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by Joe

Late August begins the time to start dusting off the decoys, mudding the layout blinds and calling up your best hunting buddy to plan out your early waterfowl scouting trip. For the next four months we spend hours in our trucks. Binoculars plastered to our eyes scouting, waking up at 4am wading through marsh and fields setting up decoy spreads. With the ultimate goal in mind, to cash in on a memorable hunt.

TheĀ Preparation

As summer begins to slow down we begin to block out our weekends gathering our hunting gear and seeing what needs to be replaced or repaired. Pulling the decoy bags out of the storage and watching your dog’s eyes light up. This puts chills down your back realizing that hunting season is here. However that is just the tip of the iceberg. The nights spent rigging decoys, cleaning guns, mudding layout blinds, organizing blind bags, and laying out your camo therefore marks the beginning of Waterfowl Season.

The Scouting

The binoculars become a staple on the dash of the truck. As we hit the farm roads on the scout for that first group of local geese. Checking the old roosting ponds of last year is the first stop. In hopes to following a few out to the feeding fields. Next finding a farmer who harvested his field early is like hitting the jackpot. Night after night morning after morning scouting fields and asking for permission… at last the field is locked up!

Gear Up

Call the crew the hunt is on: layout the blinds, the decoys, the shells, the guns, the gear. It’s finally that time of the year to get together with your best hunting buddies and share some of the most memorable stories.

Open Season

Finally the alarm sounds at 4am and the season begins…

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