Best Binoculars For Hunting

No one appreciates a set of good binoculars until they own them. Of course, they might not be your number one set of gear to own. However, they really should be. Whether you are hunting, turkeys, ducks, geese, deer, or any wild animal. A good pair of binoculars is going to be a lifesaver when scouting for birds, or large game. When waterfowl season starts for me, my binoculars never get taken out of my truck. A pair of binoculars are a crucial part of scouting and putting ducks or geese on the ground. Therefore, we have compiled the best binoculars for hunting to make it easier to decide on what pair to get this season.

As a result, we have taken the best binoculars for hunting from the leading manufacturers. With that in mind, each of these binoculars are designed to be well suited for no matter what type of hunting you prefer. This way as soon as one season closes and the next opens, you can use the same pair of binoculars.

Vortex Optics Diamondback | 10×42 | Best Binoculars For Hunting –

best binoculars for hunting

Features –

  • Multiple Anti-Reflective Coatings On All Surfaces
  • Bright Clear & Accurate Images
  • Gas Purged and O-ring sealed

When it comes to finding the best binoculars for hunting it can be easy to start going over your budget. However, with Vortex Optics Diamondback series they mesh performance with price in the best fashion. Not only are you getting a superior quality pair of binoculars, but it’s at a very reasonable and affordable cost. This set of binoculars offer an efficient easy to use and high performance optical. In the event you are looking for a higher-end model, Vortex has numerous sets available. However, when it comes to finding the best binoculars for hunting, the Diamondbacks are a durable and reliable set.

Construction & Performance –

Vortex optics are specifically designed for the outdoors and hunters in mind. Hence, why their optics such as this one is O-ring sealed to prevent any moisture, dust, or debris from penetrating the optical. Therefore, if your hunting Mule Deer in Wyoming or Canada Geese In Minnesota, these optics are designed to perform. Also due to the fact that most hunting seasons are in the fall and cooler months of the year. Vortex constructed these optics with nitrogen gas purging to prevent any internal fogging in various temperature ranges.

One of the best features Vortex designed for the Diamondback 10×42 optics is adjustable eyecups. Therefore, if you are wearing eyeglasses all you have to do is twist the eyecups closed. Whereas, if you aren’t wearing eyeglasses simply twist up the eyecups and you have comfort when viewing. In addition to eyecup adjustment, Vortex also built in adjustable diopter to accommodate different user’s eyes.

Power –

The Vortex Diamondbacks are built with 10x magnification. Therefore, the objects when viewed through the binoculars are going to appear 10 times larger than normal. This allows you to see objects at further distances. The one thing to remember is that the larger the number such as 10x magnification the smaller the field of view. Which is why these pair of 10×42 binoculars are the best binoculars for hunting and scouting.

Conclusion –

If these Vortex optics don’t have you already dreaming of a pair. The warranty policy will surely be helping your decision. Vortex offers a VIP warranty program for all customers. Therefore, this means that these binoculars come with an unlimited lifetime warranty, fully transferable, no warranty car required, and no receipt necessary. As long as you have the pair of binoculars, they warranty the product. I’ve even heard of someone shooting their own optic somehow and they were given a complete replacement. There is no other company on the market that lives up to this type of warranty.

Leupold BX-2 Acadia | 10×42 | Best Binoculars For Hunting –

best binoculars for hunting

Features –

  • 100% Waterproof & Fog Proof
  • Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Perfectly round exit pupil no edge distortion

Leupold is one of the most reputable optic brands on the market. Therefore, it was a no braining for us to introduce to you the BX-2 Acadias as one of the best binoculars for hunting. With a name derived straight from the first National Park east of the Mississippi River. You know this pair is designed to be a set of binoculars that are suitable for any type of hunting. These binoculars are designed with the characteristics of roof prism binoculars, but the performance and price of Porro prism design. Therefore, this optical is made for performance yet still being affordable and usable without the white glove treatment. The last thing you want is a pair of binoculars you’re afraid to take with you on the boat, or out into the field.

