Best Duck Hunting Shooting Gloves


Shooting GlovesAs the Fall temperatures begin to lower and the mornings reach 30 degrees. I don’t mind pulling out my warmer duck hunting jacket or adding a layer or two of clothes. However, the first thing to get cold is always my fingers. I would prefer to not have gloves because in years past gloves tend to be so bulky and thick that they won’t fit into a trigger guard. However, it’s too hard to go without gloves and risk your fingers freezing making them hard to load shotgun shells or pull the trigger. Thanks to the waterfowl world for making some changes over the past few years ensuring gloves not only keep your fingers warm but fit tight to your fingers. Therefore I’ll break down by rating the best duck hunting shooting gloves.

With that said this list is unbiased as we aren’t paid by these companies but rather we’ve tested them to find the best gloves for shooting and help you with your next purchase.

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Sizing: How well do these gloves fit according to their size indicated.
Availability: How easy is it to purchase and find.
Versatility: Can you hunt in early season and late season with the pair of gloves.
Value: Gloves shouldn’t cost a fortune, but if they are they better be worth it.

Best Duck Hunting Shooting Gloves:

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Sitka Gradient Glove – Waterfowl Optifade

Sizing: 10/10
Availability: 9/10
Versatility: 10/10
Value: 10/10

Best Duck Hunting shooting Gloves

Notes: You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Sitka by now. However, you might also know that Sitka doesn’t come cheap. Their gear comes at one of the highest price points around. Their quality and craftsmanship sure do show. These gloves fit like rubber gloves. The Sitka Gradient Glove is very comfortable and makes it easy to feel your trigger and safety. The optifade waterfowl pattern is a great look in any corn, bean or marsh setting. They also come in a timber pattern which is a bit darker and perfect for hunting you guessed its timber. Now let’s get to the price $30, yes you read that correctly. Amazon offers them for $30 free shipping for Prime members.

The drawback I have with these is they are lightweight so these may be hard to use when it’s colder than 20 degrees. They don’t offer any waterproofing, but for the price point, they’re a steal. I also have a hard time finding these in brick and mortar stores. Sitka focuses on their patterns that sell well and waterfowl is a new one for them. So ordering online is the way to go.


Mechanix Wear – Tactical Gloves

Sizing: 10/10
Availability: 9/10
Versatility: 10/10
Value: 9/10

Best Shooting Gloves

Notes: Mechanix was founded in 1991 in California maybe not known best for waterfowl hunting. Better known in the automotive industry, NASCAR in particular. However, any product that has to endure the rugged abuse of NASCAR Racing, has to be tough enough for waterfowl hunting. It sure didn’t take Mechanix long before they started creating gloves for construction, military and law enforcement.

If you are looking for a durable and rugged shooting glove, look no further. I use these for warm to cool conditions. They not only are my favorite shooting glove, but they work really well when brushing blinds. They have a great form fit that hugs your hands and fingers making it easy to shot with. Plus the palm is a seamless single layer making them really comfortable. The gloves are even machine washable, which is great when they get dirty. One of the best features is that the gloves come in five different sizes. Making it super easy to get a pair that fits your hand comfortably. No other glove on the market has sizes, usually it’s a one size fits all approach.


Drake MST Windstopper Fleece Shooters – Brown

Sizing: 10/10
Availability: 8/10
Versatility: 8/10
Value: 8/10

best duck hunting gloves

Notes: Drake waterfowl has been around since 2002 and really pioneered the need for quality waterfowl hunting gear. Drake originates in the Delta and they know how to create versatile gear. The MST Windstopper is a great shooting glove, they are a tight snug fit. The Windstopper technology is great for the cold and windy days of duck hunting. I can easily see myself using these late into duck season. The Trigger fingers also have a leather-like feel that allows you to grip just shells or your gun very easily.

The drawbacks to these as your next shooting glove purchase is that they don’t offer a camo color. However, after duck season they could be a nice glove to wear around town. They are 100% fleece, therefore, they aren’t waterproof. They also come at a higher price point of $50-60 (depends on size) and finding these with free shipping is hard to come by.


Banded Gear Squaw Creek Glove – Duck Gloves

Sizing: 8/10
Availability: 9/10
Versatility: 8/10
Value: 7/10

Best duck hunting gloves

Notes: Banded has quickly become a staple brand in waterfowl gear. They have grown fast by purchasing Avery Outdoors and received recognition for their breathable and comfortable waders. Banded has set out to create a comfortable and warm feel with these Squaw Creek gloves as well. They have a nice warm layer with a little water resistant outer layer. The palm of the glove has a sticky feel that helps when gripping your gun or picking up shells. They are also offered in multiple camo patterns.

The drawback, however, is that they are quite bulky and not as easy to shot with. They have a more durable feel but that comes at the expense of larger material used. The feel of these gloves reminds me more of a winter glove, but with that, they easily could be used in cold conditions. The Banded gloves have a little higher price point around $50, and they are harder to find in stores.


Glacier Glove – Best Decoy Glove – Waterproof

Sizing: 8/10
Availability: 9/10
Versatility: 7/10
Value: 10/10

Best Decoy Glove

Notes: Glacier Gloves is based out of Reno Nevada, and they have quickly been able to make gloves for just about every situation. From warm weather gear to heavyweight angler gloves, Glacier Gloves has you covered. Therefore, selecting the waterproof glacier decoy gloves was a no-brainer. They are the perfect pair of gloves to put in your blind bag. They come in very handy on those cold icy mornings where setting or pulling decoys makes your hands turn ice cold.

The gloves reach up to your elbow allowing you to submerge your hand when picking up decoys without having your hands freeze. They come in a soft pliable neoprene material making them quite flexible. If you had to use them to shoot in, you wouldn’t have too many issues. However, they don’t offer insulation so on a cold morning they may not work all day. Nonetheless, they dry out in a day for back to back hunts. The size of the gloves are accurate according to the pair we tested. Lastly, they fold/roll up very easily to store in a pocket or blind bag. For such an inexpensive price these gloves are worth it when duck hunting cold waters.


Hopefully, after reading this article you can find the best duck hunting shooting gloves that will fit your budget and desired need. If you are looking for a Hat to match your gloves check out my Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats.

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