Best Duck Hunting Waders

When it comes to duck hunting or goose hunting over water a set of duck hunting waders is a must have. There is no way you can set decoys or wade in the cold water for downed ducks and geese. Therefore, finding the best duck hunting waders has to be on every waterfowl hunters checklist whether new to hunting or you need to replace a leaky pair. However, considering a set of Duck hunting waders is the only thing between you and sometimes icy water. You have to find a pair that won’t leak, holds up to the tough conditions of waterfowl hunting, and will last for many seasons.

Most of the time when you’re going to be using waders, you’ll be wading into knee-deep or higher water. However, if for some reason you are looking for boots that can step into ankle deep water or the edge of a marsh. Then you may only need a set of rubber boots. Read more about the Best Rubber Hunting Boots here to find a comfortable set of boots for field hunting or shallow water duck hunting.

Why You Need The Best Duck Hunting Waders –

If duck hunting was just an easy stroll to your spot in your flip-flops and short. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t attract some of the most rugged willing hunters in the nation. Waterfowl hunters endure some of the toughest conditions from 100° weather to fridged below freezing temperatures. From thunderstorms to white out snowstorms waterfowl hunters will be out chasing ducks and geese. However, if you don’t have the appropriate clothing and gear, you’ll soon find yourself running back to the truck to warm up and get out of the weather.

Considering ducks and geese are “waterfowl birds” you know you’re going to need to gear that keeps you dry and warm. Thankfully, with about a dozen great duck hunting waders manufactures on the market it possible to find the best duck hunting waders for your hunting conditions. However, first, you need to understand how important a set of waders will be for your success to waterfowl hunting.

Access –

First and foremost duck hunting waders are going to provide you with a lot better access to hunting ponds, lakes, and marshes. Of course, a hunting boat or kayak is going to provide you with access. However, once you get to your spot it’s possible to get out and toss duck decoys while having sturdy footings. Waders will also provide you with the ability to walk out after dead birds in the event your dog can’t or you don’t have one, while staying dry.

Maybe you don’t have a boat or kayak to hunt ducks yet. A pair of waders will provide you with the accessibility to wade through streams and rivers to little honey holes. I can’t even count the number of spots I’ve discovered while just putting a pair of waders on and grabbing my shotgun. Most people look for the easy way in, however, a little hiking and you can find a whole new duck hole.

Conditions –

If you’ve ever duck hunted from the season opener to season closer and anywhere in between you’ll know the weather changes fast. Maybe you even travel from North to South to hunt ducks and geese with varying weather conditions. I’ve hunted early teal season in Missouri in near 100° weather and let me tell you a set of late-season waders will make anyone pass out and sweat to death. However, those same thick insulated waders was necessary to keep me warm and dry while I was breaking ice to open up water this past November.

Waders are made to keep you dry from the wet environments and conditions that come with duck hunting. No matter how much gear you have on, as soon as you get wet and the weather is below freezing. You’ll soon become cold and pack up. Which is why owning a set of waders matters too much to duck hunting. However, finding a quality set is the most important.

Best Duck Hunting Waders –


1. Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Wader – Best Duck Hunting Waders

duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsMid to Late Season
Material3.5mm Neoprene
Insulated / Non Insulated600mg Thinsulate
Sizing ChartClick Here

Frogg Toggs started in the industry of rain gear more for the fishing and golfing industry. Located in Arb, Alabama it didn’t take the company long to start applying their waterproof clothing products to hunting as well. Specifically, the waterfowl hunting industry with waders and footwear. With over a dozen different models, sizes, thickness, and styles. Frogg Toggs has started to create some of the best duck hunting waders available. If you are looking for a set of waders that is going to provide a universal and versatile use then the Amphib Frogg Toggs are going to be the ticket. They fit right in the middle for neoprene thickness, insulation, and durability. Making them one of the most versatile sets of waders.

Features –

Frogg Toggs aren’t the first to the market when it comes to finding the best duck hunting waders. However, what they have been able to do is begin to redesign some of the poor features older model waders have. For example, the waders tend to rest a little higher than other models, allowing you a few more inches of water depth when wading thick marshes. For a very low price, these waders come with reinforced knee pads for added protection when you are kneeling or climbing in and out of your boat.

Additionally, the Amphib waders have adjustable neoprene suspenders with lockable loop-and-hook attachments. A lot of low budget waders will have nylon belt material for suspenders, so having a set of comfortable soft neoprene harness makes for a much more enjoyable wader fit. The waders also have dual fleece-lined hand warmer chest pocket for shells, remotes, and hand warmers. The Amphib’s have plenty of Thinsulate insulation with 600 grams to keep you warm from mid-season to late season with the right layers. Plus with cleated outsoles and 8mm wool felt midsole, you’ll be sure to have solid grip and warmth in your feet.