Construction & Performance –

Proprietary to Leupold, their Nitrogen sealing process to ensure a rugged and absolute waterproof seal has become a staple in the industry. This is just one of the numerous construction methods that make these the best binoculars for hunting from Leupold. Starting from the outside the durable and rugged aluminum housing protects the optical. The material is lightweight but durable enough to endure the outdoors. Surrounding the aluminum housing is a rubber armor coating that creates an ergonomic feel. Therefore, when you have gloves on or it’s started to rain you’ll be sure to have a solid grip on the binoculars.

Aside from the aesthetic and external construction, Leupold goes above and beyond with their fully multi-coated lens system. The process is designed to offer the maximum brightness for clarity, color, and contrast. In addition to the multi-coating is a phase coat. This increases the resolution for a sharp and clear image through the entire field of view. Leupold has taken numerous aspects of their high-end binoculars and blended them with the BX-2 Acadia to create the best binoculars for hunting at an affordable price.

Power –

Similar to the Vortex model, these BX-2 Acadias have a 10x magnification that allows you to see an image 10 times its size. A 10x magnification is truly a well-rounded hunting binocular. It gives you plenty of field of view when looking through them. However, it still provides enough power to reach out and view ducks, geese, deer, whatever you may be hunting.

Conclusion –

If you’re looking for a reputable and historic company when it comes to optics. Leupold is going to be your number one choice. It’s hard to beat their reputation and quality of construction. With numerous options to pick from when it comes to binoculars these are by far the best binoculars for hunting from Leupold when it comes to price and performance. In addition to their reputation, they do back their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which gives you peace of mind if anything were to go wrong.

Nikon MONARCH | 12×42 | Best Binoculars For Hunting –

best binoculars for hunting

Features –

  • Superior Lightweight Design
  • Extra-Low Dispersion Lenses
  • Top Go-To Set of Binoculars

Nikon is one of the oldest and well-known optics brands on the market. They create some of the best binoculars for hunting, however, when it comes to price and quality you still have to be selective. Thankfully, Nikon offers an extensive line of binoculars at various price points. Therefore, we picked the Monarch 5 12×42 as the best binoculars for hunting from Nikon. First and foremost they are built to withstand various hunting conditions, rugged yet lightweight to pack with you. The best part is that they come in at a very affordable price range.

Construction & Performance –

The feature that allows for the Nikon Monarch 5 to stand out amongst the others on this list is Nikon’s ED Glass lenses. Each and every Monarch pair of binoculars are built with the legendary ED, or Extra-Low Dispersion glass lenses. The lenses provide improved resolution and vibrant colors allowing the images you’re viewing to appear in every aspect of the high and low light situations.

If you’re comparing binoculars for size and construction. These Monarch 5’s are the best for their size especially considering they are 12x power and in many cases, once you get to a 12x pair of binoculars they can be quite long. Not with these Nikons, they are extremely portable and lightweight. Making them the best binoculars for hunting deer, elk, geese, or ducks. Pretty much any species where you are hiking in or need a set of packageable binoculars.

Power –

As we mentioned in the previous section, these Monarch 5’s are 12x power and offer plenty of magnification for hunting or scouting. They will require a little more steady heads to ensure you don’t have a blurred image. This is only due to the fact that your field of view is smaller than a pair of 10x binoculars. However, for scouting and hunting a pair like these Nikons that offer 12x are perfect for long distances.

Conclusion –

I for one would purchase a set of 12x Nikon binoculars due to the fact they offer a little more range. Therefore, if you ground more gound to cover or your scouting distances are further. A set of 12x are going to give you a little more clarity. They come at a little higher price point than a set of 10x binoculars. However, this is mainly due to the increase in materials required to offer extra power.

Overall if you’re hunting locations that are more distant or farm fields far off the roads. A set of Nikon Monarch 5’s with 12x power are going to be your go-to set of optics.

Bushnell | 12×42 | Best Binoculars For Hunting –

best binoculars for hunting

Features –

  • Low Cost & Affordable
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Nearly every hunter has probably looked through a Bushnell optic. They are one of the most common and entry-level optics companies, however, few realize that they make numerous quality binoculars. Bushnell has been known to have optics that are low cost but don’t assume that low cost means bad quality. If you’re looking for a great pair of hunting binoculars that not only get the job done but won’t break the bank, Bushnell is the leader.

