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When you think of Arkansas, you may think of Hot Springs National Park, The Razorbacks, or bass fishing on Bull Shoals. However, for duck hunters, there’s a little town of fewer than 10,000 people called Stuttgart, or the Rice and Duck Capital of the world. Every year thousands come to the World Duck Calling contest to showcase their talent and be elected the next duck calling champion. Even more people travel across the country in pursuit of Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides to take them duck hunting the coveted timber waters and rice fields.

Why Arkansas?

Arkansas is located along the western side of the Mississippi Flyway most known for the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of migrating green heads that stop in the flooded timber along the Mississippi and White River. Arkansas is home to ver 100 Wildlife Managment Areas throughout the state. As a result, Arkansas is home to some of the best public hunting grounds if you can believe it. However, navigating knowing where to go is left up to the locals and Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides. Arkansas harvests nearly a million ducks every season, making it such a top attraction to out of state duck hunters. However, not only is the hunting fantastic but the attractions as well for hunters.

Contest –

First up, Arkansas is home to the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest. The first contest was held in the late 1930’s, and it was a far from the “grand-daddy” of duck calling competitions that it has become today. It has launched into a full-on week duck festival called the Wings Over the Prairie Festival. Held during the Thanksgiving week, thousands come to watch and become the Next World Champion. With that title ones career can be launched or elevated in the duck calling and hunting industry.

Mack’s Prairie Wings –

arkansas duck hunting guidesOne of the top tourist destinations for hunters is the 32,000 square foot showroom at Mack’s Prairie Wings. The build stands at over 100,000 square feet and houses more waterfowl hunting gear and decoys than you can image. Yes, more than your hunting buddy that always says “more the merry” when it comes to decoys. When it comes to hunting, shooting, or casual outdoor gear Mack’s Prairie Wings has you covered. With one of the largest selections in store and online, you’ll be sure to spend a few hours walking the showroom before you go open your wallet to a brand new set of waders.

Duck Call Makers –

With such a profound duck calling competition like the World Duck Calling Championship, duck call makers and manufacturers have sprouted from all over the state. Some of the top duck calls are produced and handmade in Arkansas. Some of the following call makers are; RNT, Elite Duck Calls, Echo Calls, and Refuge Duck Call to name a few. The list goes on for custom duck call makers. Check out some of the best duck calls to read more about the call makers.

Duck Boats –

arkansas duck hunting guidesWhere would duck hunters be without flat bottom mud boats…probably still stuck somewhere? However, thanks to Arkansas rough flooded timber it has become home to some of the top boats manufactures like War Eagle Boats and Excel Boats. Who manufactures some of the strongest and most durable duck boats available.

Best Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides –

Cupped Wings Guide Service –

Location – Crittenden, AR
Pricing – $250-850 Daily Rate

Arkansas Duck Hunting guidesWhen you choose to hunt with Cupped Wings Guide Service one of the premier Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides. You’ll know that you get to hunt on over 10,000 acres of flooded rice, beans, timber and cypress sloughs. Cupped Wings goes where the ducks are and strives to put you on the birds for every hunt. Established in 1999 Cupped Wings has quickly grown to become one of the best Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides.

One of the nicest features that Cupped Wings has to offer is their 3,600 square foot lodge that has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. You’ll notice that it has all the amenities of home to kick back and relax between your hunts. The Lodge can sleep up to 16 people and it’s perfectly located as hunting can take place anywhere from 200 yards from the lodge to 35 miles away.

Duxmen Outfitters  –

Location – Jonesboro, AR
Pricing – $150-440 Daily Rate (Includes Lodge, Meals, and hunt)

Arkansas Duck Hunting guidesLocated in Northeastern Arkansas, Duxmen Outfitters prides itself on it’s hard work and dedication to providing successful hunts. Just look at the numbers, 2017-2018 duck season they managed to harvest nearly 3,000 ducks. From rice fields, bean fields, flooded timber along the Cache River, you’ll be sure to have a great Arkansas Duck Hunt. You’ll be welcomed by their excellent staff who will guide you to mallards, pintails, gadwall, widgeon, teal, and shovelers. The bags are mixed and Duxmen prides itself on it.

Not only will you enjoy a duck hunting retreat, but a 5,015 square foot lodge and clubhouse is where you’ll call home when hunting with Duxmen. Plus included in the rate is home cooked meals from breakfast to dinner. Duxmen even has a private skeet range to test your skills if you seem to think your gun is the reason you’re missing all those ducks. Duxmen is one of the best Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides for your next hunting trip.

See The Action –

Big Creek Waterfowl Club  –

Location – Wheatley, AR
Pricing – $150-400 Daily Rate

Arkansas Duck Hunting guides

At Big Creek Waterfowl you’ll receive the all-inclusive duck and goose hunting experience. Whether you’re a member or non-member you’ll experience prime hunting. With thousands of privately owned land home to thousands of migrating ducks and geese. You’ll not only be crushing Mallards, but everything the Mississippi Flyway has to offer, Teal, Gadwall, Pintail, Canvasbacks, and so much more.

When you come back after a successful hunt, Big Creek Waterfowl Club has two lodges that you’ll call home for your stay. You’ll have every necessary amenity from home, even Satellite TV to watch the football game. The lodge has plenty of sleeping and relaxing space, you’ll be sure to book another trip before you leave.

