Canada Duck Hunting

Where to begin with Canada Duck Hunting….? Canada is home to hundreds of thousands if not millions of ducks, nearly 11 million Mallards alone that call Canada home for breeding and nesting. Therefore, it makes for one of the best places to waterfowl hunt each year. For many of the provinces that touch The United States, they become the first staging area for migratory birds. As a result, Canada Duck Hunting is one of the best places to have a once in a lifetime waterfowl hunt. However, where and what province is best for you?

Canada is a diverse waterfowl paradise, from prairie potholes to boreal forests, to thousands of lakes and river. Canada is one of the best places to duck and goose hunt. Check out the following Canada Duck Hunting guides to help provide you the best waterfowl experience.

British Columbia – Canada Duck Hunting

British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada located right between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. It’s one of the most populous provinces coming in at the third most. British Columbia is home to many species of ducks and Canada Geese and Cackling Geese have established permanent residence in British Columbia. Most of the Geese nest and breed in southwestern British Columbia. As for ducks, there are many species, Pintail, Mallard, Gadwall, American Widgeon, Green-Winged Teal, Shoveler, Surf Scoter, and many more. Froom farm fields, to wetlands ducks and geese, use British Columbia for nestings and breeding. British Columbia is a province that Ducks Unlimited has a high interest in since so many of the wetlands are being destroyed and inhabited by residence.

British Columbia has eight different hunting districts with varying hunting season dates. As a result, they range from September through January depending on the district. As for the bag limits, British Columbia has an 8 duck limit, 10 dark geese, 5 snow geese limit, and 5 white-fronted geese. For more information on regulations and limits, click here.

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Feathers & Fins Outfitters – British Columbia Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Rates – Call For Pricecanada duck hunting

When you first look at booking a trip to British Columbia, and you stumble across Feathers & Fins Outfitters. You find out that the outfitter is a very professional guided goose and Canada Duck Hunting guide service. They hunt private lands in central British Columbia. Located in Vanderhoof British Columbia, which is home to about 5,000 residence and located almost in the center of the province. However, what makes this area so special is that ample amount of waterfowl that migrate through this area every year. This area is also filled with numerous farms and ranches. As a result, there are over 25,000 acres of farmland that waterfowl use to feed on before the migration takes way. This area is one of the first stops for migrating Geese and Ducks. Therefore, it makes for one of the best destinations to enjoy some Canada Duck Hunting.

There are few guides and outfitters in British Columbia, however, when you book with Feathers & Fins Outfitters you’ll be welcomed to one of the best waterfowl hunting experiences of your life.

Alberta – Canada Duck Hunting

The second most western province is Alberta, located between British Columbia and Saskatchewan this is where many waterfowl hunters begin hearing about Canada duck hunting and all of its glory. Alberta is one of the largest areas where Wheat is harvested each year. Therefore, making it a great feeding grounds for ducks and geese early in their migration. Alberta has very diverse wetlands and landscape. You can find open prairies to boreal forests and even The Rocky Mountains. Alberta has one of the most diverse landscapes out of any province in Canada. Pintails and Blue-Winged Teal thrive in Alberta’s wetlands. Alberta alone has nearly 8 million waterfowl that utilize the wetlands for nesting and raising their young ones. As a result, Alberta is one of the top Canada Duck Hunting destinations in Canada.

Duck’s Unlimited Canada has one of the largest concentrations of habitat projects in Alberta. They are largely trying to restore and protect the wetlands that so many birds utilize each year for nesting and surviving. Alberta has a very large daily bag limit if you’re looking to hunt just about every species of waterfowl. The limit for Snow Geese or Ross’s Geese is 50, a limit of 8 white-fronted or Canada Geese, and 8 ducks. If you’d like to read more click here. As for rules and regulations and season dates, click here for more information.