Construction & Performance –

With the Bushnell Powerview binoculars, you’re getting an affordable high-quality set of 10x binoculars. The outside of the binoculars is constructed of durable plastic that protects the glass and internal design. With an ergonomic fell they are easy to bring up to your eyes whether you’re wearing gloves or no gloves. In addition to the hand comfort, the eye opticals have twist-cups to offer superior comfort. These standard size binoculars pack into a blind bag or your truck glovebox without taking up too much room.

Power –

Unlike the Nikon Monarchs, these Bushnell Powerview Roof Prism Binoculars offer 10x magnification with a 42mm objective lens. Therefore they let plenty of light in making them a very versatile set of binoculars. With 10x you can easily use them for hunting, scouting, or observing. The field of view is quite wide with a set of 10x binoculars, making it easy to scout from a vehicle or tree stand.

Conclusion –

In the event, you need an optical that offers quality, durability, but yet at a low cost. The Bushnell 10x42s are going to be the best binoculars for hunting all sorts of species. Even though they are low cost and a great entry level pair of binoculars, they still over a limited lifetime warranty that helps protect your investment. These are also a great set of binoculars to keep in the boat when duck or goose hunting. They are low cost and will ensure you don’t toss over your expensive set.


Vortex Optics has easily become a quick staple for optics in the world of hunting. With a lineage in bird watching, Vortex switched gears a few years ago and has become the standard for rugged and tough hunters. From scouting Elk in Colorado to Geese in North Dakota, Vortex is the leading optical for hunters worldwide. Vortex is designed for hunters by hunters. Each and every one of their staff members has a large appreciation for the outdoors and spends countless hours ensuring their products are tough enough for hunting.

The Vortex Optics team is made up of some seriously down-to-earth men and women that simply want to make the best scope on the market & have fun doing it.

Vortex’s headquarters are located in Southeastern Wisconsin and if you’re looking to get the best details on their products and company stop on in. I guarantee you’ll be welcomed by some of the best service and attention compared to any other optic company on the market.

I try not to pick favorites within specific brands simply because they offer such a wide range of products, features, & price ranges. Picking the best scope involves comparing scopes with similar features & price points, and often that isn’t possible within a single brand. However, with Vortex, it’s too hard not to consider them the leader in hunting optics right now. They truly are offering the best binoculars for hunting.


I mentioned how great the Vortex Optics team is, and they’ve put together a warranty that is one of, if not the, best scope warranty in the industry. It involves a lifetime, fully transferable warranty that anyone would be happy to have. Vortex no matter the owner or time frame honors the warranty. They look at it as it’s their product regardless of the owner and they ensure they will back it up with a lifetime warranty.


Vortex Optics provides quality not found anywhere else with each of their scopes. They are possibly the best scopes on the market.


You’re simply not going to find a warranty that can keep pace with what Vortex Optics has committed to.


Offering scopes for each shooting style & budget, Vortex Optics more than likely has exactly what you’re looking for.


Leupold is one of the largest of the shooting optics industry, producing some of the best scopes in the world. It’s recognized as one of the premiers and most widely used optical brands amongst hunters. They have a very traditional and sophisticated approach to their products and services.

Leupold has been producing top-notch quality scopes since 1947. One of the founders was frustrated with the quality of the scopes that were currently on the market. Since then they have been successfully executing their goal of being one of the top scope manufacturers.

Numerous people grew up with Leupold as the gold standard for hunting optics. I’m sure most hunters can remember an old set of Leupold binoculars that still work to this day that their father or grandfather always used. However, what they don’t have is always budget-friendly scopes and optics. They can be more expensive than the leading brands, but it’s for great reasons they do make high-quality products that stand the test of time.


Leupold is one of the few alongside Vortex that offers an incredible warranty. They offer a transferable lifetime warranty, therefore, if you buy a scope from a friend or your dad passes down his old binoculars. Leupold will honor their lifetime warranty to the carrier of the optical. The employees have a passion for opticals and know their products very well. However, it’s not the same modern approach say Vortex has to hunting. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic company that backs their products.


