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Best Waterfowl Gun Case

Everyone remembers their first prized duck hunting gun. Either you spent countless days saving every penny or had that exciting moment where you unwrap the shotgun you’ve been dreaming of for months maybe years. Shotguns these days have exploded in price some reaching close to $2,000 dollars. Now if you’re like me I wasn’t going to just toss my gun around and abuse it. I wanted to make sure I protected it with the best waterfowl gun case I could find.  So, I meticulously went through guns trying to find the very best case to protect my new gun.

There is a number of things to consider with gun cases, size, storage, waterproof, protection, soft or hard case. A gun case needs to be pretty rugged if you want it to be for waterfowl hunting. So, at The Waterfowl Hunter, we took our time in reviewing the best waterfowl gun case.

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Primos Final Approach – Best Floating Gun Case

Best Waterfowl Gun Case

Ask any waterfowl hunter what was one of their first duck calls and it probably was a Primos. Primos has been around for many years creating turkey, duck and big game calls. After joining with Vista Outdoors, Primos paired with Final Approach bringing waterfowl cases and bags.

Thanks to the pairing of Primos and Final Approach they created one of our favorite floating gun cases. I use this case for my Berretta A391, it keeps it dry and not that I’m going to test throwing my gun in the lake, but the case does float. So, if you are wading, walking or riding to your duck blind this case will be sure to keep your gun dry and out of the elements until you get there. The gun case is made of 600D polyester weather resistant coating. This helps protect from mud, marsh, and rain.

Primos case has one pocket on the outside which can fit either your spare chokes or a few light items. It also comes with a shoulder strap and handles to help while carrying.


  • 52″ inside length
  • Full-Length Zipper
  • Fits up to 12lb guns

Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Punisher Shotgun Case – Best Waterfowl Gun Case

Best Waterfowl Gun CaseAllen Company has been around since 1970 creating cases and bags for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. They have full product lines for archery, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. They even offer a one year warranty on all of their products.

The Allen Punisher Shotgun case is one tough rugged waterfowl gun case. Making it the Best Waterfowl Gun Case you can purchase. The case has gear storage flaps with three zipped pockets. One of the storage pockets has a weatherproof pocket for valuable items. Each of the pockets are designed with an ample amount of space for duck calls, shotgun shells, even dog training supplies. The Punisher case is offered in color, Realtree camo. This case not only has handles but a shoulder strap as well for carrying. The strap makes it a little easier to carry out in a field blind or duck boat.


  • 53.75 x 10 x 3.5 in
  • 52″ Inside Dimensions
  • 3.12 Pounds

Plano Gun Guard 400 Series – Best Soft Gun Case

Best Waterfowl Gun CaseIn 1952 Warren “Pete” Henning came back from a saltwater fishing trip and set out to redesign the tackle box into a lightweight rust-free box. For nearly 40 years Pete and Plano worked on refining the tackle box before they launched their first gun and bow cases in 1995. Plano has been able to create everything from soft to hard shotgun cases to pistol and rifle cases as well. They have cases that are TSA approved, cases that you can break your gun down in and travel with easier. Plano has been able to create hundreds of products thanks to their first redesign of the tackle box.

Plano’s Gun Guard 400 series gun case makes our best waterfowl gun case as it offers a simple yet rugged shotgun case. It’s offered in a brown two-tone canvas and a Realtree Xtra color. The exterior of the gun case is made of 600 Denier Fabric. I’ve found it to withstand a lot of abrasive surfaces without tearing or ripping. The interior is made of thick foam padded walls providing enough space for one shotgun. The full-length zipper is great considering my waterfowl gun is a bit longer. The gun case has two pockets one big enough for your spare chokes, a small gun cleaning kit, or even a box of shells.

Features –

  • Soft Sided Case
  • Easy Packable Gun Case
  • Wrap Around Nylon Handles
  • L 54in. x W 8.5in. x H 2.5in

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl – Best Double Gun Case

ALPS Outdoorz opened its doors in 1993 in hopes to provide exceptional outdoor gear. They quickly outgrew providing mountain gear and launched their hunting and outdoors line in 2007. Focusing on affordable and performance driven hunting gear. The currently provide gear for turkey, deer and waterfowl hunters. This is the Best Waterfowl Gun Case if you are looking at carrying two guns, or want to save space and carry your hunting buddy’s gun as well.

ALPS has created their Floating Double gun case in a Realtree Max-5 patter. This case is one of our favorites as it provides space for two guns. I’ve used this on many of my traveling out of state trips where having a backup gun is essential. You don’t have to worry either about them getting banged around or damaged because there is a padded wall that divides the two gun slots. The case is constructed of closed cell floating foam, making it a floating case as well. Attached on the outside are two small pockets for chokes and gun tools. Also attached to the outside is a shoulder strap and handles for carrying.


  • Accommodates 28″ Barrels
  • Foldover Velcro Opening
  • D-Ring Clip for Hanging
  • 59″x11″ Outside Dimensions

Avery Mud Case – Best Small Gun Case

Best Small Gun CaseAvery Outdoors has been around for quite some time in the waterfowl industry. Creating decoys, outdoor gear, even dog training, and hunting gear. They have become a well established and easily recognizable name brand in waterfowl. Therefore, for them to come out with gun accessories is a little surprise.

