Best Rubber Hunting Boots Review

As soon as you start gearing up for waterfowl season it’s always best to check your equipment and make sure you have the essential gear. One of the best pieces of gear you can invest in is a set of quality Rubber Hunting Boots. Whether you are duck hunting or goose hunting being on your feet is a must. Most of the time fields and hunting land is muddy, uneven, wet, snowy, or slippery. Therefore, finding the best Rubber Hunting Boots is going to provide you with the ability to hunt all day while staying dry and comfortable.

For myself, I wear my Rubber hunting boots every time I hunt. Having a waterproof set of boots for duck or goose hunting is a must. No matter if I’m hunting fields or heading to the marsh to through on my duck hunting waders, I’ve got my rubber boots. However, it wasn’t always that way, I used to have a cheap set of rubber boots from the local store and they were uncomfortable and couldn’t handle any hunting. However, once I purchased a set of quality rubber hunting boots, they became my go-to footwear when for waterfowl hunting.

1. Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Average |  Rating: 9.9

When it comes to high-quality rubber hunting boots or footwear in general, Lacrosse is a leader. Lacrosse Footwear was founded in Lacrosse, Wisconsin in 1897. For nearly a century Lacrosse Footwear was a leading footwear manufacturer located in Wisconsin until they purchased Denner Boots in 1994 out of Portland Oregon. It was then that the company was able to make a few mergers and grow and make some of the best footwear available. If you look at many waders today, you’ll notice that the boots are made by Lacrosse footwear. They have such high-quality boots, that even companies like Sitka are using them for their new duck hunting waders.

Design –

The Alphaburly Pro’s are the top of the line boot when it comes to buying from Lacrosse. Combining the best materials, scent-free rubber, and neoprene insulation. The boots are designed to endure anything while keeping your feet warm and dry. They even have an embossed liner that adds for better air circulation.

When it comes to the construction and manufacturing of the boots. Lacrosse pays attention to detail, as the boot is built with hand-laid premium rubber on top of neoprene. Therefore, giving you a boot that is flexible, durable, and comfortable. As soon as you try these boots on you’ll notice that they almost form to your foot and leg. Plus you can adjust the back strap giving the boot a snug fit over your calf. Now as some cheap boots get into tough conditions they begin to crack or become soft in high heat. Not the Alphaburly’s they hold their shape and design effortlessly. Another reason why I never cheap out on low-quality boots, the last thing you need is a boot to crack when you’re a mile into the marsh and it’s 20°F.

Sole –

best rubber hunting bootThe sole features a thick EVA cushioning that adds for superior comfort. This also provides you with a boot that is easy to walk in or stand in all day. The Alphaburly rubber hunting boots have a unique tread that allows you to have sure footing in tough terrain.

However, when you see your self-getting into thick mud and marsh the chamfered edges allow you to shed the mud off while walking. Plus the boot as an oversized rubber toe for keening down and preventing wear on the nose of the boot. It’s the small details like this that allow the boot to land at the #2 spot.

If your looking for more colors check out the Elevated II digital pattern as well, Lacrosse makes them in just about every pattern you can desire.

2. Muck Woody – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Average |  Rating: 9.7

Since 1999 Muck Boot Company has been producing the most comfortable and high-performance footwear available. The Original Muck Boot was designed for tough messy and rugged conditions. Therefore, every boot in Muck’s product line is expected to deliver the same 100% waterproof quality and superior comfort taken from the first Muck boot design.

As a result, the Woody Plus has become the best rubber hunting boots for waterfowl. When it comes to selecting gear I always lean towards buying top of the line products. There’s always the DIY and places you can cut corners and save. However, when it comes to something as important as footwear and staying dry, go for the best. Which is why the Muck Plus is the most comfortable and best design on the market.

Design –

Muck has designed the Woody Plus boots to be worn in nearly any condition. From -40°F to 40°F you’ll find that your feet are comfortable. Plus with the 100% waterproof 30-day no hassle returns you’ll be sure to know that your feet will stay dry in any swamp, river, field, or lake. The Woody Plus boots feature a fleece liner not only to keep you warmer but for comfort as well. The fleece doesn’t rub or wear into your skin while walking. A design cheap rubber hunting boots neglect to match.

Above the ankle, you’ll find 5mm neoprene that allows your ankle and calf to move and flex when walking. Yet it’s durable and 100% waterproof. Plus the soft neoprene helps to give the boot a snug and tight fit around your leg. Preventing any type of slipping or sliding when walking.

