people do today. Call it a hobby, call it an obsession, but hundreds of thousands of people create their very own custom goose calls every year. Have you ever wondered what it takes?

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