Ongaros Canada Outfitters – Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Ardrossan, Alberta
Rates – Call For Pricecanada duck hunting

If World Class Canada Duck Hunting is what you seek, then there is no better place than Ongaros Canada Outfitters. Located just 30 minutes outside of Edmonton, is Ardrossan, Alberta. This is where Claudio Ongaro and his guide team put together the best Alberta Canada Duck Hunting trips imaginable. With opportunities to shot Mallards, Pintails, Canada Geese, Specks, and Snow Geese. There is no shortage of waterfowl in this area. However, Ongaros strives day and night scouting and ensuring they put all of their guests on the best imaginable hunts possible. Most of the hunts are guided over potholes and farm fields, and the ducks and geese come in by the thousands.

No need to stay anywhere but Ongaro’s lodge, which has sleeping areas, living room, and a full kitchen. Which is where a chef prepares your food for every meal. This is truly a full all-inclusive guide service unlike many. You’ll have duck and goose prepared for you while you hunt, very few places can say or manage to do this. Plus with Ongaro’s cleaning service, no need to worry about cleaning your ducks when you come back from one of their record-breaking morning duck hunts. Don’t believe me, they’ve shot 32 ducks in less than 9 minutes, get ready for some fast and breathtaking hunts.

If you want to check out the action before you book, Ongaro’s has a YouTube channel that covers some of the best waterfowl hunting imaginable, called Hired2Hunt.

Ranchland Outfitters – Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Elk Point, Alberta
Rates – Call For Pricecanada duck hunting

Ranchlands Outfitters is one of the premier Canada Duck Hunting guide services in Alberta. If you’re looking for the best waterfowl hunting experience possible then you have to pick Ranchland. They are located in the heart of three migration routes. Therefore, they cover thousands of acres in North Eastern Alberta all the way to the Saskatchewan border. When you hunt with Ranchland Outfitters you’ll have the ability to hunt Canada Geese, Speckle Bellies, Snows, Ross. Pintails, and Mallards to name a few waterfowl species. With such high number of bag limits be ready to hunt all day from early morning till sunset.

No need to worry about where to stay in Northern Alberta. Ranchland has a lodge with a complete kitchen, dining room, living room to come and enjoy. Plus if they even have a fitness room to help shed the weight you’ll gain as they cook for you at their Ranch Style restaurant. You’ll get to enjoy Alberta Ranched Elk, and Alberta Beef, trust me you’ll need the fitness room if you book a trip with Ranchland Outfitters. From beginner waterfowl hunters to experienced, you’ll have a time of your life hunting here. The season usually starts the 1st of September and runs through to the first week of November. You can choose to hunt 3 or 6 days with Ranchland, and no matter what you pick you’ll be wanting to come back again for another season.

Dry Creek Waterfowl – Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Northwest Alberta
Rates – $1,500-$2,500canada duck hunting

With access to thousands of private acres, Dry Creek Waterfowl is located in Northwestern Alberta. With farmland and many rivers and lakes, when you hunt with Dry Creek Waterfowl, you will have a once in a lifetime experience. Dry Creek Waterfowl is a passionate outfitter that strives to create and produce some of the most productive waterfowl hunts. Dry Creek Waterfowl is a family operation and the guides, hosts, and cooks are there to make lasting relationships with you. Therefore, you won’t be treated just as a client or guest, but rather as apart of the family.

When you book with Dry Creek Outfitters, you can stay at the Dry Creek Lodge. The best part of Dry Creek Outfitters is that they tailor to smaller groups, therefore, if you have a group of 5 people you can have the lodge to yourself. However, they can accommodate up to 8 guests and they suggest at least a 3-day hunt. However, if you ask me, you won’t want to leave after you’ve been on some of the most amazing Canada Duck Hunting experiences offered by Dry Creek.