Sole –

The sole of the Muck boots has robust meaty lugs to ensure a sure footing when standing in water or slippery surfaces. Therefore, whether your in mud, snow, or icy you’ll be sure to have good footing. The midsole is also cushioned with EVA, this helps to give it a soft and flexible feel while walking.

In the event, you use these for more than just waterfowl hunting like I do. The sole is designed with a wider heel breast making it easier to climb a deer stand ladder, or simply climbing into your boat or blind. Lastly, because the sole is made of high-grade rubber that is designed to never wear down or loose lugs over time.

3. Muck The Original – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Average |  Rating: 9.5

As we stated earlier Muck Boot Company has been producing top quality footwear since 1999. However, the Original Muck Boot was the boot that helped put the Muck Boot Company on the map. Now the boots are designed and worn by outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, landowners, and anyone looking to keep their feet 100% dry.

Design –

The Original Boot is designed to be tough and rugged. Made with a 5mm neoprene outer upper shell to keep your feet moving with flexibility remaining 100% waterproof. The neoprene even adds some shock absorption while walking and heat retention to keep your feet warm. Now if you’re like me and use your rubber hunting boots for everything around the house and anything in between. Then the Orginal wetland is going to be the best all-purpose boot for hunting and anything else you can step in and need to keep your feet dry.

Inside the boot is a soft fleece lining that improves comfort while adding some insulation and warmth for snow and cold weather. Therefore, you can use these boots from -20°F to 50°F. Making the Wetlands the perfect all season all weather boot.

Sole –

When it comes to the sole you get an extreme rubber sole that is durable and tough for any type of terrain. The sole has extreme lugs for getting through mud and snow without slipping and sliding. No matter what type of hunting conditions you endure the Wetlands will keep your feet dry.

4. Bogs Men’s Bowman – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Average |  Rating: 9.5

In 2002 Bogs Company started creating Classic Mens Boots for farm and agriculture use in 2002. They were designed to be durable and rugged to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers. Cattle fields and corn fields were no match for the boots. Therefore, as time progressed their product lines expanded into kids boots, women, leather, and hunting.

Design –

The Bowman boots are tough rugged hunting boots that are lined with 6mm Neo-Tech and Bogs Max-Wick. When it comes to the technology of Bog boots, Neo-Tech offers a four-way stretch to the inner bootie that gives comfort and insulation. This boot flexes and moves with your foot making it very easy to walk, run, or anything you have to do to catch that running goose. When it comes to rubber you know that boots aren’t designed to breath much. However, with the Bogs, they have a Max-Wick technology that moves sweat outward away from your feet to keep your feet dry.

You’ll find comfort with the Bowman boots in temperatures ranging from -40° F and up. For one of the lightest boots on the market at just 5.2lbs for a size 10, they actually come in lighter than many other rubber hunting boots. On top of that if you decide to use these boots for deer hunting or large game they have aegis antimicrobial odor protection that helps with scent elimination. Plus if you’re not satisfied with that they over a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sole –

When you slip in the Bowman boots you find that you’ve got thermo-molded EVA midsole cushion. Therefore, when you stand or walk in these all day they will prevent a stiff back or sore feet. On top of that, the sole has 6mm deep lugs for gripping through mud, snow, rain, and ice. The lugs are even designed to wick away mud and prevent it from sticking to the boots. Overall, you’ll get a set of rubber hunting boots that provide comfort and grip while duck hunting.

5. Lacrosse Men’s AeroHead 18″ – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Average |  Rating: 9.2

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that are tested and designed with the top-notch quality. Then you have to check out the Lacrosse AeroHead rubber hunting boots. With over 4 years of development and tested in some of the most rugged terrains with over 4,000 miles trekked you get the rugged yet comfortable Aerohead boots.

Design –

The Aerohead is one of the softest feeling boots when you first try them on. The rubber hunting boots have 14mm of polyurethane under your foot to provide the most support and comfort compared to any other boot on the market. If you have long hikes in or have tough conditions, you want to try this pair out. You won’t be disappointed when you try them on for the first time and hunt a tilled corn field or a rocky river channel. The boots are designed to provide premium comfort with lifelong durability.

The added underfoot polyurethane gives you natural insulation from the extreme cold. Plus it will never compress or break down over time. The upper boot is made of neoprene to give your ankles and calf muscles in the room to flex. Therefore, allowing you to move naturally and not feel like you have a high top boot restricting your gait. I will have the say that my favorite part about the Aeroheads is that the front shin as a thick rubber guard to prevent brush or sticks from penetrating the neoprene. Instead, the guard helps deflect off any harmful sharp objects. It’s the one added touch that really lets the Aeroheads stand out.