Lastly, did we mention that the waders have a 1-year warranty! It’s hard to find a wader company that honors such a warranty, so it gives a much-added sense of security when you use these waders.

2. Allen Skybuster Neoprene Bootfoot Waders – Best Duck Hunting Waders

best duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsMid to Late Season
Material3.5mm Neoprene
Insulated / Non Insulated1000mg Thinsulate
Sizing ChartClick Here

Allen company is located in Broomfield, Colorado and was founded in 1970 manufacturing hunting, shooting, tactical, archery, and fishing gear. Allen knows the great outdoors when it comes to gear and equipment. The Allen Company makes hundreds of products from shooting gear to gun cases. However, their waders are one of our favorites. With Realtree MAX-5 the Allen Skybuster waders offer superior concealment from ducks and geese. The Skybuster waders are a very universal wader for hunting or fishing. However, with 1000 grams of Thinsulate insulated in the boots, these are designed best for Mid to late season temperatures.

Features –

The Skybuster Waders from Allen are a great wader if you are looking for a few added features that aren’t always in midrange duck hunting waders. For example, the waders are designed with oversized storage and pocket areas to accommodate hands with gloves on. Therefore, you don’t have to take off your gloves everytime you need something. The harness suspenders are designed a little different than the Frogg Toggs, however, they have a high back design making them a bit more comfortable since they don’t have neoprene straps.

You’ll find that the waders have an adjustable waist belt to fit any size waist. This helps prevent the waders from falling down or worse taking on water. The waders as you can see in the picture have reinforced knee pads for climbing and kneeling. This helps to prolong the life of spots that see heavy wear and tear. Lastly, don’t forget that the waders have shell loops and front D-rings for attaching any clip-on accessories.

3. Banded Redzone Breathable Waders – Best Duck Hunting Waders

duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsMid to Late Season
Material100% Polyester
Insulated / Non Insulated1624mg Thinsulate
Sizing ChartClick Here

Banded Gear has become a fast-growing waterfowl company focused on waterfowl hunting gear designed for avid outdoorsmen and women. With well over 600 products in over 19 categories Banded has outerwear, boots, hunting bags, blinds, decoys. With their 2015 acquisition of Avery, Banded Gear has been able to show rapid growth in the waterfowl industry. However, what has caught the attention of so many duck hunters is their lightweight breathable waders.

Features –

Banded took to researching and developing one of the most versatile waterproof materials. They call it SHEDS, or Super Hydrophobic Evaporative Development System. Next, they unified the material with insulation with a Heat Absorbing Retention System. Ultimately, you get a set of the best duck hunting waders that perform in any condition a waterfowl hunter encounters. The waders are some of the most advanced set of waders on the market. With one of the first bib-fit styles, you get a wader that fits perfectly to any shape and size.

It’s hard to find a set of waders that are all season, but Banded has been able to develop it with their technology. From -10° to 50°F these waders will provide the breathability at warm temperatures. Yet when you need to hunt fridged cold weather, you have the ability to stay warm with 1600 gram Thinsulate Insulated boots.

Some of the other features that make Banded waders one of the best waders for duck hunting is that they have integrated over the boot gaiters. No other bootfoot waders have this type of feature. The Redzone’s also have removable webbing belt to help support and tighten the chest of the waders. Additionally, the waders have a fleece lined hand warmer chest pocket to earn your hands and stash some extra shells. Lastly, the waders have adjustable shoulder straps to get a custom fit. They even have a high back panel to add exposure protection. The Redzone waders are a superior set of waders over the rest, the one drawback is that they are an expensive investment. However, sometimes it’s worth it since you wouldn’t need to buy an early and late season set of waders.

4. Drake Eqwader LST Waders – Best Duck Hunting Waders

best duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsMid to Late Season
Material5mm Neoprene
Insulated / Non Insulated1600mg Thinsulate
Sizing ChartClick Here

If you’re looking for one of the most dependable sets of waders. Leave it up to Drake Waterfowl Systems with their Eqwader Wading Systems 2.0. Not only are these waders 5mm thick for added durability, but Drake treated the seems. All external seams have a unique Liquid Seam Weld and all internal seams with extra-wide Waterproof Seam-Seal Tape. Most waders only use one of these methods. However, by choosing to do both, these waders are bulletproof when it comes to durability and waterproofing.  Drake Waterfowl has been around for nearly 20 years and creates some of the most durable and robust waterfowl and hunting gear.

