Best Texas Rig Decoy Setup

Texas Rig Decoy Rigs :

If you typically hunt ducks and geese over shallow water you’ll want to know what is the best Texas rig decoy setup. Typically when rigging decoys up with weights and string. It was coming to use some lead mushroom weights and heavy-duty string that could be wound around each decoy’s keel. However, the lines would easily tangle due to the string not being a stiff construction. So hunters within the last 10 years have been experimenting with what materials will reduce knots. Hunters started using heavy offshore fishing lines and rope sleeves. These 400-500lb mono lines didn’t require tying the line around the keel of the decoys because the line never tangled. What these hunters soon figured out was that using rigs made of tangle free wire and swivel clips they could set up and take down decoys faster with fewer tangles.

Best Texas Rig Decoy Setup

Along with the hunters came the decoy companies that sold preconfigured 6-12 packs of Texas Decoy Rigs. Fast forward a bit to today and you have quite a few companies making texas decoy rigs of various lengths, weights, and material. Of course, you can still buy spools of mono and swivels and create your own lengths and setup. Which isn’t a bad idea at all if you need specific lengths and weights for the water you are hunting. However, nowadays there are variations to the Texas Rig offered by each company. So this year when we bought new decoys we also bought a few different brands of rigs so that way we could test them out and see which one worked the best!

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The Best Texas Rig Decoy Setup:

We started the season with a few different brands and rigged them up on different decoys. We tested out a dozen of each brand’s rigging. Again we aren’t paid by any of these companies, but rather if we can find gear for ourselves that last through the abuse and wear and tear we encounter each season. We want to make sure we stick with that equipment so we don’t have to keep replacing gear year after year. So hopefully through our testing, you can make the right purchase for the best texas rig decoy setup for your budget and amount of hunting.


  • Construction – How well are the rigs built
  • Tangle Free – Do the lines tangle or bunch up
  • Cost – How much do they cost to per decoy
  • Use – How well do they pack and throw

Lifetime Decoys 48″ 4oz Texas Decoy Rigs (12 Pack)-

Construction – 10/10
Tangle Free – 10/10
Cost – 9/10
Use – 10/10

Best Texas Rig Setup

Notes: Lifetime Decoys makes some of the strongest and durable rigs on the market. They use different materials to truly give a zero line memory design. They have PVC coated steel cable instead of monofilament. Steel also doesn’t coil and tangle up with other lines when they are in a pile. We put our decoys through the ringer every year. I try to use decoy bags for all of my decoys to prevent wear and tear. However on a few of our duck spots. Tieing the group of decoys on a carabiner is a must. None of the lines tangled when we did this. So throwing the decoys into a spread was super quick and easy. Plus with the numerous hunts this year, none of the swivels or aluminum ferrules feel apart or broke.

As you can tell I like the lifetime decoy rigs, but they do have a drawback they are about 20-30% more expensive than any other Texas style rig. They average out to about $3.50 per decoy. They have multiple different weight and length sizes so make sure you know the depth you need for where you hunt. They carry everything from 30″ 3oz to 72″ 6oz I usually prefer a little longer to be safe.


MOJO Outdoors Texas Style Decoy Rig (12 Pack) –

Construction – 8/10
Tangle Free – 10/10
Cost – 10/10
Use – 9/10

Best Texas Style Setup

Notes: Mojo is one of the top makers of motion decoys today. They make some of the best and top-selling spinning duck decoys. However, that hasn’t stopped them from entering the market to help create the best texas rig decoy setup. They offer their very own Texas-style tangle-free decoy system. They use 400 lb monofilament line with a weight system that slides along the line. So instead of the weight fixed to one end, the weight slides up and down. This does give it an advantage to varying water depths. The construction is a little cheaper made, as the lines and swivels seem to be a little less heavy duty. The benefit being they are cheaper, especially if you have to rig a large spread. They will tend to hold the memory of bends and kinks. So you need to be careful when storing these.


Rig’Em Right Decoy Anchors (Pack of 12) –

Construction – 7/10
Tangle Free – 10/10
Cost – 9/10
Use – 9/10

Best Texas Rig Decoy Setup

Notes: Rig’Em is one of the first companies to start creating and mass producing texas rig style decoy setups. They can easily be found in just about every sporting goods store. Along with finding them is a pretty decent price point as well. As for the overall construction, Rig’Em uses a mono-style string and round weight design. This way the weight can slide along the cord for various water depths. The clamps that hold the loops and swivels on are not as strong as the Lifetime’s design. This may lead to a few of the loops and clamps letting loss over time.


Using Texas Style rigging is one of the easiest ways to decrease the amount of time you spend setting up decoys. Let alone the number of headaches you’ll save yourself from with not having to untangle decoys. They work really well and if buying prefigured packs isn’t your thing you can easily make your own. A DIY kit can easily give you the freedom to make your own sizes and lengths. This is especially nice if you hunt large waters where depth and current plays a factor. Hopefully, now you can decide what is the best texas rig decoy setup for your style of hunting. However, don’t hesitate to check out what’s the best storage option for your field decoys.

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