Sole –

The sole of the rubber hunting boots is a bit unique from the rest of the list. Instead of the thick large lugs. Lacrosse designed their Aerohead footwear with chamfered edges and angled lugs to help shed off mud and dirt when walking. Plus with the 90° heel you get plenty of comfort for climbing in and out of your duck boat or decoy trailer.

The Aero outsole is a lightweight design made of high-grade rubber to allow you to stand and walk all day long in any conditions. No boot should leave you fatigued after a hunt, and Lacrosse has strived hard to create a boot that will give you comfort and durability.

6. Irish Setter Rutmaster – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Average |  Rating: 9.0

It usually happens where one of two companies tend to dominate an industry. With companies like Muck and Lacrosse, it’s hard to find other brands that can compete let along have advantages. However, Irish Setter or more commonly heard of Red Wing Shoes has been around for over 50 years. The Red Wing Shoe Company first introduced their “Irish Setter” show in the early 50’s however, it wasn’t a rubber boot, but rather a leather boot. The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the dedication and work to design a boot for hunters by hunters.

Design –

Irish Setter managed to make some of the finest leather waterproof boots over the years. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when they introduced the Exo-Flex technology and made a huge jump into the rubber hunting boots market. Exo-Flex allows the boot to expand and accommodate the back of your foot. It then contracts once you slide your foot in to secure it around your ankle. Therefore, giving you the best fit rubber hunting boots on the market. This provides some of the best comforts and fits compared to any other model.

The boot is designed with durable tough neoprene and rubber providing a 100% waterproof shell keeping your feet dry. Usually, when you make a boot more durable you have to add rubber and weight to the boot. However, with Irish Setter’s design of the RPM technology, it significantly reduces the boot weight. While still providing comfort and support. The boots when worn feel very different than other models. They form around your foot instead of giving you a homogeneous fit. Irish Setter has really designed a boot that can be worn all day without any issues.

Sole –

The MudClaw RPM sole provides a rigged grip and traction for mud, snow, icy, or dirt. They are designed as a no-slip walking boot. Therefore, if you’ve ever gone out into a farm field after a heavy rain or snow and had troubles carrying decoys. Try the Rutmaster 2.0 to help keep your feet ground and controlled in any condition.

7. Muck The Orginal FieldBlazer – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Affordable |  Rating: 8.9

As you can tell Muck Boots makes a lot of different models for different applications and conditions. Thankfully, most high-quality rubber boots can be used for waterfowl hunting. When it comes to the Fieldblazer boots, they are more affordable than other models, yet still offering waterproof designs and durability perfect for any marsh or hunting field. They may lack a little when it comes to technology and features. However, if the price is a concern than the Fieldblazers are going to give you just the right amount of comfort, durability, and features to get you hunting.

Design –

The Fieldblazer has a classical design that features 5mm of neoprene with breathable PK mesh lining to keep your feet dry on the inside when the conditions warm up. Most of the upper boot is designed with the neoprene. Therefore, making it really easy to walk in as it flexes with your legs. The ankle area is a thick rubber to offer support and added durability when walking over branches or thick reeds. They are a simple to slip on and off boot. Now they don’t have calf adjusters like other models. However, since the entire upper is made of neoprene the material stretches and fits snug around your leg.

The boot is designed to work really well in warmer conditions. So if you are considering an early season boot that won’t sweat you out like a heavyweight boot. Then the Fieldblazers are a great option that won’t break the bank. I usually keep a pair of these in my truck bed. Therefore, if I’m scouting geese or ducks and can slip them on and head to the field without getting my shoes muddy.

Sole –

The sole is comfortable, but it doesn’t offer the same support as other models. I don’t have an issue with the support of the boot. As they flex well for me and move with my foot. However, some people like a stiffer sole that provides more support. The Waffle style traction provides plenty of grip in muddy or wet conditions. Plus if you notice the picture the lugs climb up the sides of the boot giving you added sidewall traction and grip as well.

8. Lacrosse Men’s 4xBurly 18″ – Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

Price: Affordable |  Rating: 8.2

Last but not least is the Lacrosse Burly rubber hunting boots. If you’re looking for a boot that can take you anywhere and still provide support and comfort. The Burly is a boot that is built around the sole and nothing else. With a unique technology, the sole is the main feature of this boot that Lacrosse designed specifically for those long days of hunting. Therefore, if you’re planning on some duck hunting in the morning and a little pheasant hunting in the afternoon. Check out the 4xBurly rubber hunting boots.

