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2017 Delaware Hunting Seasons

by The Waterfowl Hunter Staff
2017 Delaware Hunting Seasons

Hunting Seasons

Hunting Season is always a special time of the year. Whether you are planning on waiting patiently in a deer stand to bag that trophy buck or sitting knee deep in the marsh hoping to bag a band. Being able to take advantage of all the hunting seasons is why The Waterfowl Hunter has put together the hunting dates for Delaware.

These dates serve as a general guide for more specific hunting visit Delaware Hunting and Trapping. 


Hunt TypeEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
ArcherySep. 1,2017Jan. 31,2018
CrossbowSep. 1,2017Jan. 31,2018
MuzzleloaderOct. 6,2017Oct. 14,2017
Jan. 22,2018Jan. 27,2018
ShotgunNov. 10,2017Nov. 19,2017
Jan. 13,2018Jan. 20,2018
HandgunJan. 6,2018Jan. 13,2018
Youth/Non-Ambulatory Disabled HuntNov. 4,2017


SegmentEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
(A)April 14,2018April 20,2018
(B)April 21,2018April 27,2018
(C)April 28,2018May 4,2018
(D)May 5,2018May 12,2018
Youth DayApril 7,2018

Small Game Seasons and Bag Limits

SeasonEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
Gray SquirrelSep. 15,2017Feb. 3,2018
Closed During Nov. Shotgun Deer Season
Cottontail RabbitNov. 20,2017Feb. 28,2018
GroundhogsJuly 1,2017June 30,2018
Ring-Necked Pheasant (Male Only)Nov. 20,2017Feb. 3,2018
Bobwhite QuailNov. 20,2017Jan. 6,2018

Bullfrog and Snapping Turtle

SeasonEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
BullfrogMay 1,2018Sep. 30,2018
Snapping TurtleJune 15,2017May 15,2018
Diamondback TerrapinSep. 1,2017Nov. 15,2017


SeasonEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
Duck Regular SeasonOct. 27,2017Nov. 7,2017
Nov. 20,2017Nov. 25,2017
Dec. 8,2017Jan. 27,2018
September TealSep. 8,2017Sep. 26,2017
Youth Waterfowl HuntOct. 21,2017Feb. 10,2018
Sea Ducks, Scoters, Eiders, and Long-Tailed DucksNov. 20,2017Jan. 27,2018
CootsOct. 27,2017Nov. 7,2017
Nov. 20,2017Nov. 25,2017
Dec. 8,2017Jan. 27,2018
MergansersOct. 27,2017Nov. 7,2017
Nov. 20,2017Nov. 25,2017
Dec. 8,2017Jan. 27,2018

Geese and Brant

SeasonEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
Canada Geese (Resident)Sep. 1,2017Sep. 27,2017
Canada Geese (Migratory)Nov. 20,2017Nov. 25,2017
Dec. 15,2017Feb. 3,2018
BrantNov. 20,2017Nov. 25,2017
Dec. 2,2017Jan. 31,2018
Snow GeeseOct. 10,2017Feb. 10,2018
Snow Goose Conservation OrderFeb. 12,2018April 13,2018

Geese and Brant

SeasonEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
Mourning DoveSep. 1,2017Sep. 30,2017
Oct. 17,2017Oct. 21,2017
Nov. 20,2017Jan 13,2018
King & Clapper RailsSep. 1,2017Nov. 9,2017
Sora & Virginia RailsSep. 1,2017Nov. 9,2017
WoodcockNov. 20,2017Dec. 2,2017
Dec. 13,2017Jan. 13,2018
Common SnipeSep. 19,2017Dec. 2,2017
Dec. 13,2017Jan. 13,2018
Moorhens & GallinulesSep. 1,2017Nov. 9,2017
Crows (Thurs. Fri. & Sat. Only)June 22,2017March 31,2018

Furbearer Trapping Seasons

SpeciesEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
Muskrat, Mink, Otter, Raccoon, Opossum, NutriaNew Castle County Dec. 1,2017March 10,2018
Kent & Sussex Counties Dec. 15,2017March 15,2018
BeaverDec. 1,2017March 20,2018
Red Fox, CoyoteDec. 1,2017March 10,2018
GroundhogJuly 1,2017June 30,2018

Furbearer Hunting Seasons

SpeciesTypeEarliest Opening DateLatest Closing Date
Raccoon and OpossumChaseSep. 1,2017Oct. 5,2017
ChaseOct. 16,2017Oct. 31,2017
HuntNov. 1,2017Nov. 9,2017
HuntNov. 18,2017Feb. 28,2018
ChaseMarch 1,2018March 31,2018
Red FoxChaseOct. 2,2017April 30,2018
HuntNov. 1,2017Feb. 28,2018
CoyoteStatewideSep. 1,2017Feb. 28,2018
BeaverPrivate Land OnlyDec. 1,2017March 20,2018

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