Saskatchewan – Canada Duck Hunting

When it comes to Saskatchewan this is where the prairie and boreal get its name from. Home to some of the best sights and spectacles, from Northern Lights to beautiful sunsets, Saskatchewan is a top Canada Duck Hunting destination. Nearly 70% of the continent’s waterfowl migrate through Saskatchewan. Just think of that, millions of birds travel through the province every year in this pothole region on their migration. Duck’s Unlimted Canada has large roots in Saskatchewan with nearly 3,000 projects providing habitat and protection for habitat. Since Saskatchewan is such a large producer of Winter Wheat, it’s no surprise waterfowl use these fields every year on their migration path. Not only are the crops great for waterfowl, but they have been great for farmers as well.

Waterfowl seasons in Saskatchewan open in September and run through till December. With limits quite liberal, waterfowl hunters can shoot 8 ducks, 20 Snow Geese or Ross’, 8 Canada Geese, Cackling Geese, or White-Fronted Geese. If you’d like to learn more about the rules, regulations, and limits click here.

Top Gun Guide Service – Saskatchewan Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Quill Lake, Saskatchewan
Rates – $1,800-$3,000canada duck hunting

Top Gun Guide Service is an outfitter that pretty much does it all. When it comes to waterfowl hunting North America they hunt nearly 9 months of the year. One of their top destinations is Saskatchewan Canada Duck hunting. They have hunted for over 12 seasons in Canada and they hunt about a 2-hour radius around the Big Quill Lake regions. With 4 to 5 spotters and guides, they strive to find the very best waterfowl hunting available in Saskatchewan.

They try and keep the hunts very personable and cater to each group’s requests. Therefore, you have the opportunity to hunt from pea and barley fields. If you are interested in Snow Geese, this area is one of the best staging areas for migratory snow geese as well. However, when it comes to ducks there is a daily bag limit of 8 with no hen law. Hence, the action can be very fast and furious.

As for the accommodations, Top Gun offers an all-inclusive package. There are four full houses with kitchens, washers, dryers, TV’s, fenced areas for dogs, and every amenity needed to come to relax after a long day of hunting. Top Gun Guide services is one of the best places to enjoy Canada Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan.

Habitat Flats – Saskatchewan Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Eastern Pothole Region, Saskatchewan
Rates – $3,000-$8,000canada duck hunting

With access to millions of acres of premier duck, goose, snow goose, and sandhill crane hunting land. Habitat Flats’ Saskatchewan lodge is one of the best places to enjoy Canada Duck hunting. Habitat Flats offers a premier hunting experience, they call home in Sumner, MO where they run another lodge. However, in Saskatchewan hunters have some of the best waterfowl hunting experiences possible. When the morning hunts are filled with duck and Canada goose limits, guests have the option to add in Snow Goose or Sandhill Crane shoots in the afternoon. This is a place where you can hunt all day and still come back and relax at one of the finest Saskatchewan hunting lodges.

Habitat Flat’s lodge is a robust 11,000 square feet and sleeps up to 20 hunters with 2 queen beds and a full bathroom per room. The great room is huge and offers plenty of seating for guests to kick back and watch some TV. Habitat flats is an all-inclusive experience like no other. If you want the finest in waterfowl hunting lodges, then Habitat Flats is your destination.

Prairies Edge Outfitters – Saskatchewan Canada Duck Hunting

Location – South of Northern Boreal Forest Region, Saskatchewan
Rates – $2,950 – $5,400canada duck hunting

Prairies Edge Outfitters is located in the World Class Northern Boreal Forest region, one of the first staging areas in Saskatchewan. There are large numbers of resident Mallards and Canada Geese. With potholes and large bodies of water, as a hunter, you’ll get to experience some of the best Canada Duck hunting available. At Prairies Edge Outfitters they strive to provide the best customer experience, they work around the clock to put you and your group on birds every day of your visit.

The guides of Prairies Edge pays close attention to details and ensures that they provide the best possible Canada Duck Hunting experience. They have one of the best customer service experiences, therefore making it nearly hassle-free to travel to them and hunt with them.

