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Duck Calls –

A duck call serves as an important tool for any duck hunter. Primarily used to lure flying ducks into your decoy spread. Researchers believe that duck calls have been around for hundreds of years. However, the first patent was awarded in 1870 to Elam Fisher. Elam’s early construction was a reed attached to a mouthpiece. The more modern duck calls we are familiar with today closely resemble Fred Allen’s two-piece design. Fred was one of the first to commercially sell his calls in the late 1800’s. Hence creating the best custom duck calls.

Fast forward almost a hundred years and you have names like John Stephens, Buck Gardner and Rick Dunn winning the World’s Championship Duck Contest. They have influenced how calls are made and what they should sound like. Therefore, leading to 100’s of call makers across the nation to start building and selling their Best Custom Duck Calls. You get into a conversation with any duck hunter and they will try and influence you what call is the best call.

I think it would be impossible to go through all 100+ custom call makers to decide on who makes the best call available. So instead I want to showcase some of the Best Custom Duck Calls you may not have heard of. Along with some of the top duck calls that are readily available that are made by some of the best duck callers.

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Best Custom Duck Calls:

Knotty Beaver Game Calls – Best CustomĀ Duck Calls

Best Custom Duck Calls

  • If you are looking for a truly custom duck call look no further. Knotty Beaver Calls are located in Hamilton, Ontario. Knotty can make just about any kind of call, duck, geese, wood duck, turkey or deer. Therefore giving you multiple material choices that you can choose from to get the exact sound you are looking for. For example, if you want a hybrid call that is half wood and half acrylic, well they can make that. If you are looking for a specific wood just ask they have Black Palm, Claro Walnut, Leopardwood and about a dozen more to choose from.
  • Calls range from $50-100.
  • They also have some of the best customer services I have ever experienced. They have a quick turn around and are always willing to work with you.

737 Duck Calls – Best Custom Duck Calls

Best Custom Duck Calls

  • 737 Is a relatively newer company that is quickly growing. They started with a passion to entice as many ducks as possible with their unique sound. Considering something different now days may just be the ticket. Especially when everyone seems to be using the same calls.
  • Calls range from $125-145 and you can add custom engraving as well.

Elite Duck Calls – Best Custom Duck Calls

  • Best Custom Duck CallsBorn out of Arkansas Brad Allen has won a three Duck Calling Championships. Which has made him venture out into making his very own duck calls. Hence each call is tuned by Brad himself and he has a great interest in making top quality calls for all of his customers.
  • Calls range from $140 – $180


Top Duck Calls:

Aside from the best custom duck calls which I’m sure there are easily more than these three I’ve mentioned. I want to give you some information on some of the more popular duck calls that you can never go wrong with hanging on your lanyard. They may be mass produced and mass marketed, but they are well-made calls with a legacy behind them.

RNT MONDO – Duck Call:

Best Custom Duck Calls

  • The RNT MONDO was created for the Arkansas and Louisiana timber bottoms. It has a very short insert that produces little back pressure to give it a hard raspy mallard hen sound.
  • Average cost of $125-$145
  • Rich-N-Tone or better known as RNT was founded by a guy known by the name of Butch Richenback. Having won the 1972 World Championship Butch ventured into making his own duck calls around 1976. Fast forward 40 years and RNT now sells 70,000+ calls a year thanks to John Stephens. As a result, John ended up buying the company in 1999 and kept Butch on board to be a permanent figure for the company. Hence, many young hunters see RNT as a huge company that is well renowned in the duck hunting and they sure are. However Butch started the company hand making all of the calls.
  • Don’t be afraid to check out their goose calls as well I personally carry the RNT G3.

RNT Mondo | Sound Profile


Best Custom Duck Calls

  • The Meat Hanger by Echo calls is a loud double reed call. It has a large range from top to bottom. Works best in open water and field hunting.
  • The average cost of $140
  • Echo Duck calls have been around since 1975 because of a gentleman by the name of Rick Dunn. An established caller himself with a World Championship to his name. He started making calls that caught the attention of serious duck hunters who were looking for a unique sounding call. Therefore, today Echo calls is a well-established brand that is very recognizable to avid duck hunters.

Echo Duck Call | Sound Profile

ZINK POWER HEN PH-2 – Duck Call:

Best Custom Duck Calls

  • The Zink PH-2 give you the sound of a single reed but the easy blowing of a double reed. Pretty easy call to begin blowing.
  • Average Cost $130
  • Zink calls were founded in 2001 primarily for waterfowl hunters who sought high-end calls. As a result, Fred saw a need for custom calls both from hunters and competition callers. They now can be found in just about any sporting goods store. However, just like the other custom calls they started from a small shop and have grown 100 fold.

Zink PH-2 | Sound Profile

What’s the Best Custom Duck Call?

You really can’t go wrong with most duck calls. Duck calls are a tool and they all take some serious practice before you can be out thereĀ field hunting mallards. However, if you are truly looking for a unique duck call. Contact a few companies to get more information on their calls, customer service, warranty, and calling style. However, ask around and everyone will have a different call they use so take it with a grain of salt. Finally, make sure you do your research before buying a duck call they aren’t cheap, but taken care of they can last quite a few years.

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