Design –

The 100% waterproof boots are made with the same Lacrosse proven formulas to make sure your feet stay dry all day. However, the largest advantage to the 4xBurly is the Quad-Core Technology that provides four layers of cushion and comfort for all-day hiking or standing. The heavy-duty neoprene and polyurethane offer durability and comfort. While the blown rubber midsole and EVA material give the boot the ability to absorb the shock of walking.

When it comes to insulation the 4xBurly is one of the warmest boots on this list at 1200g Thinsulate Ultra. So if you plan on hunting some late-season weather with icy cold water and freezing conditions. The Burly is going to be the pair that will keep your feet warm enough on those days.

Sole –

Lacrosse designed the Burly with a thick sole that gives the boot it’s rugged and supportive feel. The bottom is fitted with deep lugs for mud and snow. Therefore, allowing you to walk without slipping or sliding. You’ll also find that the toe, heel, and shit of the boot have added layers of rubber giving them protection to normal wear spots. Therefore, keeping the integrity of the waterproof rubber hunting boots in mind.

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What to Consider For Buying The Best Rubber Hunting Boots –

I always thought a pair of rubber hunting boots was only for deer hunting. When it comes to duck hunting I either wore my waders or a set of warm leather hunting boots. However, I was mistaken when I bought my first pair. I thought I’d be using them for maybe launching the boat. I was mistaken, I started wearing my rubber hunting boots for every field hunt. They offered comfort, waterproofing, durability, and support. Plus they could slip on and off at the truck keeping my floor mats clean.

However, whenever you pick out your first pair you want to find the best rubber hunting boots and there are many factors to consider. Therefore, we have compiled some buying tips and helpful things to take note of as you make the purchase.

Waterproof – The Best Rubber Hunting Boots

best rubber hunting bootsWhen it comes to waterfowl hunting, it’s in the name, “water”. You’re going to encounter water in the lakes, rivers, ponds, or fields you are hunting. Therefore, above all things finding the best rubber hunting boots have to be 100% waterproof. When it comes to waterfowl hunting temperature really doesn’t matter because you can always layer and with companies like Sitka and Drake Waterfowl they make plenty of gear for every condition. However, as soon as you get wet no matter how great your gear is, you’re going to become cold until you dry off. Therefore, selecting a waterproof boot that will be durable and rugged enough for sticks, marshes, fields, and rocks is a must.

When looking for waterproof boots make sure you pay close attention to the sole of the boot. You need it to offer enough rubber and cushion that no sticks or rocks can penetrate through destroying the boot. the other thing you want to look at is the neoprene and rubber outer shell. It has to be flexible enough to move with your ankle, foot, and leg when moving. And when conditions or temperature change you don’t want it to become hard in cold conditions. Same goes for extremely warm weather, you don’t want it to become soft and lose its structure.

Insulation – The Best Rubber Hunting Boots

best rubber hunting bootsWhen it comes to warmth during duck hunting season. Having warm feet and hands are going to be your ticket to staying out in the blind longer and finishing out a limit. This is why a solid pair of warm shooting gloves and a set of warm rubber hunting boots is desirable. When it comes to insulation nothing is used more often that Thinsulate Insulation it’s warm and lightweight and can come in different weights to provide various types of warmth in your boots.

When it comes to determining how much insulation to have in your rubber hunting boots. You need to think of your hunting conditions and climate. As too much insulation can leave you with sweaty warm feet. Same goes for not having enough, you may get cold feet pretty quick without proper insulation. Larger weight numbers indicate more insulation meaning warmer boots.

A great all around weight is going to be a 400-600g Thinsulate insulation. In the event, you’ll be hunting extreme cold you’ll want to select 1200-1600g Thinsulate. Some hunters even consider owning a couple pairs of various insulation weights to offer a more custom fit for the conditions they are hunting. However, that just depends on the budget you have for a set of boots.

Comfort – The Best Rubber Hunting Boots

best rubber hunting bootsComfort goes hand in hand with a lot of factors when selecting the best rubber hunting boots. For example, warmth or breathability is a comfort factor and should be considered. However, the comfort that we are referring to is when you stand up, walk, kneel, or sit with a set of rubber hunting boots. They need to be comfortable, ones you can stand to be in for an all-day hunt. Nothing is more dissatisfying to spending over $100 on a set of boots, where they leave you sore, swollen, or bleedy after wearing them. Therefore, stick to leading manufacturers and top quality footwear to avoid these issues.