The Gold Eagle Lodge will be your home away from home when hunting with Prairies Edge Outfitters. All hunts take place within 1 hour of the lodge and the Gold Eagle Lodge is a premier lodge that will be sure to meet the needs of their guests. The hotel offers large rooms, pools, sauna, fitness center, and business center to ensure they can accommodate all of their guests. All Lodging and food are included in Prairies Edge’s prices, and when it comes to food the menu is fantastic. From steaks to BBQ ribs to full morning breakfasts, this is a top destination for Canada Duck Hunting.

Manitoba – Canada Duck Hunting

Located in central Canada is Manitoba, one of the three prairie provinces when you include Saskatchewan and Alberta. Manitoba is filled with agriculture fields, shallow wetlands, and boreal forests. Therefore, many waterfowl species stop and nest in Manitoba each year. Even though Manitoba has plenty of prairie and farmlands, it has an abundance of water making it a staging area for many ducks, geese, and swans. With over 100,000 lakes, Manitoba is one of the most ecologically significant provinces in Canada. Therefore, it produces some of the best Canada Duck Hunting experiences compared to other provinces.

Similar to other provinces in Canada, Manitoba has an 8 duck limit, 8 Canada/White-Fronted Goose limit, and 50 Snow Goose limit. If you’d like to read more about Manitoba rules and regulations click here.

Birdtail Waterfowl- Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rates – Call For Pricecanada duck hunting

If you have the option to go Canada Duck Hunting in Manitoba, Birdtail Waterfowl has to be one of the best destinations. Located in the prairie potholes of Manitoba, Birdtails Waterfowl is a starting point for the annual migration of waterfowl. You’ll have sights of tornados of ducks where hundreds if not thousands of ducks will descend upon your field blind. The guides and staff of Birdtail ensure that they create a friendly environment and experience for your entire group and stay. From setting the blinds and decoys to providing a once in a lifetime spectacle, the guides at Birdtail provide the best Canada Duck Hunting in Manitoba.

Not only does Birdtail Waterfowl have a World Class location, but they also provide one of the best accommodations for lodging. The luxurious private cabins and lodge make for the perfect stay when it comes to relaxing after a long duck or goose hunt. Three times a day meals are provided to surpass your expectations. Each cabin has enough room to accommodate 2-4 hunters, they provide full bathrooms, electric heat and a cozy place to sleep. The lodge itself is a place where all hunters can come and kick back to enjoy a meal or some time to chat about the days hunt. Birdtail Waterfowl is a leading duck hunters paradise.

Riverside Lodge – Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Dauphin, Manitoba
Rates – $1,140 – $1,780canada duck hunting

Riverside Lodge was built over 50 years ago to be where the ducks and geese want to be. Each fall at least 15 species of waterfowl migrate through the major flyway Riverside Lodge is located on. Due to the large lakes, birds use the system on their way from North to South. When you hunt with Riverside, you have the ability to hunt diver ducks like Canvasbacks and Redheads, or puddle ducks like Mallards, and even Geese. There are few places where Riverside Lodge has located that offer such diverse and abundant Canada Duck hunting. Riverside Lodge hunts geese and puddle ducks in the surrounding farmlands where limits can be filled quite easily. However, they also offer large body of water duck hunts as well to shoot divers and more ducks.

Riverside Lodge is one of the most comfortable and relaxing lodges found in Manitoba. With full accommodations and premium home-cooked meals, guests will have a very enjoyable stay. The cabins are fully equipped with showers, bathrooms, beds, and a full kitchen. Whereas, the main lodge is where the office and storage are located. Riverside truly accommodates every type of hunter and looks forward to every season.

Ontario – Canada Duck Hunting

One of the 13 provinces located in Canada is Ontario, located in eastern-central Canada above the Great Lakes. Ontario is home to thousands of lakes making for very fertile farmland, as well as grassy lowlands, wetlands, and rich forests. Ontario is a diverse landscape with beautiful waters and plenty of wildlife. Therefore, Ontario is a top destination for duck hunters every year. Duck’s Unlimited has taken notice of this and has nearly 4,000 habitat projects across Ontario. The support and volunteers focused to protect and preserve Ontario’s wetlands is fantastic, therefore, the hunting is too.