Features –

When it comes to the features of The Eqwader 2.0 is far from limited. Drake has been able to make one of the most durable pair of waders that can handle the harsh conditions of any waterfowl hunt. When it comes to waders, mobility and comfort are usually left at the truck when you put a pair of waders on. However, with the Drake waders, they have superior mobility from the features built into the waders. First, you have HD2 Hydro-Flex knee pads that allow you to sit and kneel while preventing any tension on the seams of the waders. If you’ve ever had an old pair of waders leak. Usually, the knees and areas of tension are the first to leak.

Additionally, Drake has built the front of the waders to have multiple pockets for easy access. They also have a few shotgun shell sleeves to help give you extra shells. They even designed a waterproof zipper pocket to hold keys or hunting licenses. Plus they have lower pockets on the front of the waders as well. As you can see Drake has loaded these waders with convenient pockets. Drake Waterfowl has even taken the time to add Boot-Lok buckles to help prevent any slippage when walking and protect the boots. Overall Drake has created the best duck hunting waders when it comes to durability.

5. Lacrosse Men’s Super Brush Tuff Waders – Best Duck Hunting Waders

best duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsMid to Late Season
Material5mm Neoprene
Insulated / Non Insulated1600mg Thinsulate
Sizing ChartClick Here

When it comes to Lacrosse, it comes with a long history of footwear since 1897. Founded in Lacrosse, Wisconsin it’s gone through numerous acquisitions and mergers. However, what it has kept is making quality footwear which includes the best duck hunting waders. Lacrosse has been able to manufacture high-quality hunting boots for men, women, and children. Whereas, their waders incorporate their superior boots into every pair. Their boots are so well built that even the outdoor clothing giant Sitka Waterfowl division has decided to use Lacrosse boots for their latest waders, read more here. Nonetheless, Lacrosse not only makes superior boots but waders with those boots.

Features –

Lacrosse was actually my first pair of waders, I bought them used and they were far too big for me. However, when you in college and money is nowhere to be found for $40 dollars I was able to use the waders for nearly 5 years. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Lacrosse waders, durability. The Brush Tuff Extreme duck hunting waders are designed for timber, marsh, and any type of hunting hole you can throw at them. The outer shell is a combination of spandex and Lycra that overlap with neoprene giving them added durability. PLus with a 5mm neoprene build, they will be tough to rip or tear in waterfowl conditions.

Not only do the waders provide great durability, but the thicker materials provide extreme warmth in cold conditions. With the heavyweight neoprene and insulation, plus 1600 gram Thinsulate boots you’ll be sure to stay warm when the water begins to freeze. The last really nice feature for the Brush Tuff waders is that they have an ankle fit technology that helps to grip the top of your foot locking your heel in place. If you’ve ever tried to walk through thick mud and had your boots stick in the mud, and your foot pulls out. It’s because the waders didn’t have a feature like the Brush tuffs. Plus this provides a much more comfortable and secure feel when you are walking to and from your hunting spots. As your feet won’t slip or slide inside your boots.

Overall, the Brush Tuffs is a set of waders that are built for serious duck hunting in tough conditions. They are designed to hold up to the conditions and be puncture resistant.

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6. Cabela’s Camo Lug-Sole Bootfoot Waders – Best Duck Hunting Waders

best duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsEarly to Mid Season
Insulated / Non InsulatedLightweight
Sizing ChartClick Here

If you haven’t heard of Cabelas, then you may have been born under a rock. With hundreds of stores across the US, they are one of the few brick and mortar stores left you can still purchase hunting supplies. Offering just about every brand imaginable in the fishing, hunting, and outdoors industry Cabelas is a one-stop shop. However, with their great success, they have been able to launch their own line of products branded Cabelas. From fishing poles and coolers to boots and tents, Cabelas creates it all. Their best duck hunting waders are one of the leading waders on the market compared to others. Their low cost highly versatile styles allow hunters to find a set that will get them to their duck hunting spot.

Features –

If you are planning on hunting early teal season or maybe even warm weather. The Cabelas Camo-Lug Sole waders are perfect for that. Made of PVC-coated lightweight durable nylon these waders are designed to keep you cool, not warm. No insulation is added, instead, these waders are designed to be worn for warm hunting conditions, when 1600 gram boots would make you sweat instantly. However, the boots on these waders do have a fleece liner to make them comfortable and still provide some warmth in the mid-season for cool morning.