Paradise Wings Lodge  –

Location – Brinkley, AR
Pricing – $125-375 Daily Rate

Arkansas Duck Hunting guides

If you’re looking for great duck hunting, home cooked meals, and true Southern hospitality, then Paradise Wings Lodge is the place to visit. With over 40 years of duck and goose hunting experience, Paradise Wings will accommodate you on duck hunts in flooded timber, rice fields, soybean fields, and anywhere the ducks want to be. One of the unique aspects is that the lodge helps accommodate hunters who want to bring their hunting dogs, as they even provide some kennels.

On your stay, you’ll be welcomed to the lodge where it sleeps up to 15 people so you can be rested for the next day’s hunt. Then you can come back and wind down for some home cooked meals and talk about the morning hunt with the visiting duck hunters. The one nice thing is that Paradise Lodge is located just under 30 minutes from Mack’s Prairie Wing’s if you want to venture out and check out the place or grab a few forgotten items. Plus don’t forget to look at booking your early snow goose hunts for the spring.

River Chase Farms  –

Location – Walnut Ridge, AR
Pricing – $500 Daily Rate

In the middle of the Mississippi Flyway, River Chase Farms is located near the Cache River. With over 3,200 privately owned acres the duck hunting is premium. You’ll be guided through flooded timber, sloughs, rivers, and flooded farm fields. Duck hunting is the reason you come and stay, with over 25 blinds you’ll be on the birds from the minute you stay with River Chase farms.

When you first arrive you’ll have the ability to stay and relax before your hunt at the 9,000 square foot lodge. The lodge has plenty of space and amenities that will make you feel right at home. Plus it’s decorated with more waterfowl mounts than your wife will let you hang on the walls of your living room. Plus they have 26 interior kennels to help accommodate any dogs that you wish to bring with. The rustic cabin is a great place to relax and share stories about your daily duck hunts. River Chase Farms is truly one of the best Arkansas Duck hunting guides available.

Bayou Meto Waterfowl Guide Service  –

Location – Lonoke, AR
Pricing – $250-500 Daily Rate

Arkansas Duck Hunting guides

Bayou Meto guide service is one of the best Arkansas duck hunting guides in the region. The all-inclusive hunting experience will have you driving back for more hunts. As a result, you’ll be shooting mallards, pintails, and gadwalls on your stay. Located on the banks of the Bayou Metro WMA the flooded basin is perfect for migrating ducks. No need to worry about the public hustle either, the guide service privately owns plenty of hunting grounds to make for the best duck hunts.

While you visit you can stay in their beautiful lodge that will give you a place to relax, share stories, and make a few new connections. They actually encourage to bring your kids to hunt with and preserve the tradition and legacy of passing on duck hunting to your children and family. Therefore, at Bayou Meto Guide Service you’ll be sure to make plenty of long-lasting memories.

Bust-A-Duck Guide Service  –

Location – Agusta, AR
Pricing – $100-475 Daily Rate

Arkansas Duck Hunting guides

Located just 40 minutes from the Duck capital of the world, Stuttgart, Arkansas between the Cache and White River. As a result, Bust-A-Duck Lodge and Guide Service is one of the best Arkansas duck hunting guides in the area. With nearly 15,000 privately owned duck hunting grounds, you’ll be sure to experience a once in a lifetime hunt.

Bust-A-Duck has one of the premier lodges in the area as well, with 4 bedrooms and 5.5 full bathrooms and a mudroom for your hunting gear. Therefore, you can kick back and enjoy the football game after your hunt. The lodge is beautifully constructed and sleeps up to 8 people. As a result, you’ll have a very private experience on your stay keeping the duck hunting fun and memorable.

Public Duck Hunting –

Listed below are the top Arkansas duck hunting locations to check out on your visit to the great state.

White River NWR –

arkansas duck hunting guidesEstablished in 1935 for the protection of migratory birds, White River NWR lies on a floodplain where the White and Mississippi River meet. At almost 90 miles long and in some places 9 miles wife the National Wildlife Refuge is a fertile resting place for migratory birds. Within the National Wildlife Refuge you can find, timber, rivers, forests, streams, rivers, and lakes. There’s no shortage of conditions or natural habitat.

 Bayou Meto WMA –

Bald Knob NWRAt one of the largest state-owned wildlife management areas, Bayou Meto is over 33,000 acres. The overall elevation is only 11 feet in height making this very flat. Nearly 13,000 acres are flooded timber and Mallards fill the Wildlife Management Area every year calling the attention of duck hunters. Ducks Unlimited has donated countless dollars and time to maintain and improve the WMA. However, beware it can be quite a “zoo” for duck hunters. Estimates in the range of 1,200-1,500 duck hunters can occupy these hunting grounds every day during the season.

Bald Knob NWA –

arkansas duck hunting guidesEstablished in 1993 to protect and provide a feeding area for migrating waterfowl, Bald Knob is home to nearly 15,000 acres of forested wetlands. It’s home to the largest staging area for Pintails in Arkansas. At one time there have been records of over 200,00 Northern Pintails. So if your bucket list is a Pintail Duck, Bald Knob NWA is your destination.

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