From early September through December Ontario is a top duck hunting adventure. The limits are a little different than other areas. A total of 6 ducks can be harvested, 5 Canada Geese, 5 White-Fronted geese and 20 Snow Geese. However, if you’d like to learn more about the rules and hunting regulations click here.

Wingfeather Outfitters – Ontario Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Walkerton, Ontario
Rates – $300 – $400canada duck hunting

Stopping at Wingfeather Outfitters in Walkerton, Ontario is all about getting set up on the best-scouted duck and goose fields. Before every hunt Luke and his team strive to scout the fields that produce some of the best Ontario Canada Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting around. Most of the hunts are in cut corn or grain fields, with opportunities to shoot Mallards, Canada Geese, and Wood Ducks. Where Wingfeather Outfitters is located from they take advantage of the annual James Bay Canada Geese migration. Which is one of the first major staging areas for geese on their way to the South.

Wingfeather Outfitters is a premier guide service and not only do they hunt ducks and geese, but also Whitetail deer and Turkeys. So plan your next visit and get a chance to explore Ontario’s abundant wildlife. As for accommodations, Wingfeathers doesn’t have a lodge, however, they will assist in helping you book your stay at the Walkerton Inn Hotel. Which is located right in Walkerton, Ontario.

Grey Bruce Outfitters – Ontario Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Walkerton, Ontario
Rates – Call For Price

canada duck hunting

At Grey Bruce Outfitters you’ll be greeted with a some of the best Canada Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting Ontario has to offer. Most of the duck hunts are offered in dry grain fields and over small waters. Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to shot Mallards, Wood Ducks, Pintails, Teal, Widgeon, and Gadwalls. From September to December Grey Bruce Outfitters is a full-service outfitter where they strive to put you on the ducks. Hunts begin in the morning and continue into the afternoon if needed to fulfill your limit. Once back at the lodge all your ducks are cleaned and processed for you giving you the opportunity to take home 18.

The hunting lodge is a 4,200 square foot comfortable home that features 6 bedrooms, two living rooms with satellite TV and internet to enjoy while relaxing from your hunt. Each day includes a morning breakfast. Therefore, you have the freedom to cook your evening meals. As for bedding and towels, no need to worry as that is all provided. Plus they have kennels on site if you plan on bringing your hunting dog.

Quebec – Canada Duck Hunting

Quebec is one of the western provinces of Canada and is the second most populous province, after Ontario. With the mighty St. Lawrence River, Quebec has plenty of water and land that produces some exceptional wetlands. More than 25% of the province is made of ponds, marshes, swamps, rivers, and lakes. The most coveted and protected areas are St. Lawrence Valley, Ottawa River, Abitibi and the Lac Saint-Jean Plain for hunting and conservation groups. Over the years the wetlands have been destroyed as industries, houses, and new constructions have expanded. However, organizations like Ducks Unlimited have worked with the government to help protect and preserve the wetlands.

From early September through December in certain parts, there is plenty of Duck and Goose hunting to be had. Since Quebec is such a large province there season is quite long in some areas. However, the limits are similar to Ontario, 6 ducks, 5 Geese other than Snow geese, and 20 Snow Geese. If you’d like to learn more about Quebec’s hunting seasons and regulations click here.

La Cache Outfitters – Quebec Canada Duck Hunting

Location – Walkerton, Quebec
Rates – $1,200 – $1,400

canada duck hunting

At La Cache Outfitters they are one of the leading waterfowl guides in Quebec. With Quebec most known for Snow Geese and Canada Geese, La Cache offers some of the finest Canada Duck Hunting in Quebec as well. La Cache has a mission to offer incredible waterfowl hunting experiences, all while spending a great time with family and friends.

Maxime Asselin is the owner and main guide for La Cache Outfitters with a unique background, he has a very scientific methodology when it comes to waterfowl hunting. Youll be sure to know that when hunting with Maxime and his team they strive to put the very best Quebec waterfowl hunts together for every guest.

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