Hunting Seasons

Hunting Season is always a special time of the year. Whether you are planning on waiting patiently in a deer stand to bag that trophy buck or sitting knee deep in the marsh hoping to bag a band. Being able to take advantage of all the hunting seasons is why The Waterfowl Hunter has put together the hunting dates for Massachusetts.

These dates serve as a general guide for more specific hunting visit Massachusetts Wildlife. 

Black Bear

ZonesSeasonFirst DayLast Day
1-14First SeasonSept. 5Sept. 23
1-14Second SeasonNov. 6Nov. 25
1-14Shotgun SeasonNov. 27Dec. 9

Upland Game Birds

Upland game bird hunting is closed during shotgun deer season.

Wild Turkey

SeasonZonesFirst DayLast Day
Spring1-13April 24May 20
Fall1-13Oct. 23Nov. 4
Youth Hunt1-13April 22April 22


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Jan. 2April 10
1-14July 1April 10, 2018


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Oct. 14Nov. 25


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
11-14Oct. 14Nov. 25

Ruffed Grouse

ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Oct. 14Nov. 25


SeasonFirst DayLast Day
Youth Deer HuntSept. 30Sept. 30
Paraplegic HuntNov. 2Nov. 4
ArcheryOct. 16Nov. 25
ShotgunNov. 27Dec. 9
Primitive FirearmsDec. 11Dec. 30

Rabbits and Squirrel

Cottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare, jackrabbit, and gray squirrel hunting are closed during shotgun deer season.

Cottontail Rabbit

ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-12Jan. 2Feb. 28
1-12Oct. 14Feb. 28, 2018
13 and 14Jan. 2Feb. 28
1-12Nov. 15Feb. 28, 2018

Snowshoe Hare

ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-4Jan. 2Feb. 28
1-4Oct. 14Feb. 28, 2018
5-12Jan. 2Feb. 4
5-12Oct. 14Feb. 5, 2018
13-14Jan. 2Feb. 4
13-14Nov. 14Feb. 5, 2018


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
14Nov. 15Dec. 30

Gray Squirrel

ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-9Sept. 11Jan. 2, 2018
10-14Oct. 14Jan. 2, 2018


All furbearer hunting seasons are closed during the shotgun deer season except for Coyotes.


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-8Jan. 2March 8
1-8Dec. 20Mar. 8, 2018


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Jan. 2Mar. 8, 2018
1-14Oct. 14Mar. 8, 2018

Fox (red or gray)

ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Jan. 2Feb. 28
1-14Nov. 1Feb. 28, 2018


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Jan. 2Jan. 31
1-14Oct. 2Jan. 31, 2018


ZonesFirst DayLast Day
1-14Jan. 2Jan. 31
1-14Oct. 2Jan. 31, 2018