Another thing to consider and look for is having top quality rubber products built in the footwear. Boots that are comprised of one material and in thin portions are going to cause comfort issues. Look for footwear that has multiple flexible rubbers and neoprenes to offer flexibility when walking, or moving around. You also want to consider the correct size. A loose boot is going to rub and cause a lot of sores. I usually wear a set of long socks to prevent anything like this ever happening. However, if you select a set of good boots from the list above you’ll have a set that fits properly to your foot and ankle.

Durability – The Best Rubber Hunting Boots

best rubber hunting bootsDuck hunters are one of the hardest on gear out of any other type of hunting. Between hot and cold, wet and dry, windy and muddy, having gear that is durable and tough. Therefore, when it comes to footwear and the terrain we have to walk over. Rubber hunting boots have to be durable to go through brush, marsh, sticks, logs, mud, gravel and whatever else you through at them without tearing or puncturing.

Finding the best rubber hunting boots that has a thick pliable rubber that is not going to crack or become soft is a factor to consider. You also want to find a strong rubber sole so when walking over jagged surfaces they won’t wear too soon and become damaged. To find the best rubber hunting boots you have to consider the wear spots as well for needed durability. For example, many high-quality manufacturers have added rubber on the heel and toe. Some even have rubber on the shin and other heavy wear spots to help prevent any tears or punctures.

Sole – The Best Rubber Hunting Boots

best rubber hunting bootsWhen it comes to what a pair of rubber boots can handle. Only the best rubber hunting boots have the sole to go over rough terrain and not puncture wear or break down. The sole of any footwear is the heartbeat of the boot. This provides you with the comfort to stand or walk all day. A poorly support inside sole will lead to fatigue and foot or ankle issues. Try to stick with manufacturers that create soles with EVA cushion and shock absorbing materials. Therefore, when you are hunting long days you’re feet won’t be the first to fail.

The inner sole is important for comfort, whereas the outer sole is important for grip and footing control. Boots with poor lugs and outer edges lack the necessary grip for mud, marsh, and slick conditions. With a poor footing, it can become quite an unsafe situation when you add shotguns, other hunters, and dogs in the mix. You want to know you’re not going to slip or fall as you stand up to shoot. Therefore, look for soles that offer a superior grip and lug pattern that will wick mud.

Overall Height & Weight –

Each rubber boot manufacture comes with various lengths and heights of boots. Be sure to look for heights that will fit your hunting conditions and style. Some hunters like a tall boot as it offers more wading ability. However, it can prevent some flexibility when walking. As others prefer more flexibility when walking and a shorter boot. Most of the best rubber hunting boots will be offered in 14-18″ lengths.

The waterproof abilities are no differences among the lengths. It’s more of a personal preference and feel. When I purchased my first pair of boots I had no idea they even came in different sizes. The only concern that you want to avoid is getting too tall of boots if your shorter and the boot tops touch your knee joints. The top of the boot will eventually start rubbing and cause a lot of discomfort.

Best Rubber Hunting Boots Accessories –

Rubber hunting boots are pretty simple, however, there is always a few extra accessories to take care of your boots and preserve the life of them for numerous season. The last thing you want to do is have mold or mildew growing on your boots and ruin them. Therefore, the following accessories are perfect when owning the best rubber hunting boots.

Rubber Hunting Boot Dryer –

best rubber hunting bootsWhen it comes to water and boots, there will be a time you go a little too deep or sweat a little too much and need to dry out your boots. In the event you are hunting the following day a boot dryer is going to be the best option to dry out your boots fast.

The Jobsite boot Electric Dryer is perfect to help dry out those soaking rubber hunting boots. It even helps to eliminate odors caused by sweat and bacteria building up inside the boot. The best part is this can be used as a glove and hat dryer as well. It’s always nice to find things that can serve more than one purpose. The dryer is quite cheap and will help to preserve the life of your new hunting boots for sure.

Aqua Sealant –

best rubber hunting boatsIt’s unfortunate but every now and then no matter the material or durability something may puncture those rubber hunting boots. Thankfully, there is an option to patch them and seal the leak before replacing your boots. Nothing works better than aqua sealant to patch the leak. The same procedure can be used to find leaks as you would with a set of waders. If you need help in learning how to find leaks, read more here.

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