The waders are designed very simple compared to models from Drake and Banded. However, what that does is keep the price very inexpensive. You’ll find that these are very affordable, but still fit great. The waist has an elastic top to ensure a snug fit that won’t fall off. They even have adjustable suspenders to make sure the waders will sit well on your waist. The waders may not have all of the fancy features as others, however, they still have the essentials like pockets and a durable material that can handle hunting early to mid-season ducks.

7. Cabela’s Women’s Breathable Hunting Waders – Best Duck Hunting Waders

best duck hunting waders

Details Specs
Season ConditionsEarly To Mid Season
Material900 Denier Nylon
Insulated / Non Insulated600 gram Thinsulate
Sizing ChartClick Here

I don’t know what it is but finding quality hunting gear for women can be hard to find. However, thanks to Cabelas they are the only ones that have designed and make waders specifically for women. Waders are bulky and uncomfortable, to begin with, so I’m sure to have a women’s cut waders must make them a lot easier to wear and much more comfortable. Now the Cabela’s women’s breathable hunting waders aren’t some cheap low-quality set of waders. Cabela’s has put a lot of research and development into the best duck hunting waders that are breathable for women.

Features –

The waders from Cabela’s are designed to be rugged enough for any hunting situation. However, what makes them stand out is the 4MOST DRY-PLUS technology that is designed to keep you warm and dry no matter the hunting conditions. The design is a 100% waterproof technology that uses a durable laminate that locks out moisture while still allows the waders to breathe. It also includes waterproof taped seams to make for a superior protection against water and snow. You’ll find that these waders are made for duck hunting any condition.

The 600-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation helps to keep your feet warm on cool morning into the middle of the season. Yet when the temperatures are hot the breathability and comfort of the waders allow you to keep hunting. The waders are built with multiple pockets, one that is a drop-in pocket and another that is perfect for hand warmers. Featured with neoprene shoulder straps these waders are fitted with comfort and a snug fit. It’s hard to find a set of women’s specific waders, and Cabela’s has really knocked it out of the park with this tough and rugged set of waders.

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What Material Is Needed For The Best Duck Hunting Waders –

There are two materials to pick from when selecting a set of duck hunting waders. Either neoprene or breathable material. Each of them has their benefits and negatives. However, it depends the most is the conditions you’ll be hunting it.

Neoprene Waders –

Neoprene is the most durable and versatile material when it comes to waders. It’s also one of the best if you are looking for insulated duck hunting waders. Insulation is what will give you the warmth needed to wad or stand in freezing cold water without getting wet or cold. Most people buy a neoprene set and use them all season long, as most of the fall is cooler. However, in the event of Early Teal Season early season teal hunting, for example, neoprene will be very hot and none-breathable. Which is why they are not suitable for the warm temperatures. If you’ve ever waded through a murky thick marsh in 80° weather it won’t take long before you’ve purchased a lightweight breathable pair.

Breathable Nylon Waders –

One of the best materials for hot weather and warm waters is breathable nylon waders. Think of the same material that is used for flyfishing waders. It’s waterproof and breathable making warm weather hunting possible. Sweating is drastically reduced with breathable waders, and the lightweight material is much more comfortable. However, the few drawbacks are that it’s less durable and more susceptible to tears and abrasions from sticks and rocks. Additionally, when the weather conditions get cold, additional layers of insulation underneath the waders are going to be necessary to stay warm.

Bootfoot Or Stockingfoot Duck Hunting Waders –

Now that you have an idea of what material you should select it’s time to decide what type of boot will be necessary when finding the best waders for duck hunting. Similar to materials there are two options and for the most part, they don’t cross over between materials. For example, if you select neoprene 95% of the time it will be a boot foot wader. Therefore, if you select a more breathable wader you may have the option to get a stockingfoot style wader boot. Let’s take a look at what the two are and their differences.

Bootfoot –

The most common style is bootfoot, as it’s cheaper to manufacture the boot right onto the waders. Hence, making it cheaper to purchase waders of this style as well. Since the boot is molded to the waders, it provides better insulation and much easier to walk in muddy conditions.

Stockingfoot –

Stockingfoot boot style is most common for breathable lightweight waders where the waders have neoprene socks and you have to purchase additional wading boots. This is common for fisherman, but it does give you the ability to pick a boot that is the most comfortable. Plus the boots are easy to clean and usually lace on making walking in them and wading much easier.

Best Duck Hunting Waders Features –

When it comes to duck hunting with waders there are a few features to look for that can make your waders more usable. Anything that can help keep stuff dry and out of the water and connected to your waders is going to be a helpful feature. Which is why many duck hunting waders of some, if not all of the following features.