Leupold has produced some of the best scopes on the market since 1947, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down.


Leupold offers one of the best scope warranties in the industry, and they stick by their word. You’ll be well taken care of.


They don’t have much for options for scopes at the lower price points, but many feel the make the best scope in the mid & high budget range.


Well known among hunters everywhere, Bushnell is another giant within the optical industry. They have been producing some of the best binoculars for hunting beginners for over 70 years. So Bushnell knows a thing or two about shooting sports.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a hunter who hasn’t hunted with a Bushnell scope at some point in their lives. They have a lower price point combined with a solid, quality offering for each one of their scopes. This makes them a great option for someone looking to get into shooting or just the “weekend warrior” type hunter.

Most avid shooters will end up graduating from a Bushnell rifle scope at some point. However, that isn’t to say Bushnell hasn’t done a good job – the exact opposite actually. Sometimes you will hear shooting enthusiasts arguing about how Leupold is better than Bushnell, but the reality is they serve two different segments of the market.


As far as warranty goes, Bushnell does offer a lifetime warranty but it comes with some fine print. Unlike the companies above, they actually define what a product lifespan is. In no way are these short warranties (for example the Engage rifle scope’s lifespan is 30 years), but it is still definitely worth mentioning.


You’ll have a hard time finding a scope that has been field tested in brutal conditions as much as Bushnell scopes.


Bushnell does determine the lifespan of their warranties, but they are still incredibly long. 30 years with a single scope is a long time!


You won’t find many high end options here, but Bushnell has done a great job serving the entry level & mid tier markets.


Much like Bushnell, Nikon is a brand that serves the low to mid-priced scope market very well. The definitely fit the bill of a large company that simply offers some of the best scopes for the money, but in no way does that mean they aren’t respected in the marketplace.

Nikon is also quite similar to the other companies on this list in that they offer a full line of riflescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and binoculars. They make some quality, reasonably priced scopes and you often walk away feeling like you got one of the best scopes for your money.

Regarding their warranty, they offer two policies but they seem a little bit redundant. The first policy is the “Trust. Earned” policy which appears to be the standard lifetime warranty-type policy for Nikon products. The second policy is Nikon’s “No-Fault Repair/Replacement” policy, which seems to cover things not covered by the lifetime warranty. While it’s great to have that option, they don’t go into much detail about what exactly isn’t covered under their lifetime warranty. It is a bit confusing and certainly seems redundant, but the important thing to note here is that Nikon has your back should any issues arise with any of their best scopes.


As far as customer service goes, you definitely feel like you’re talking to a big brand with Nikon scopes. This is certainly expected provided the size of Nikon, but I will say they were friendly and personable when we called. Talking to a big brand isn’t a bad thing as long as they take care of you in the end, and Nikon seems to do that for sure!


Nikon has so much experience with optics across all their product lines that you are sure to get one of the best scopes for the money.


While their policies are a bit confusing to understand, Nikon is going to make sure you’re well taken care of.


You won’t find many high end options with Nikon, but they do a great job with their scopes. Their ProStaff scope is a big winner!


Simmons is another great scope brand for the entry-level shooter or weekend warrior hunter. Many hunters are claiming they make the best scope for the money with their low priced, high-quality scopes. By no means does Simmons use the top of the line products in their construction. However, they are leading the way for budget-friendly optics. They do have quite a few options to select from if you’re looking to find the best binoculars for hunting.


For some reason, Simmons seems to hide their warranty information on their site, & it took quite a bit of digging to find any information on it. They do have repair services, but not necessarily for free. After calling around a bit, it sounds like they do offer a lifetime warranty as long as you have the original receipt. From speaking with them we got the impression that they will make sure you’re taken care of, but it was definitely a bit concerning that we couldn’t find actual documentation on it anywhere.


Simmons provides a good amount of quality for the price of their scopes. Their simple, efficient rifle scopes are certainly rugged.


It was definitely concerning that we couldn’t actually find warranty documentation, but it sounds like you’ll be taken care of if you have a receipt.


You won’t find many high-end options with Nikon, but they do a great job with their scopes. Their ProStaff scope is a big winner!

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