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2017 Nebraska Hunting Seasons

by The Waterfowl Hunter Staff

Hunting Seasons

Hunting Season is always a special time of the year. Whether you are planning on waiting patiently in a deer stand to bag that trophy buck or sitting knee deep in the marsh hoping to bag a band. Being able to take advantage of all the hunting seasons is why The Waterfowl Hunter has put together the hunting dates for Nebraska.

These dates serve as a general guide for more specific hunting visit Nebraska Game and Parks.


Hunt TypeFirst DayLast Day
ArcherySept. 1,2017Dec. 31, 2017
November FirearmNov. 11,2017Nov. 19, 2017
MuzzleloaderDec. 1,2017Dec. 31,2017
Late Firearm (Antlerless Only)Jan. 1,2018Jan. 15,2018


Hunt TypeFirst DayLast Day
ArcheryAug. 20,2017Dec. 31,2017
MuzzleloaderSept. 16,2017Oct. 1,2017
FirearmOct. 14,2017Oct. 29,2017
November Late Doe/FawnNov. 1,2017Jan. 31,2018


Hunt TypeFirst DayLast Day
Archery BullSept. 15,2017Oct. 29,2017
Firearm BullSept. 30,2017Oct. 29,2017
Cow, Private LandAug. 15,2017Oct. 29,2017
Cow, Private LandDec. 1,2017Dec. 31,2017
Cow, Public LandSept. 30,2017Oct. 29,2017
Cow, Public LandDec. 1,2017Dec. 31,2017

Bighorn Sheep

First DayLast Day
Nov. 28,2017Dec. 22,2017


Hunt TypeFirst DayLast Day
Spring Youth ArcheryMarch 25,2017May 31,2017
Spring ArcheryMarch 25,2017May 31,2017
Spring Youth ShotgunApril 8,2017May 31,2017
Spring ShotgunApril 15,2017May 31,2017
Fall Youth Archery and ShotgunSept. 15,2017Jan. 31,2018
Fall Archery and ShotgunSept. 15,2017Jan. 31,2018

Mountain Lion

No Season Has Been Authorized for 2017


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