Avery’s mud case is one of the simplest cases on this list. It doesn’t have the added foam padding or even floatation ability. However, what it does have is practicality. It functions as a gun sleeve, and it’s made of water-resistant dura-max material. You can use this case to carry your shotgun out to the blind knowing it will prevent any scraps or scratches from happening. Plus once you get to the blind it can roll up to a 4″x7″ roll. Making it easy to store. Even though it’s small it still has a shoulder strap and handles for carrying.

The Avery Mud Case is our favorite small gun case and having one even as a backup case is a great idea, which is why we have it on our Best Waterfowl Gun Case list.


  • Sliding FrictionLok shoulder pad
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Three Different Camo Patterns

How to Find the Best Waterfowl Gun Case –

When it comes to using a shotgun case there are a lot of things to consider, soft-case, hard-case, waterproof, number of pockets, and so much more. However, to make that process easier for Waterfowl hunters we wanted to break it down a bit so that you can make the best possible purchase for a new gun case.

Hard Sided Gun Case –

Hard cases are easily the toughest and most protective gun case that you can purchase. Using they are constructed of hard plastic, polycarbonate, or aluminum. These materials give the case the perfect weight to strength ration that is required to protect your gun. Typically inside a hard case is a soft foam that can be shaped to fit your firearm securely inside. The foam keeps your gun from sliding around inside or moving when transporting.

Hard cases do have their purpose when it comes to waterfowl hunters. If you road trip to dream destinations or even fly into hunting locations. A hard-sided case will be required by TSA when flying. I tend to use a hard case when I travel because it makes me feel more secure when I pack my truck up that nothing can crush or damage my shotgun when driving. Hard cases also usually have a location to lock your firearm, which can make it a little safer around the house or on the road.

A couple drawbacks when using a hard-sided case is that they are quite bulky. So, bringing it out to the duck blind is going to leave you in a bind on where to store it. Therefore, using a soft-sided case is much easier when hunting. Lastly, hard cases can tend to cost more than soft cases especially if you are looking for a case that is approved for lying with.

Soft Sided Gun Case –

Soft cases are the most versatile gun case you can purchase as a waterfowl hunter. They can protect your gun when driving from your house to the duck blind and be rolled up and stashed away. I would say that I use my soft gun case for my shotgun 99% of the time. It’s easier to carry than a hard case and tends to fit in my boat and truck.

Soft cases are made using different thicknesses of canvas that protect your gun from scratches and the outdoor elements. Usually the thicker the canvas the more resistance it will have from being ripped or damaged. However, the thicker canvas can make it harder to fold up when storing without your gun inside of it. So, make sure you look for a soft case that matches your hunting preferences.

Each soft case has padding or foam that lines the inside of the case. You want to look for materials that are soft and none water absorbent. Having a case hold water moisture is going to lead to rust and gun damage. Therefore, when done hunting make sure you open your case and remove your firearm to dry out the case and gun.

Waterproof/Floating Gun Case –

One of the greatest investments in duck hunting is getting a floating or waterproof gun case. Especially if you hunt from a boat. Designed to keep water from entering your gun case in the event you drop it or it rains heavy. Hence, if they can keep water out they can also keep water in. So, make sure to dry out your case after each use. Having a floating case can be a money saver. A friend who’s boat capsized and thankfully no one got hurt, and neither did his shotgun. He had it stored in a floating gun case thankfully saving him the cost of a new gun.

Waterproof cases have very similar construction to a soft side case. So, buying a waterproof case from the start as a waterfowl hunter is kinda like killing two birds with one stone. Making them the Best Waterfowl Gun Case you can purchase as a duck hunter.

Length and Size –

Now that you have selected what type of case you want to purchase, what do you do next? Measure your shotgun length to make sure that when you are looking at gun cases the one you want fits. Make sure if you plan on carrying spare chokes or maybe a boresnake, that you have ample amount of space and pockets. I usually like my gun snug inside the case, so make sure there isn’t too much room where your gun is sliding around when traveling.

When considering a hard case make sure you find one with room for ammunition. Makes it easier to fly with a firearm if you can store the ammunition with your firearm in a locked hard case. When buying a case consider measuring the length of all of your firearms. It’s always nice to have one case that fits multiple firearms.

Legal Need For a Gun Case –

Many state and federal laws require a firearm gun case when traveling in a car, boat or plane. Check your local laws to make sure you are abiding all rules and regulations. Most state hunting regulations have the indicated laws.

You are permitted to travel with unloaded firearms in locked hard-sided cases as checked baggage only. So, if you are flying with your firearm check out the TSA regulations here.

Storing Your Gun –

It’s always best to store a gun in a dry location. Therefore, if you plan on storing your firearm in your gun case. Ensure that the foam inside your case is properly dried out to prevent any moisture building up in your gun. If you have the ability to store your gun in a gun safe that is the safest and best place to keep your firearm. A gun case is best used for traveling from home to your hunting destination.

Hopefully, you are able to select the best waterfowl gun case that suits your hunting style. However, if you are looking for your next hunting travel destination. Check out each states hunting seasons and regulations here.

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