Gravel Guards –

On stockingfoot style, waders make sure that the waders have gravel guards that go over your boots. This prevents mud, rocks, sand, and grass from building up and getting inside your boot. It’s never fun having to stop during a hunt when the actions picking up because you have a rock in your boot.

Pockets –

Always look for waders that have some additional pockets. Now I would never trust an outside pocket with my phone or keys from not getting wet. However, I use mine for extra shells to make them easier to access than inside pockets. I also use my pocket to hold my dog’s e-collar receiver so I have easy access to that as well. Lastly, when the weather drops I stuff mine with a few hand warmers and a small rag to dry off and warm my hands between shots.

D-Rings –

Most waders have a set of d-rings on the outside for clipping carabiners on. You can attach motion duck decoy remotes, whistles, or even hang your boots out to dry with these. D-rings are pretty versatile, and low cost, but they provide an added place for attachments.

Camo Patterns –

When it comes to camo patterns there are quite a few, however, the more popular ones are the Mossy Oak or Realtree marsh grass images. The patterns help to allow you to blend into your environment. Some of the breathable waders made for fishing won’t have camo patterns, however, a shade of green or brown is pretty easy to find.

Reinforced Padding –

When it comes to the tough conditions duck hunters endure and the requirements of kneeling or sitting. Having added padding in the knees and rear are much needed to help ensure that the waders will last for many seasons. I know I’ve either sat or kneeled on rocks and stumps and having added padding sure makes it more durable.

What Thickness Of Waders To Select –

When it comes to thickness, manufacturers are referring to the neoprene millimeter thickness. Most neoprene waders will come in a thickness of 3.5 to 5 millimeters. The greater the thickness will provide more insulation and more durability. However, that also means it’s going to add more weight. When you select a thickness, you can’t remove any, instead, you are stuck with the millimeter thickness you purchased.

Sometimes people assume they need the thickest they can find, but come to find that they are too warm or they can’t walk in them. Instead, plan for the conditions you hunt the majority of the time. You may have to buy two sets one for early and one for late season if you have conditions that can range in temperatures like I do. We can hunt in 80° weather at the beginning of the season and then by the end be hunting over ice in 10° weather. Therefore, owning a couple sets of waders helps out.

Cleaning & Maintenance –

Ordering the best duck hunting waders are an investment, most brands at least will cost you over $100. So, it’s something you need to properly take care of and maintain to ensure they can last numerous seasons. When it comes to using your waders, be sure to wash off any mud, sand, dirt, or grass before you take them off. First, it’s much easier to remove when they are still wet. Plus, the debris could damage the neoprene or nylon material if you leave it. You also want to hang up your waders so they can dry out after each use. Mostly, because it’s never easy putting on cold wet waders the morning of a hunt. Plus if you leave a set of waders damp, they can build up mold and mildew which can damage the waders as well.

Cleaning –

In the event, you have too much dirt or marsh mud on your waders and a hose won’t work. Using dish soap and a soft brush or rag will allow you to clean the outsides of your waders without damaging anything.

Repairing Your Best Duck Hunting Waders –

It’s happened to me where I’ve jumped into the water to find my leg is starting to feel cold and wet. Leaks happen with waders, sometimes its a cut, but a lot of the time its older wader’s seams giving way after so much use. The good part is most can be fixed and patched up. However, the hardest part is targeting the exact hole location while wearing the waders. Instead, the best trick there is for detecting leaks is to use a leaf blower if you’ve got one, or drop of a beer off at a neighbors house to borrow theirs.

best duck hunting wadersWhat You’ll Need:

  • Leaf Blower
  • Dishsoap
  • Water
  • Table or Flat Surface
  • Clamps


  • Start by laying your waders on a folding table (one that can get wet) or your front lawn.
  • Next, take the leaf blower and put it facing down the chest of the waders.
  • Then begin to clamp off any open area of the chest opening to ensure once you turn the leaf blower on that it fills the waders full of air.


  • Turn the leaf blower on, idle speed is usually more than enough air flow.
  • Next, use a spray bottle of water or splash your waders with water to make them wet.
  • Finally, coat the waders starting in the spot you believe to have a leak with dish soap. If there is a hole you’ll begin to see bubbles forming. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for small holes to show bubbles so be sure to check carefully.


  • Once you have the holes marked with a sharpie or paint pen let your waders dry and use Aquaseal or a Patch kit. Both options are far less expensive than buying a new set of waders.

Video Tutorial – How To Patch Waders

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